Are Zero Turn Mowers Good for Slopes?

Are Zero Turn Mowers Good for Slopes

A zero turn mower is a useful equipment that cuts down the mowing time to a significant amount. They utilize the versatile caster wheels for working out on the lawn quickly. There is no doubt that the lawns on the slight slopes and low-level areas can be cleared out by this tool easily, but are zero turn mowers good on slopes?

The reality is that the people with zero turn mowers find it difficult to run into the slopes. This often creates lots of frustration among the people who own this equipment.

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Check out some tips before using the zero turn mowers on the slopes that are mentioned below:

Always put safety first

Always operate the equipment slowly by going up and down and avoid working side to side. Additionally, mow the zero turn only when there is a dry grass for avoiding slipping. Don’t forget to wear the proper safety gears while working out on a lawn in the hills. While going uphill after a stop, you should try to move in a forward direction for avoiding any tipping backward.

Just in case the equipment loses control on a slope, you should disengage the blades immediately and move away from the hill slowly. Be ensure that the mower’s rollover protection system is in the locking position and raised fully. Along with that, the seat belt must be fastened and you should keep away the kids and pets from the area where you are mowing. Shut off the mower immediately if a child enters unexpectedly.

Steering it accurately

We think that the majority of our readers may don't know that the front wheels of the zero turn mower are casters and that’s why it depends on their rear wheels for steering. Let’s look at an example that is mentioned below:

A steering level system needs a right-hand motion to turn left. It is same like moving a boat with a rudder. Going into a steep slope with an inadequate steering control can result in moving the machine to the contour of the hill and possibly cause a rollover. Your vehicle can also slide on the hills if you apply the rear brakes too quickly.

Have a proper control over the vehicle’s speed

There is a need for a great caution while monitoring the speed of zero turn mowers on the hills. These types of mowers are popular for its high-speed growing mowing capacity. They work at a very quick rate on the lawns, but you have to control its speed while working on the slopes. Try to drive it a constant velocity when you maneuver the mower up and down the slopes.

You can give tire traction to the mower and ensures secure grass trimming by moving it at a moderate rate. It is better to avoid the sharp turns as it can result in losing the momentum, which can further cause skidding and roll over. Don’t forget to eliminate the bagged grass from the mower prior to operating it on a hill because it adds the excess weight to the machine. Putting too much weight on the mower can increase the risk of slipping on the slopes.

Manufacturer’s Guide

There are many different designs of the zero turn mower available in the market. The recommendations and guide depend on the designs and weights of the equipment. Some manufacturers say that the driver shouldn’t mower the slopes more than 15 degrees while there are some others who recommend that not to mow the hillsides with more than 12 degrees of slopes.

In order to operate the zero turn mower correctly, you should read the guide carefully and follow every instruction mentioned in it. It is the only way through which you can know about the maximum degree of slope for mowing in a safe manner. According to the popular American magazine Consumer Reports, you should use a front steering mower on the slopes of more than 10 degrees instead of a zero turn mower.

Treading lightly

The front doesn’t have much traction due to the casters and that’s why it makes the zero turn mowers run at a faster speed in the tight turns. It may be suitable for the lawns in the flat areas, but there is no stability offered by the casters on a hill slope. While encountering the hills, the rear wheels are only firm traction working on the grass.

For instance, if the amount of tread is low on the tires, then there is a chance that it may slide against the turf, and possibly result in slipping the vehicle down the hill. In order to avoid this circumstance, you should inspect your tires and find out whether they have good traction or not. Additionally, you should only mow on the slope if the grass is dry.

The Bottom Line

Everyone wants to give a smooth finish to their lawn. However, you should keep one thing in mind that it heavily depends on the way of trimming. There is no doubt that the zero turn mower can trim the lawns properly in high grounds, but, you have to take care of the things mentioned above before using them on the hills.

We strongly believe that you should have got the answer to the question “Are zero turn mowers good for slopes? All you need to do is make sure that all the equipment is working well and follow all the tips that are mentioned above.

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