Which Mercedes is Best for You?

Which Mercedes is Best for You

When you think of Mercedes, the luxury saloons and prestigious executive cars jump into mind, but whatever your lifestyle or budget, there is now a Mercedes model for you. The range of cars which the premium German car maker produces has increased significantly in the past few years.

Whether you are looking to spend a hundred thousand on a brand new Mercedes sports car, or under a thousand pounds on an old saloon model, you will be able to find a Mercedes to suit you. With their reputation for quality preceding them, even the oldest models still hold value.

The German brand has always been at the forefront of vehicle innovation, particularly when it comes to safety features but also in-car connectivity and electronic gadgets so if you are a car tech lover then the newer Mercedes models will no doubt appeal.

The top of the range safety features and spacious interiors appeal to families, with some of the newer hatchback models designed specifically with family travelling in mind.

For business and fleet cars, traditionally the C-Class, E-Class and S-Class luxury executive saloons and estates have been the mainstay for Mercedes lovers. With their plush interior, roomy size and sleek appearance, these models hold universal appeal but also come with a premium price tag.

The C-Class comes as a saloon or coupe, or estate and includes a new touch-pad control system, as well as a head-up display screen for drivers, meaning you don’t need to take your eyes off the road when using it. Aimed at the business or more mature market, these models come in with a price tag of at least £40,000.

These are the cars which have been the backbone of the Mercedes brand, but are probably out of the price range for the average family.

The good news is that if you are seeking a family hatchback or a smaller sporty car, then the Mercedes A-Class and B-Class models are perfect. These smaller cars are more in line with VW Golf size-wise while still retaining the classic Mercedes luxury.

The A-Class Hatchback starts at around £20,000 and upwards making it one of the more affordable models too. This compact car is perfect for younger drivers, with a premium sporty appeal including sports seats and headrests. It features low emissions and offers a sporty driving experience thanks to the six speed gear box. Perfect for city driving.

The B-Class Hatchback features amazing safety features and is aimed at young families, with a very spacious interior providing space for luggage and shopping. The rear sets benefit from storage nets and folding tables to help keep the family entertained in style during long journeys.

For a more rural driver, the 4 x 4 GLE Model is robust and luxurious at the same time. Formerly the M-Class, this car provides all the practicality of a 4 x 4 for country roads, while providing the expected Mercedes comfort and style for a price of around £40,000.

For those with a high end budget looking for a sleek sporty option, then some of the Coupe models could be ideal such as the Mercedes AMG GT Coupe, which comes in at just shy of £100,000. While the Cabriolet and Roadster models offer the luxury feel with the option to lower the roof and feel the wind in your hair at the same time. The older SLK models also provide that luxury sporty feel with the classic Mercedes lines.

If you are looking for a second-hand Mercedes at the other end of the budget scale, then it is still perfectly feasible to pick up an old model for anything from £1,000 up to £10,000 safe in the knowledge that it will have been built to the usual Mercedes high quality standard.

At the very low end you will find the old Mercedes A-Class and M-Class models which were launched back in 1998, for the £1,000 mark moving up to the sporty 2002 SL which will come in at around £10,000, so whichever style of car, or budget you have, there is a Mercedes to suit.

What is sure is that all models provide that essence of quality, luxury and solidity which the Mercedes brand is renowned for, not to mention the instantly recognizable style providing that head-turning element.

So next time you see a luxury Mercedes, and think it’s out of your price range, or not a practical car to run every day, think again – from the smaller hatchbacks with great fuel efficiency, to the completely affordable second-hand market, there are as many types of Mercedes car as there are driver.

From young drivers needing a sporty hatchback, to country dwellers that require a 4 x 4, or mums on the school run, there is no reason not to find the perfect Mercedes to fit in with your lifestyle.

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