Top 10 SEX Free Countries in the World

Top Sex Free Countries in the World

Sex is a natural act that everyone around the world wishes to have in their life. However, it means different for each as some called it a secretive act while others use it as an occupation. That’s why there is no doubt that sex is one of the most debating topics all over the world. Some countries have made the prostitution illegal and even punishable. On the other hand, many have made it a legal profession. In this post, we will talk about the top 10 sex free countries in the world. Check out each of them in detail.

10. Thailand

If you think Thailand is only known for beautiful beaches and extensive temples, then you are completely wrong. It is one of those countries that have one of the world’s highest numbers of sex workers. Millions of tourists came here for sex shows and even sex massage. The country has not legalized prostitution legal, but we can’t say that it is completely legal at all. You can easily find lots of red-light areas in the cities of Patpong, Phuket, and Pattaya.

All these things allow citizens and tourists to enjoy sex freely that make it one of the most visited tourist locations globally. No one will get surprised if someone calls Pattaya from the name of the world’s sex capital. Overall, this country is a paradise for sex workers. You will easily find a shop selling sex on each part of the city. That’s why we have started the list of top 10 sex free countries in the world with this one. If you are looking to visit one of such nations, then we suggest you start with this one.

9. Netherlands

The Netherlands is known as the home of the world’s most beautiful and hottest beauties across the world. There are pretty dull laws about the sex in this country about which the majority of people don’t care. It is one of the major reasons that the Netherlands is the world’s seventh happiest nations in the world. It is completely legalized to pay for sex in this country. There is a license given by the government to practice prostitution along with operating a brothel.

If you are visiting this country, then you will find red light districts where the prostitutes rent the cabins. That’s not all; there are many sex shops where you can buy toys like best nipple clamps, butt plugs, etc. In addition to that, you can find peep shows and sex museum in some cities like Amsterdam. Another unique thing about this country is the sex drive-ins where you can order a prostitute for sex. We believe that now you understand why this country is sex free.

8. Dominican Republic

This country has all the things that a tourist prefers to have during a holiday. One will fall in love with the natural landscape and affordable prices, but no one knows that real happiness lies in its sex tourism. The prostitution is completely legal in the country, and that’s why we have added it in the list of sex free countries in the world. Some best cities to explore in this country are Boca Chica and Sosua where one can enjoy an amazing holiday. One will find lots of resorts in these cities that specially created for boosting sex tourism in the country.

If you are visiting this country, then we strongly suggest you expect the unpredictable things. You can see massage parlors, legal brothels, and prostitutes in a variety of areas.

7. Germany

Missing the name of Germany will be a little bit unfair and make it incomplete. This country becomes sex free more than a decade ago. Their authority passed the legislation related to sex and prostitution in 1927, and that’s why sex tourism is a common thing there. There are even some sex health insurance companies in the country for protecting the health of the sex workers. It shows how much the German government believes in making the country sex free.

If you are looking to enjoy an exotic vacation with your loved one and seeking a company, then book your ticket to Germany now. It is one of the perfect locations that you can consider for this type of vacation. Every year this country visited by the tourists all over the world for allowing people to enjoy sex tourism in the best way.

6. Cambodia

Cambodia may be known for its temples among the people, but the emergence of illegal prostitution has started to show up a completely different picture of this country. That’s why the tourist prefers to visit this country for enjoying sex free without worrying about the legal problems. One can see women working as the prostitutes roaming around the city and looking for the customers in some major cities of the country like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Furthermore, you can see them roaming around the downtown bars and clubs.

Despite being the prominence of the sex industry, the tourists still prefer to visit other spots of the city too. Overall, this country is a complete package for the individual who is searching for a sex-free country for a long time.

5. Austria

Do you know that Austria is one of those countries where the government generates a great amount of revenue through prostitution? We believe that this reason is enough for adding its name in the list of top 10 sex free countries in the world. The sex worker not even needs to get a license to perform the prostitution in this country as there are no initial procedures for it. Anyone can indulge in this job according to their convenience level.

They only need to pay a certain amount of their income in the form of tax to the government. It is only because prostitution is legal in this country that makes it sex free.

4. Australia

There is only a difference of name between Austria and Australia, but the laws are the same when it comes to being a sex free country. There is no chance that you will find any difficulty enjoying erotica with a worry-free mind. The government has not set any restrictions related to the adult industry. There are full legal rights offered to the sex workers.

All these things make Australia one of the most visited locations for the tourists who are sexually active. If you are looking for such a country, then your search ends up here.

3. Spain

Spain is a beautiful place where you can make an exciting vacation with a worry-free mind. There are lots of cities like Ibiza, Barcelona, and Madrid, which are fully active for their bar scene and heavy clubs. These places have become well-known places for the sex industry. It is one of the most popular sex free countries in the world due to its beautiful girls and unique landscape.

There are red light districts in Barcelona where one meets a variety of girls at night. On the other, the scene is no different at the Madrid where the Gran Via Street considered as the hub for sex tourism.

2. New Zealand

Along with the beautiful landscape, the country is known for its gorgeous & thrilling babes. It is one of the recent countries to pass the prostitution law for ensuring the safety of the sex workers. There are some laws related to the health and employment in this business, so it is important to follow them. The sex workers have to follow the same benefits and precautions as the other sectors.

The person looking to enjoy an uninterrupted and unhindered enjoyment should consider visiting this country. On your tour, you will find that the people in this industry work with complete freedom. There is no interference from the government’s side. It is an open country that makes them a popular contestant to be part of this list.

1. Philippines

The country that tops our list is the Philippines who attract people from all over the globe. The cities like Boracay and Manila may be a popular choice for ordinary tourists, but the individuals interested in a different thing prefer to Angeles City and Olongapo City. There are no strict laws about prostitution, and that’s you will find lots of prostitutes in the massage parlors as well as bars.

Also, there are many red light areas where one can easily find a girl offering prostitute services. It is an amazing country that you can visit to enjoy in a free mood without any interference.


We believe that you have already selected one or more countries from our list of top 10 sex free countries in the world. Our team has studied each of these places carefully before adding them in the list. If you have a query related to this article, please tell us in the comment section. Our team will answer to your queries at the earliest. Good luck for your trip guys!

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