How Much Should You Budget for a Reflex Sight?

How Much Should You Budget for a Reflex Sight

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Multiple factors come into play when budgeting for a reflex sight, and it mostly comes from your preferences and needs. However, there are some significant aspects to the designs and functionality of reflex sights that should help you decide on how much you want to spend on this device and what the best budget reflex sight is for you.


Going out for a hunt with bulky baggage and extra weight is undesirable. Reflex sights are designed to be small, light and portable making them much less of a concern. However, these sights to come in many variations that differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so some consideration is required when deciding on which sight works best for you. Some sights, are much heavier than others, which to some hunters, is a desirable feature. Therefore, for some hunters, the best budget reflex sight should be hefty and sizeable.

Some sights are bigger than others too. Hence, another concern is how the sight fits into your hunting kit. If baggage space or handling portability is a concern, investing in a smaller sight can be advantageous.

Build Quality

Another key factor when choosing the best budget reflex sight is the build quality of the sight itself. Some manufacturers tend to compromise on quality to make their sights lighter. As a result, some hunters find themselves owning sights that are flimsy and annoying to use. This is a far greater concern when buying second-hand sights, as purchasing an already flimsy sight can be more detrimental than beneficial to your hunting experience. Therefore, it is important to consider choosing a rugged and durable sight when going for your best budget reflex sight. And if possible, you should check for any loose knobs and ends when you make the purchase, to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Most sights these days come with their own mounting systems. You should ensure the build quality of the mount as well because, without a proper mount that is not stable, the sight might wobble, move out of position when you move around or even in the worst case, fall off of your rifle. Therefore, the build of the sight and mount together will define how good of an experience you will have with the sight. Therefore, your best budget reflex sight must have a good build quality. Although it might be slightly more expensive, it is worth the extra cost.


Such a small device sometimes comes feature-packed which include lens adjustments, height adjustments, multiple light colors and there are some sights that even allow you to change the styles of your reticle as well. And so, some of these are intended for masterful hunters who want to tweak their sights to their personal needs. However, some hunters just need a sight to put on their gun and go hunting. Therefore, another concern for your best budget reflex sight is how comfortable you are using it. If you are an advanced user, go with a feature-packed sight you know how to adjust. But if you are a beginner who intends to just slap on a sight to your rifle without the need to worry about fancy adjustments, go for a more basic reflex sight. Moreover, these sights tend to much friendlier to your budget. Hence, the best budget reflex sight is also sometimes a basic, easy-to-use one.

But not all features are excessive. Some sights come with built-in auto shut off mechanisms that help you conserve battery life while others come with rechargeable batteries. Although these additional features add to the cost of the device, they are worth investing in when buying the best budget reflex sight.

Lens Quality

Lenses come in a variety of sizes that provide you with different fields of vision to work with. That is, the wider your lens is, the wider the field of vision will be. The most common lens with 33mm, offering a pretty standard field of vision. For some, a multicoated sight offers greater precision and a corrected view. As an additional benefit to hunters who wear prescription glasses, most sights offer unlimited eye-relief as a standard feature alongside parallax correction. Therefore, for the best budget reflex sight, going for one with a standard lens is acceptable. Since the lens is essentially one of the most important parts of the sight, you should choose the sight that offers you the best one within your budget.

The Dot

One of the main aspects of the reflex sight is the dot itself. Despite being a top priority, some sights do not offer the best dots. While some tend to be fuzzy on the edges, others are softer and blurry. Moreover, this is a problem that extends from cheaper sights to even more expensive ones. Therefore, it is crucial to check the quality of the dot produced by the sight when considering your best budget reflex sight, as a clean, crisp and clear dot will allow you to aim more accurately and confidently.


When purchasing a sight, some come with attractive deals and packages which are helpful for some hunters, but not all. Therefore, when budgeting for the best budget reflex sight, it is important to consider whether or not the extra add-ons are worth the money. Finally, some scopes from better manufacturers come with the benefit of customer service and warranty for the sights. Although the costs are higher for these sights as they come from more expensive brands, they are well worth the money. A proper warranty deal can get you out of trouble if you end up with a poorer sight than you expected it to be and a dedicated customer service can help you maintain and use your sight at top performance all the time.

Although the prices of sights vary to a great degree, and the best budget reflex sight varies from user to user depending on preferences, it is worth considering all of the above points when purchasing one.

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