How to load a grease gun? A definitive Guide

Do you find loading a grease gun hard, confusing or complicated? Are you not able to figure out how to load it? Well if yes, then keep reading the article. The grease gun is a very common garage and workshop tool which is used for lubrication onto some moving the mechanical organs of a machine. Parts of grease gun includes an aperture and grease fitting which is also called as the nipple.

To avoid erosion and scuffing of Machines, a proper lubrication is a necessary part of the whole process. It does help in raising service life of a machine. Grease lubricant can be applied with the help of a grease gun. A grease gun is a common garage tool and is usually available at Auto parts and hardware store. People find loading a grease gun a Messy and complicated process.

There are two methods of loading a Grease gun. The first method is for the loading of a Reservoir style Grease gun.


1- Separating grease gun from barrel
The first step to load a grease gun would be to separate the head of grease gun from the barrel. To start you need to unscrew the head from the cap. You must note that the hand of Piston rod should be properly or fully depressed.

2- Put in the open end of barrel into Grease container
Inserting the openly end of the barrel into the Grease container is the second step. Now you need to pour up the barrel from the open side with the Grease container hand drawing back slowly on that plunger rod for filling the reservoir.

3- Remove barrel from the grease
Now Once This plunger rod is properly withdrawn, then you need to lift open side of the barrel out from the grease container. Rotating the barrel in order to break it totally free is important. You may use cloth or a Rag to clean the extra grease stored at the barrel end.

4-Re-join the barrel to the head of the grease gun
The fact of the matter is that different types of grease guns have different ways and methods of functioning. The next step towards loading the Grease gun shall be reattaching the barrel to the head of the grease gun.

5- Grease dispensing test
Now everything is fixed. Now perform the final step in order to load the grease gun by pressing over the Piston rod handle and squash the grease gun Trigger until the grease can be seen releasing at the end part of the applicator tube of the Grease gun.

Explained step by step above is a method to load the reservoir Grease gun.
The next method is to load the Cartridge Grease gun


1- unscrewing cartridge cap
Basically, There are two parts of cartridge loaders, first is the Grease cartridge itself, which is sort of placed in a similar size and shaped place. The other part of the cartridge is the nozzle which is also called as the dispenser. It is the place where the grease is ejected from. For removing the cartridge, you have to only unscrew the cap of the cartridge. It is done by turning the cap clockwise and doing the dispenser nozzle, the other part counter clockwise at the same time. You may use some of the elbow greases also as it might tightly be screwed.

2- Pulling back on metal handle
On the barrel end, opposite of the dispenser or the nozzle, one shall see the plunger rod. This is being used to push to get the Grease apparently out by force on the cartridge. You have to continue pulling till the time plunger rod is successfully withdrawal from the barrel.
One important thing to note regarding this is that in some cases, pulling back shall get the cartridge come out automatically. It depends on the amount of gunk which is developed up inside.

3- Securing Piston rod and remove cartridge
On most of the Grease guns in the market, you shall always be able moving piston rod edgeways, moderately into a barrel slot so that it is not able to move forward. In some other cases, in the grease guns, the withdrawal Piston rods will catch or fast and into absolutely retracted position. Which, in the result, on the barrel and the piston rod is allowed to move it again. Empty Cartridge can be pulled and discarded as well, only once you are secured the rod in the place.

4- For loading, Prepare a new grease Cartridge
As it has been mentioned earlier, cartilages are usually available at hardware stores and any other Auto parts store. There is a little variation in sizes. Typical sizes of the cartridges are 14 Oz and 16 Oz. It is always prescribed to have the idea of cleaning up the grease gun a little before you load one in. It gets the gun new for the new cartridge. With the help of cloth or a rag, clean the end of the barrel in order to remove the extra grease that might have come out.
For the proper flow of Grease, the removal of the plastic cap from an ending of the new cartridge is important.

5-Inserting cartridge into barrel
The next step towards loading a cartridge grease gun would be inserting the cartridge into the barrel. Firstly you need to insert the ending of that cartridge which had a cup of plastic. Then you need to push it properly which will result in sealing of end of the cartridge with the barrel end. Then you need the removal of the seal of metal from the other ending of that cartridge which is the exposed end. Now you may discard it.

6-Re-join Grease gun head to the barrel
The last step in order to load the cartridge grease gun would be reattaching the grease gun head to the barrel. You should be starting this step from screwing it on a part way with almost two successful rotations and not screwing it tightly. Now from the withdrawn position, you need to liberate the Piston rod. You need pushing it into the barrel and pump the hand of grease gun dispenser at the same time. It does start the grease. One more thing, you need to stop once the Grease starts to appear at the nozzle of dispensing head.

Video source: CTSCAPER (YouTube)

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