5 Essential Factors to Choose the Best Fridge within Budget

Kitchen Space

With a hectic lifestyle adopted by most of us these days, a fridge is considered as a ‘necessity’ and not a luxury. Owning a fridge, you save not only on the time factor but also the effort is taken to cook elaborate meals thrice a day. However, this is where you need to plan for a quality and the cheap fridge. You have a wide range of choices not only in the sizes of the fridge but also on the energy efficiency factor and the capacities. It is easier to choose one according to your requirement.

Before ‘Shopping’ For A Fridge, It Makes Sense to Consider Specific Factors:

1. Kitchen Space:

Measuring the space available in the kitchen can help you make a choice of a fridge which fits comfortable and correspondingly enhances the looks of the kitchen. You must ensure that there is adequate space on all four sides of the fridge as this allows the fridge to breathe and perform properly. The door of the fridge also needs enough space so that it can open comfortably. You have the option of ‘reversible doors’ in fridges, which makes choosing the apt one convenient.

2. Eating Habits:

A freezer at the bottom of the fridge is ideal for those who believe in cooking fresh food on a daily basis. Refrigerated items are placed at a comfortable height. A freezer on the top is for those who are into frozen meals, and therefore less effort is required to take out the frozen food. There is a wide choice with adjustable drawers and shelves and temperature with dedicated space for specific types of food. It is thus advisable to investigate the usability of a model before you make a choice.

3. Energy Bill:

You need to be aware that in general, a fridge consumes almost 14% of the total energy used in a home. Ice and water dispensers which are in-built are considered as gluttons and are not used in the estimates of energy use. This adds to nearly 20% of the running cost. Top-mounted freezers in fridges use less electricity as compared to the other configurations available. If possible, it is better to opt for a model which is Energy Star as these models ensure almost 20% less of electricity.

4. Budget:

Budget plays an important role in the type of fridge. For the primary storing of food without any frills, the top mounts of the traditional kind is an ideal choice. The exterior finish also plays’ role in the price. Fridges with faux stainless which is fingerprint resistant or a fashion color can be a bit more expensive as compared to the simple ones.

In case you have a good budget then you can think of opting for a fridge with personal conveniences like the sparkling water-makers which are featured with Internet connectivity and additional compartments with four doors.

5. Cleaning:

As most of us run short of time due to our hectic lifestyle, and so it is advisable to opt for a fridge which does not require much cleaning like the faux stainless finish. Although stainless steel is good but tends to get smudged with fingerprints. Another option in the fridge which works out convenient is opting for the one with glass shelves instead of the wire shelving.

Fridge Suppliers:

With a wide range of options available these days it is always advisable to look for a fridge supplier who is well-reputed. This ensures the quality of the fridge and can also make it long lasting. You can conduct an online search to get an idea of the different cheap fridges available at discounted prices in the market. A little bit of an effort taken in the initial stages of shopping can ensure convenience for a long period of time. 

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