How to use a Brad Nailer? Everything you need to know

How to use Brad Nailer

A brad nailer is an incredible equipment which is generally used for attaching smaller moldings. It is simply a basic version of a traditional finish nailer and available in many different designs in the market. Furthermore, this tool is also utilized for firing brad nails, which are finishing nails having narrow heads on one of its sides.

Brad nailer is a handy product to delicate trim and attaching thin strips. However, it can be tough to drive this tool through some wood and hardwood material. A good brad nailer can be utilized in many different manners. Generally, there are two types of brad nailers that we have explained below in detail:

Electric Brad Nailer

The electric brad nailer is a powerful type of machines that use electricity for its operation. They are quiet, convenient, and faster to use. Moreover, this version of brad nailers is more versatile as compared to the other types.

This type of machine is slightly heavier, but it is very effective and complete its job at a much faster rate. Along with that, the price of the electrical brad nailer is on a higher side but proves to be cost-efficient as it demands little to no maintenance from the buyer.

Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Pneumatic brad nailer uses pneumatic air instead of the electricity for powering the gun. It is the traditional type of brad nailer that come in lots of different sizes and capacity to hold several kinds of nails. This type of brad nailer is easier to use and perfect for trimming & woodworks.

The Pneumatic brad nailer is available in many different sizes and operating methods. So, you should select one that suits your needs and requirements.

Now, we will give you some quick view of the procedure to use a brad nailer.  Check out the complete guide below:

First Step

Buy the right hose adapter

You should buy the correct adapter that fits your machine. Along with that, shop some pneumatic tool oil and Teflon tape, which will make sure that the connection between the device and the hose is not loose.

Second Step

Wrap the connector with the Teflon tape

Teflon tape should be used for wrapping the fitting on the hose adapter before connecting the adapter to the machine.

Third Step


An air piston is used by this tool for completing its operation. That’s why it demands proper lubrication to function in a proper way. Use some drops of the pneumatic oil for lubricating the adaptor. Don’t forget to clean all the mess with a tack cloth prior to using the machine.

Step Four

Load the Brad Nailer

There is a certain number of nails loaded by this tool at one time. It depends on the model and written in the manual of the machine. In this step, you should load the tool with the adequate quantity of nails required for a project.

Step Five

Connecting the device to the air compressor

Prior to making a connection with the device, you should allow the air compressor to get pressurized. Once the air compressor gets ready, you have to connect the one end of the hose with it and another one to the brad nailer. Make sure that the connections are adequately tight. Utilize an adjustable wrench if you feel that connections are loose.

Step Six

Testing the device

Is it best to test the machine on a wood piece before doing the real job to find out it works properly or not? In order to do it the right way, place the tool in such a way that its tip should rest on the wood board’s surface at an accurate 90-degree angle. Press the trigger so that the brad nail will be allowed to sink in. If the machine works in a correct way, then start doing a real job with it now.

There is a very strong pneumatic force used by the tool for the blasting the nails into the wood. That’s why you should be extremely cautious while handling this equipment.

The Bottom Line:

Always wear safety goggles or glasses and proper protection to the ears while using this machine. In addition, keep some additional nail strips for completing the job quickly. There are many people who get injured due to improper usage of this machine. That’s why you should keep the first-aid box at hand while operating this machine. Also, follow all the instructions mentioned in the manual carefully while using the brad nailer.

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