How to Exercise for Tendonitis in Ankle!

Ankle pain

Tendonitis ankle pain is uncomfortable and restricting. Every time you get up after lying in bed or sitting, you will experience this awful pain that prevents you from regularly walking or moving. You might even slip and fall. Due to the damage of the tendons, the condition typically gets worse with time. Micro tears in the tendons happen due to a lot of reasons and cause permanent damage and inflammation. This leads to terrible pain when you are walking especially after long periods of rest. Exercises for tendonitis in ankle can actually make you feel a lot better.

What causes Tendonitis in Ankle?

There are a lot of reasons why your tendons might start to tear and later become damaged and inflamed.

Overuse is one of the most causes of ankle tendonitis. It happens when the ankle is overloaded especially if you are always standing, running or stretching. It can also happen due to repetitive friction on the tendon from the shoes you are wearing. Some people have abnormal foot structure that puts extra weight on the tendons.

How to Exercise for Tendonitis in Ankle:

Stretching exercise are the best to deal with tendonitis pain. Stretching increases the production of collagen in your ligaments to improve the fiber and muscles organization. It prevents adhesion and shortening of the tendons that later leads to more pain.

What are the Best Exercises for Tendonitis in Foot?

Tendonitis foot pain can get better with regular exercising. However, you want to make sure that they are good for your particular case by checking with your doctor.

Towel Stretch:

This is an easy to do exercise that you can comfortably do at the comfort of your home. Hold your legs stretched in front of you while sitting on the floor. Hold a towel and wrap it around your toes and pull it towards you until you feel the stretch at the bottom of your foot. You must not pull on too much until you feel pain. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat.

Ankle Circles:

These are the best exercises for ankle pain relief. They also restore the mobility to your foot. All you have to do is to sit and stretch your feet ahead of you. Start to draw circles in the air in both directions. You can also flex your toes. Practice with drawing the letters of the alphabets for extra mobility.

Standing Stretch:

Face the wall and stand one foot away. Position your injured foot behind the other one while still facing the wall. Turn the injured foot inward towards the other one. Slightly bend the knee of the good leg until you feel the stretch. Check best knee braces for Torn Acl and Meniscus. The soleus muscle is a deep muscle in the calf that greatly affects the pain in your heel. Stretching it regularly helps you avoid ankle pain.

Eversion Exercise:

The key to proper exercises is not to push yourself beyond the limits. Once you feel pain, you need to stop as this can actually hurt the tendons even more. Sit on a chair with your injured leg crossed over the other one. Hold the sole of your foot while tilting it towards the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and then start tilting your foot towards the ceiling. Hold it then release. Wearing a shoe for Achilles tendonitis stretches to help ankle tendonitis.

Although tendonitis pain is extremely uncomfortable, the proper exercises for tendonitis in ankle can make a big difference. Don’t exercise until you are uncomfortable. Build your strength gradually to give your tendons the time they need to heal.

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