How to use a Grease gun? The Ultimate Guide

A Grease gun is a much effective and valuable tool which is used for some of the basic purposes in order to keep the mechanical part of a machine continue to move and have their service life increased in a very good manner. Grease guns are used to apply the viscous fluid on a part or some organs of a machine. A Grease gun is a very common tool for garage and workshops which can be easily available at most of the hardware stores. You can get them at any of the auto parts stores as well. It is very safe to use.

A Grease gun is one of the necessary garage tools, performs some of the crucial and vital functions in a machine. A Grease gun works on the core of any machine part. It reduces the friction by the greasing. One of the most significant uses of a Grease gun is that it allows the part or an organ of a machine getting viscous Grease into the places and areas where greasing is very difficult, inside the machine. Well working of a Grease gun is not a hard process to understand. It is rather an easy and smooth process once you get the hang of how to use a Grease gun. Before getting ready to use it, you must be able to know to load it as it is one of the essential parts in the beginning before using the same.

As we all know that Grease guns have different kinds, thus they may differ in the way they function. There are two ways or methods of using a Grease gun.
Here are the methods to use the Grease gun:


● To start using a Grease gun, it is very important to take necessary steps and being a little careful. The first thing you need to do is removing the head of that Grease gun from the barrel of the same. Now you have to pull back the handle of the rod. And, lock the handle of that rod.

● Secondly, as the step to perform, you have to open the new cartridge of grease. Inserting the same into the Barrel is mandatory. It aspires the further step in order to use the Grease gun. From the end of that new cartridge. Note pull tag. You now need to get assured that enough force has been applied to the cartridge so that grease gun rim is in contact with that rim.

● Nextly, from the ending up again install the barrel of the grease gun but make sure to keep it a little loose as it is necessary. Now release the handle of the rod by making it turn out. This announces this method of using a Grease gun. Now you have to be a little focused and careful with this. Now you need to depress the handle of the rod. This will result in forcing the grease into the grease gun head.

● This step enquired to pump some of the grease through dispenser all that nozzle to Grease gun. Then put the cap tight and push it down on air bleeder to force the rest air out. A Grease gun comes equipped with various crucial parts such as needles and nipples to carry the grease in small and smaller openings.

● Finally place the coupler of the grease gun at the ending of extension directly onto the greasing area. Now come the hand of lever enough times till the time the grease starts begin to flow.


​Method two requires loading by function

● As the above way of using a Grease gun, firstly you need the removal of the head from the barrel of the grease gun and put a good and enough Grease amount inside the head of the same and make sure to pack it. Now place the grease gun barrel over a grease tube.

● Now you need to insert the barrel in down up to almost 2 inches or 5.1 centimeters into the grease. And, push the barrel down at the time of pulling up the handle of the rod or the Plunger. Eventually, lock the handle once it is properly extended.

● Move the barrel of the grease gun from edges to edges in order to remove the extra or unused Grease after the barrel gets full. No, clean all the parts off with the help of some rag. Paper towel or a stiff piece of paper and join the same barrel of the gun to the remaining part or unit.

● Now you need to get your hands tight in order to unlock the handle of the rod and pump the handle of Grease gun to start the grease flow. As the first method said, place the coupler of the grease gun at that extension hose and directly on to the greasing area.

Few Points to remember

1. If you are using the grease gun for the first time, create a seal all, or partly around the Plunger assembly.

2. In case your grease gun does not have an air relief valve, which is used to release air to maintain the equilibrium, try not to tighten the head fully.

3. Release the air pressure before storing the grease gun. Remember to store the same away from moisture and heat.

4. All the parts of the grease gun such as nipples, dispensers or nozzles and needles are prescribed to clean with something in order to prevent clogs.

5. You must remember this that before loading the grease gun, and while using the same, the grease gun should be free from any kind of dust, lint or metal shaving contaminations.

6. Be careful while using the grease gun. Grease, if somehow injected or get into the skin, it may certainly cause severe infections and medical problems. This is why being cautious using a Grease gun is a very necessary step.

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