Beginners Guide To Pest Control For Gnats


The term Gnat is often used to refer to many small flying insects of the order of Diptera, specifically within the suborder Nematocera. Nothing could be more frustrating than having small insect hovering over your waste bin or your dirty dishes. Because of their size, it is difficult and frustrating to handle them physically. To effectively control this creature, it is ideal to know which specific insect you are dealing with. For the sake of this article, we will be considering the “Fungus gnat” because they are the most commonly found in homes.

These pesky creatures tend to survive in a moist environment and they are often introduced into the house from infested plant, or when there is a leaking pipe. This type of gnat is not dangerous in other words they do not bite either are they harmful to humans and pets. However, the sight of them is irritating to a lot of people. Looking at things from a different picture Gnats could be helpful in alerting you of possible moisture issue you are having, which you are probably not yet aware of.

Gnats have a life span of four weeks; they lay their eggs in places where the temperature is warm and are maintained that way. Their eggs are nearly impossible to see with naked eyes.  The female lays 100 to 300 eggs in batches of 2 to 30 and their eggs hatch after 4-6 days. The fungus gnat larvae feed on dead decaying matter.

Ways To Prevent Gnats From Coming Into Your Home

  • Preventing gnats from infesting your house is rather easy. It is all about being observant.
  • Inspect plants before bringing it into your house; this is the most common way of gnats coming into non infested homes
  • Any plant taken out should be checked before bring them back in.
  • Do not water your plant to the extent that it starts to drip out.
  • When quarantining plants, any infested plant should be disposed of far away from your home.
  • Identify and repair leaks as soon as possible.
  • Nonetheless, if somehow you already have an issue with gnats then below are some steps to handle the situation.

Find the source of the gnat; if you wish to handle this problem permanently, you, you must know where they are coming from or rather where they reside. Giving the fact that they lay their eggs where the cluster around once you know the exert place where they stay, the problem is half solved.

Now that you know the center of their habitat, you can apply any insecticide you choose. Just go to your pest control shop and buy any insecticide of your choice. It doesn’t matter the brand; any pesticide you buy will handle every single type of gnat infestation.

Anywhere you find gnats there is a high tendency that place is a moist and dirty place. Therefore, keeping a clean environment is essential when it comes to eradicating gnats of all kind.  However, if you do not have to the time to inspect your property, hiring the best pest control operator near you will help reduce the stress of exterminating these pesky pests from your home.

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