Questions! You Shouldn’t Ask Your Girlfriend

Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Girlfriend

Perhaps, you had a situation when your question caused an ambiguous reaction of the girl. At that very moment, it was not clear whether she was offended, embarrassed, or she was even dreaming to kill you. Every man should remember that it’s better not to ask these questions while you haven’t finally destroyed the prospect of building a relationship with the girlfriend yet.

Can I kiss you?

Do not ask about that, it’s not one of the good questions to ask your girlfriend. If you are on a date, you will understand whether she wants it or not. Just wait for the right time and act.

Why don’t you talk to me?

If it seems to you that she is not interested in you, then show wit and change her attitude. Otherwise, if you don’t want to do any actions, concentrate your energy on something else and do not humiliate yourself with such a question. Sometimes, a lack of interest is a good sign that it is not worth continuing communication.

Why do you look different today?

Even if you are right, this question will not cause a positive reaction. What do you mean when you say, “You look different?”  Does she look worse? If it is so, then you tell her that she looks bad today. If she looks better, it turns out that usually, she looks awful. It is one of the questions to never ask your girlfriend.

Did you sleep badly at night?

If this is not a subtle hint of a shared night, then you once again emphasize that today she looks bad. This can embarrass her.

How old are you?

This is an old cliché, but it is still effective. The first rule of the gentleman’s club sounds like that, “Never ask the women about their age.”

What are we going to do today?

Girls like when a guy takes the initiative and can make an independent decision. So, it is one of the bad questions to ask your girlfriend.

Are you going to wear this?

Think about the consequences of this question. Perhaps, she will try to strangle you with a scarf, which you’ve criticized.

Are you pregnant?

If this is not obvious, then do not ask. If it turns out that she is not pregnant, it means she is overweight. As you know, girls are very sensitive to this issue.

How many guys did you have?

Do you really want to know about that? Anyway, this is a bad way to make conversation.

Do you have a beautiful sister?

Even if the answer is positive, you will hardly be able to meet her sister after such questions. It is one of the not safe questions for your girlfriend.

Do you have PMS?

This is one of the too intimate questions to ask your girlfriend, and surely not the best way to explain the bad mood of the girl.

Can you borrow some money?

If you are not looking for a lender, then this is the right way to push a girl away from you. You are just directly pointing at the instability of your financial situation.

Do you think I’m attractive?

A self-confident guy will never ask this question. So, you do not ask! This is one of the main mistakes of many men.

Why do you like to wear this (any element of clothing)?

Asking this question, you hint that a certain element of clothing does not suit her. What if she really likes this striped hat looks like how Ukrainian girls?

Do you love me?

If you feel that you need to ask about that, then, most likely, you will not like the answer.

Why are you friends with them?

People support communication with others for a variety of reasons. Asking about her friendship with someone means to point at insecurity on your part.

Why are you single?

This can be an acceptable question only if it has a complimentary subtext that emphasizes the girl’s attractiveness. Otherwise, she will have to tell the story of her personal life, which is difficult to consider as a fun activity.

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