Best Grease Gun 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever thought about the ways to keep your machine smoother and effective? Do you know mechanical parts of a machine are the most significant and vital parts? Mechanical parts are the one which makes the structure and model of a machine. So, keeping them good and proper is quite necessary. You need a great grease gun for the same. 

Best grease gun

Choosing the Best Grease gun can be a difficult and hectic process. But here we discussed about everything about it and we are sure that after reading the article you will be able to find the best grease gun easily. It is the most effective and powerful tool to maintain your machine’s mechanical parts. You need the best gun to tackle the flaws in your machine.

A Grease gun is a common garage tool to keep the life of machine better. It is a tool which is used for applying viscous lubricant on to the moving and mechanical parts of a machine. Mechanical parts of a machine are apparently the core parts and keeping them secure is really vital for the proper functioning of a machine. Grease gun can be easily available at most of the hardware stores, auto parts store or any such places. Grease guns are the best source for applying the grease lubricant. The gun is primarily used to avoid abrasions in a machine or a part. The functioning part of the best Grease gun includes injecting the viscous Grease into parts inside the machine where normal methods of lubrication and oiling are not able to work.

Well apparently, everyone looks for the best Grease gun which suits their budget but more importantly come up with good features. While selecting the best gun, you need to see the features and specifications of the gun as per your utility. Now the Grease gun is a broader term which is used for various applications such as agricultural industry and aeronautics etc.

There are several types of Grease guns, which are not much different from each other in the way they work. However, the mechanism grease comes out of the aperture may be a little varied in Grease guns. Parts of Grease gun includes the aperture, barrel, Piston rod, handle or lever, head of the gun, grease gun tube and dispenser which is also known as nozzle. The best method to keep your machine alive for a long time is to use the best one.

Top 10 Best Grease Gun Comparison Table & reviews:

Pro​duct Name




Dewalt DCGG571M1 20 V Max Lithium Ion Grease Gun

13 pounds

23.5 x 4.3 x 13.4 inches

Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease Gun

17.2 pounds

24.5 x 4.9 x 13 inches

Dewalt DCGG570K 18V Cordless Grease gun

5 pounds

23.5 x 4.3 x 13.4 inches

Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease gun

1.6 ounces

7.7 x 16.1 x 2.8 inches

Lincoln Lubrication 1244 PowerLuber 12 Volt Cordless Grease gun

14.2 pounds

24 x 20 x 4 inches

Carbyne Heavy duty professional quality pistol grip Grease gun

2.9 pounds

5.5 x 2.5 x 16 inches

Lincoln 1162 Air operated Grease gun

5.4 pounds

8.2 x 2.8 x 18 inches

Alemite 1056 SE4 heavy duty Grease gun

5 pounds

16.8 x 6.3 x 3.3 inches

G. Gun Grease gun- Quick and easy greasing

20.9 pounds

18.3 x 17.7 x 10.2 inches

Greasetek Premium pistol grip Grease gun

2.6 pounds

13.5 x 5 x 2.2 inches

DEWALT DCGG571M1 20V MAX Lithium Ion is one of the best Grease guns you can use to enhance the service life of a machine. Dewalt is a renowned brand in the market and it has again come up with a great tool. The gun comes with a powerful motor. It has a high-volume machine as well. To avoid abrasions and to make your machine run smoother it is probably the good option if you are looking for one.

 The powerful motor of Dewalt DCGG571M1 which is able to deliver 10,000 psi. It's high volume pump has the capability to push up to almost 5.0 Oz/min high flow applications. The Grease gun is featured with the facility to up to 16 cartilages every charge. It has also a flexible and extra-long 42” hose of length. One of the most desirable features in DEWALT DCGG571M1 Grease gun is its high power battery. This Grease gun also comes with an innovative pump. People often get confused with the processes of Grease guns such as loading it, using it, maintaining it but DEWALT DCGG571M1 is an easy and user-friendly gun. It is smooth for the utility purpose.

This Grease gun is a wonderful example of almost perfection because it comes with a number of specifications for a user. DEWALT has always been a trusted name, and this grease gun has got great customer reviews of 4.7 out of 5. The gun has been packed with bright LED light which will assist you to locate the grease fittings in low light. Things which makes it unique. The grease guns has Fast charging option for it's high powered battery. It has also kit box and shoulder strap. The gun is very potential and is easy to maintain.

With all these features, it has an effective Pump filter screen which prevents the gun from catching the contamination and dirt.


  • ban
    The strap could have designed better.
  • ban
    Too many features for a new user.

Milwaukee Electric Tool is another great option in the series of the best Grease guns. It is a brilliant choice for a person to keep your machine safe and healthy. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease gun kit comes with the operating pressure of 10,000 PSI, with the maximum flow of up to 10oz every minute. The grease gun is packed with the 48” flexible hose which does offer greater access to the difficult areas of Grease fittings inside the gun. The long hose has its great utility.

Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease gun kit is an excellent set of features. This Grease gun has a system of M18 Red Lithium with the facility to Lock on and lock off trigger which raises the user convenience for using the gun. The lithium Ion battery cell makes a powerful battery system of the grease gun. Sometimes it is hard to reach the areas to clean the grease gun because these parts are inside the gun and are quite hard to reach. But Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease gun kit tackles this problem easily. This Grease gun has also received excellent ratings from the users all around the globe. It comes with a shoulder strap. Another thing is that the kits with the Grease gun makes it a perfect one to buy as the kit has it's own specifications. It has also a good motor system with the powerful and highly potential parts.


  • ban
    The kit doesn't contain a spare battery
  • ban
    Comes in a plastic case.

DEWALT DCGG570K 18V Cordless Grease gun kit serves as a powerful Grease gun as it has a powerful motor which delivers 9000 max psi. This Grease gun has a high-volume pump for you which pushes up to 5.0 oz per minute high flow applications. This Kit contains one DC9096: 18V battery, Fast charger, a kit box with shoulder strap. Dewalt, as mentioned earlier is a trusted name in the market.

DEWALT DCGG570K 18V Cordless Grease gun kit comes with an extra-long 42” flexible hose which gets your reaching to difficult Grease fittings easier. In low light situations, it is often hard to see the grease fittings which are also quite difficult to reach, but DEWALT DCGG570K 18V Cordless Grease gun has an effective LED light which assists you to locate hard grease fittings in low light conditions. The gun has a convenient Trigger setting which gives you accuracy while filling the Grease. This is an effective method to use for increasing the service life. Variable speed trigger setting, flexible and extra-long hose of 42” makes it a great option to consider if you are looking for an effective way to clean the machine. DEWALT DCGG570K 18V Cordless Grease gun has a good user ratings as well. 


  • ban
    The rubber Plunger is a little tight to go into the tube.

Since people always look for the best Grease gun, Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease gun is another great choice of it's own kind. This is a Grease gun which comes with wipe hose and is excellently facilitated with a rigid pipe. It has a cast head design and comes with the mechanism of handle return (which is the Jam proof). It has a motor develops up to 7500 psi.

Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Heavy pistol grip Grease gun is certainly a fine gun. The Grease gun has a rigid tube of 6” and whip hose and coupler of the same length that is 18”.  It comes with a protection of rugged cast pump head. To prevent binding and bending (accidental) of the plunger, the gun has come up with the mechanism of jam proof toggle and it has an extra heavy follower spring which helps in ensuring the uninterrupted action of pumping and positive priming. Lincoln is also a trusted name to the consumers. This is also a user-friendly grease gun which can push out the grease easily. This Grease gun is an effective and useful tool and so it is another excellent option to choose. It's accessible check valve helps to clean easily.

The motor of this grease gun has a great power to exert. It has a precision fit with the hardened plunger which prevents the lubricant bypass. This helps in scoring for a longer period of life. It has an exterior part smoother, but it doesn't have a folding option. Though it is really a brilliant option. Customer reviews and ratings mark it as a great product. You can definitely use Lincoln Lubrication 1134 heavy pistol grip grease gun to apply Lubrication on your machine mechanical parts to keep them running properly.


  • ban
    Three cartridges can not be connected to once.
  • ban
    Not as powerful as air powered types.

In the list of this best Grease guns, one can never flip aside Lincoln Lubrication 1244 PowerLuber 12 Volt Cordless Grease gun. It comes with a case and a battery kit with a cordless rechargeable kit with two batteries which gives you the delivery of high pressure. It gives the pressure almost five times faster than manual Grease guns. It operates at the psi of 6,000 with 12 volts power.

It has a hose length of 30” and comes with three grease tubes per charge. One of the key features which make it a great option for you is that it has a fast charger of 110 volts. The Lincoln Lubrication 1244 includes two rechargeable batteries of 12 Volt. It has a spring card and a flex hose of 30”. As a product, it is very good with consumer ratings and reviews. It is packed in a custom carrying case which ensures it's protection and has a 2” needle. It has a standard Grease cartridge. This Grease gun is obviously a good option to buy. It has certain specifications which can make your work of lubrication very smoother.


  • ban
    The length of the hose is not very long.
  • ban
    Air pressure could be higher.

Carbyne Heavy duty professional quality pistol grip Grease gun is the next in the list. It is Having a number of specifications, which makes it a great deal for you. It has a professional quality of sets of parts. Carbyne Heavy duty professional quality pistol grip Grease gun comes with a pressure of 4500 psi which is fine enough for the users who are looking for this kind of utility in the Grease gun.

This grease gun is reputably a good equipment. The process of applying Grease is important if you want to run your machine for a longer period of time. Carbyne grease gun offers the 12-inch flex hose. It is light in Weight, which is very easy to hold and use. It has an effective air bleeder which has the capability to eliminate air pockets quickly, which is very important. Carbyne Heavy duty professional quality pistol grip Grease gun is a great kind of product which includes 6” rigid extension. It has a Duty coupler without the drip protection cap, it has a die cast head which can develop 4,500 per square inch working pressure. It comes with an ergonomic T handle which makes its grip even more proper. Carbyne Heavy duty professional quality pistol grip Grease gun has good ratings and reviews.

Carbyne Grease gun is actually designed for a three-way grease loading mechanism with 14 oz standard cartridges, dispenser pump which is known as filler and bulk section. A great property of this gun is that the barrel of the gun is made of anodized aluminum which makes it rust free. The grip handle of the grease gun is easy to use having heavy duty Pistol. Carbyne Heavy duty professional quality pistol grip Grease gun comes with the feature of rubber grip(non-slip) to work with ease. It also makes the changing of cartridges fast, easy and quick. As it mentioned earlier that it comes with T-handle mode, it always makes a sure grip and is beneficial in a Grease gun. It is important to note that this product is not designed in a way to be used with food and other food grades lubricants. It certainly has many useful features and specifications which make it a joy to use. Carbyne Grease gun is a reliable and durable product. It is a great option for you.


  • ban
    Little difficult to push into the fittings.
  • ban
    The hose is a bit short lengthened.

With it's style appearance and elegant features, this grease gun is sure to Land here as a great example of the perfect product. Lincoln 1162 Air operated Grease gun comes up with many functions and features which make it a person friendly product. Lincoln Lubrication Industrial Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease gun is definitely a great option; it is like a Grease gun you wished to work with. It is really awesome if we talk about style and design.

Lincoln 1162 Air operated full automatic Pneumatic Grease gun comes with a pump ratio 150 pounds psi and the maximum pressure to be 6,000 per square inch. It has a high-pressure hose with of 30 inches, having an attachment clip and a coupler. We often find it confusing about the kind of Grease gun we should buy for our purpose and work, But Lincoln 1162 Air operated full automatic Pneumatic Grease gun is really a good example of best grease gun. Lincoln 1162 Grease gun comes with the mechanism of variable speed trigger. The product is designed to give a great and superior performance of flowing. Grease flow control is a vital part of the whole process while applying lubricant on to a machine or a part, the variable speed trigger mechanism of this Grease gun ensures the control of Grease flow.

An excellent property of Lincoln 1162 Grease gun is that the gun features the fully automatic system. It comes with the continual operation. Lincoln 1162 grease gun is a user-friendly product. It is smooth due to its features and specifications. People usually get fed up with using manual Grease gun but this grease gun comes with a flexible hose which makes it a great quality product with another kind of features. By replacing the cartridge, you may change between grease types easily. It is a fantastic product to use with a fine range of ratings and reviews received by users. It cycles automatically so that you do not have to keep the trigger pulling. The product has been designed gently. It produces about 4 pumps per second during the trigger is being pulled. It is a great Grease gun if you are looking for a good quality product with good features.


  • ban
    Could be heavy as the gun.
  • ban
    Instructions are little vague, so could be a little complicated to use.

This is a Grease gun with great options and settings. The Alemite 1056 SE4 heavy duty Grease gun has the capability to deliver the pressure of 10,000 pounds psi. The gun comes with the mechanism of dual mode lever. This mechanism allows choosing any one from the two, high-pressure delivery and high-volume output. Features and specifications of The Alemite Grease gun make it stands out of the other Grease guns.

The Alemite 1056 SE4 Grease gun comes with the cylinder capacity that is of 16oz. This grease gun is highly durable. It comes with the protection of zinc coating on the outside which helps the machine preventing from corrosion and other kinds of contamination. The lower part of it is made up with a vinyl cover which makes it quite easier to grip. The grease gun is very suitable to inject viscous lubricant on to the machines mechanical part. It may be used in various applications such as lubrication of motor vehicles, industrial equipment and aeronautics. The whole kit of the Alemite 1056 SE4 Grease gun contains The Grease gun, coupler and rigid extension.

Alemite 1056 SE4 is a great option to choose as it comes with a high-pressure capacity of 10,000 per square inch. Also, the dual level system which offers to choose either the high-pressure delivery or the high-volume output. This differs the way of its functionality. Under high-pressure mode, it delivers 1 oz of Grease per 25 strokes and under the high-volume output mode. The Alemite Grease gun is packed with a cylinder capacity of 16 oz. It's heavy duty construction makes it a highly durable in nature thus making it a high utility project for you. It has a good finishing and is fit for use. With the fine ratings of the product, it also adds up a user-friendly function method. Oil and grease guns have broad scope of utility as they are used in various applications such as factories, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and aeronautics. Since it has good functions, and is greatly durable, the Alemite 1056 SE4 heavy duty Grease gun is packed with a number of features and specifications, hence it is a great option to look at.


  • ban
    Could be a bit heavy for some users.

9. G. Gun Grease gun- Quick and easy greasing

It is a perfect choice to use this grease gun if you do not want to get annoyed with messy, bulky and awkward Grease gun. G. Gun Grease gun with the tough and rugged design. It is a Grease gun which works effortlessly as the greasing is astonishingly easy and quick. It is smartly featured with the system of 20 standard size Grease tube cartridges. There is no need to stop the process of greasing to clear the airlocks or change or refill Grease tube cartridges every time as the Grease canister has the ability to hold the equivalent of 20 standard size Grease tube cartridges.

G. Gun Grease gun comes with a patent pressure release valve. It is a good option if you are looking for an easy to lubricate tool. This grease gun is ideal in the field of Lubrication when you do not really have time for taking your equipment back. It is a tough product with a good number of features. It has a dedicated motor which has the potential to develop the high pressure of 10,000 per square inch without the sweat. The product is a heavy one and rugged with a painted exterior portion of the G. gun grease gun. This Grease gun can be easily used in heavy equipments. It often gets very irritating to change out the tiny tubes of Grease Gun And to see the grease running out unnecessarily. It is a great Grease gun with the effective methodology. The gun has specifications through which a man does not have to invest unnecessary output with changing the grease tube at a regular interval of time, in this way these features of the G-Gun. Grease gun makes it a user-friendly product.

This grease gun has received fantastic reviews and ratings and this is why it is in the top ten list of the grease gun. It has several unique features ranging from its design and the structure. With being a quick and easy greasing product, it also comes with a 10-foot flex hose. As mentioned earlier the G Gun Grease gun comes with a motor with the capability to deliver 10,000 per square inch. This grease gun has been designed in a manner that it does not render any waste or mess, so it is a great quality and I would say a unique one as well. LockNLube Grease coupler is included in the grease gun. The G Gun Grease gun is an effective method to apply lubricant on to any Motor part or any other application.


  • ban
    Quite a heavy gun to handle.
  • ban
    It is more suitable for the larger tasks.

10. Greasetek Premium pistol grip Grease gun

Greasetek Premium is an improved pistol grip Grease gun. It comes with 18-inch hose and extension pipe with the coupler. The Greasetek Premium Pistol Grip Grease gun has got an array of features. It includes a coupler and pistol grip handle. As it has great ratings and reviews from customers, and it's features have made it a highly preferred tool.

The Greasetek Premium Pistol Grip Grease gun is not too heavy and is easy to carry, making it a highly durable tool for using for Lubrication. This Grease gun delivers 1 oz per 40 strokes. A great property of the Grease gun is that, for multiple positions, this grease gun has dual positioning Grease loader. It is a decent and solidly built grease gun. This grease gun is highly recommended for those who find the process of loading and using the grease gun very complicated, messy and confusing as the Greasetek Premium Pistol Grip Grease gun comes with a really easy method of loading and using. As it includes the 18-inch hose and the pistol grip, it gets possible to pump the grease even into the inaccessible areas of fittings.

The Greasetek Premium Pistol Grip Grease gun is a high-quality product which gives an excellent performance. The cartridge used with this Grease gun is sized as 14.1 oz. This Grease gun has a flawless performance and is a very improved Grease gun. Small things have been taking care of in this gun. Also, it has got great reviews. This grease gun is undoubtedly a fine product to use.


  • ban
    The gun is designed basically for similar work.
  • ban
    Suitable for small tasks.

Buyer's guide: How to choose the best Grease gun?

As lubrication is one of the most significant processes in machines and equipment, you always tend to pick up the best Grease gun. Well, the fact about the Grease guns is that all Grease guns are not setup with the same kinds of settings but this is something that makes them unique in different ways as well. However, you certainly need to choose the Grease guns which lowers your effort and unnecessary work during the process of oiling or Lubrication.

Grease guns are of many types, some come with a relaxation of your effort in one thing while other may come with you or relaxation in other assemblies of the gun. To choose the best gun isn't hard, but you need to keep in mind few points which will help you buy the best of the guns. According to your needs, it is important to choose a Grease gun carefully.

  • check
    While picking up the best Grease gun, you need to first consider the amount of greasing which will suit as per your need for lubricating your machine or any other equipment. A Grease gun with less amount of the same is of no use to you. Hence, a gun with a little higher capacity of Grease is recommended.
  • check
    Well, another point you need to focus while choosing a gun is that the gun you are considering should be easy to use. In many cases it has been seen that loading or using the grease gun is hard as per the way of their functionality. Hence it is always recommended to choose a Grease gun which is not hard to use. The way of using a Grease gun should always be user-friendly.
  • check
    The most important thing in the best gun is undoubtedly the technical features of the same. Technical specifications are something which makes a user's work easy or easier. Better functionality of a Grease gun makes your work effortless and increases the work of applying lubrication on to a part. It is important to note that few specifications are quite necessary for Grease gun and now a day they have become almost mandatory for a user to have the guns.
  • check
    One of the chief functions of a Grease gun is their durability. The specification of high durability is something quite essential. It always comes up with high durability nature. A tough grease gun does help as the protection. A good coating on the Grease gun helps it to not catch any kind of contamination or dirt. This feature also helps a user to maintain the gun in a good manner.

Every user or buyer looking for a great Grease gun with a powerful motor and good set of performance. These are quite essential factors. However, it is recommended to use a Grease gun as per your usage. For an instance, a Grease gun with lesser specifications or lesser set of capacities of inner parts with lesser Grease amount capacity is totally a waste for you. In the same way, if a Grease gun comes with incredible specifications and features, with really high potential of inner parts, and you have to apply viscous lubricant on to an equipment or mechanical parts of a machine and not much use of it, then the high specifications and features are of no use to you. This is why it is recommended that you should choose a Grease gun which serves you according to your needs of work.

Final Thought

 When it comes to choosing the best grease gun you must check the features, specifications, and functionality of the gun as the gun should match your work and purpose as per your needs. Lubrication and oiling is a necessary process because it makes a machine or a part of any equipment smooth and in the better state of working. It is often noticed that the people who used machine organs without proper lubrication tend to lose the parts and their property of running. Some Grease guns are heavy in weight and some of them are comparatively lower. This is because of the way of functions and different features. The way of loading or use of a Grease gun can be different but they are quite easy to use. Grease guns have today become an essential part in the world of machines and equipment which are used for various other sorts of applications. 

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