Why zero turn mower is better than normal lawn mowers for hilly terrain?

Zero turn Mower

Are you one of those people who have a beautiful lawn along the hills, but really confused to select the ideal equipment between a zero turn mower and a lawn mower? We have created this post to tell our readers about why zero turn mower is the best instead of a lawn mower in hilly terrain.

After reading this article, you will get enough information about the zero turn mowers and its benefits as compared to the lawn mowers. You might be surprised to know about that there are lots of differences between a normal mower and a zero turn mower.

What exactly is a zero turn mower?

In simple language, it can be defined as a standard lawn mower that can move with a zero turning radius. These vehicles utilize the versatile caster wheels for completing the work quickly on the lawn. The majority of people should be thinking what exactly the zero turning radius is. It means that the equipment can move inside its own footprints without any need for further space.

Over the years, the zero turn mowers have become quite affordable that a normal homeowner can buy it. It can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes.

Basic differences between zero turn mower and a normal lawn mower

There is no doubt that both the zero turn mower and a normal lawn mower can cut the grass of a lawn in an efficient way, but their working isn’t the same when it comes to a hilly slope lawn. Check out below why?

Independent Power

The biggest difference between these two machines is their controls. A zero turn mower works with an independent power powered by the two handles, whereas the normal lawn doesn’t have it. Additionally, these handles can be utilized for putting a brake on the equipment.

Works at a faster rate

While riding on a zero turn mower, you will realize that it cuts the grass faster and effectively as compared to the lawn mowers. In addition, the riding is more comfortable and works on a different technique in a zero turn mower.

Turning radius

As we have mentioned above, the zero turn mowers work on the principle of zero degree turn radius, which means it can U-turn without leaving its vertical axis. On the other hand, the lawn tractor requires 15 to 30 degrees to turn around. Having a zero degree turn radius vehicle is much beneficial on hills.

Mowing Speed

Generally, the lawn tractor moves at a speed of 3 to 4 MPH, which is quite low. The zero turn mowers can cut the grass at a speed of 5-8 MPH that is incredibly fast. Even, some of the commercial zero turn mowers cut a speed up to 12 MPH.


The majority of zero turn mowers have twin cylinder engines, while the lawn tractor only has a single-cylinder engine.

If you are still confused on why zero turn mowers are best for hills instead of a lawn mower in hilly terrain, then read on further.

Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

Check out some best benefits of zero turn mowers for hills

The zero-turn mowers can work more efficiently and effectively in terms of power and productivity when compared to any other equipment.


There is a chance of sliding while mowing on hills and it is not possible to mow a sloped area if the vehicle doesn't offer adequate traction. The series of traction on the wheels of zero turn mowers minimizes any chances of sliding and keep the vehicle in line while working.


No other mowers can offer the ample control offered by the zero turn mower at the speed a rider needed for feeling comfortable and safe during cutting the grass in the lawn. Furthermore, its unmatched turning control allows the riders to go around obstacles like trees with ease.


The scariest part of the mowing on hills is the chances to fall over and get injured. That’s why it is very important to select the right machine for hilly terrain that offers proper stability. The weight is distributed evenly in zero-turn mowers that reduce its risk to get toppled over.

Now, we think enough reasons on why zero turn mower is best for hills instead of a lawn mower in hilly terrain. You should buy one today if you want to look at your lawn smoothly and effectively.

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