What Are The Different Types Of Tow Bar?

When your vehicle refuses to move due to sudden breakdown, car accident or any such situation, then a tow bar comes to your rescue. It is one of the most useful devices in your vehicle, with the help of which your car can be towed to any other location for repair, even if the engine isn’t working. Most vehicles have in-built tow bars, but some bars can also be removed from the vehicle when they are not in use.

Here, let’s find out the different types of tow bars, and how they are needed in all vehicles.

Different Types Of Tow Bars


When it comes to a tow bar, it is basically available in four different styles. They are swan neck, rear step, horizontal hitch and flat tongue. Let’s know more about them in detail.

Swan Neck

This kind of tow is a permanent one that is attached to the vehicles. When it comes to the shape of the tow, it is like a U shape or around L shape. The modern vertical hitch usually has a design like a swan neck.

Rear Step

This type of towbar is designed in such a manner that it can be easily used on 4WDs. These bars can slightly come out of the vehicle, after which a tow can be fixed to it and the car can be carried away. Since this kind of bar gives better ground clearance, it is said to be very useful for off-road.

Horizontal Hitch

This kind of bar is often used for hauling heavier loads. Its shape is like a horizontal hitch, and it has a square tongue which gets connected with the hitch receiver. This tow is available in two different sizes which are 40mm and 50mm. 40mm tow is used for medium-sized loads while 50mm tow is used for heavy-duty towing.

Flat Tongue

When it comes to this option, it is often used for carrying light size loads. It has two detachable balls which can fit with the horizontal slot on the tow bar. Then it is secured with the help of the two large bolts which is near the top of the hitch, and the vehicle can be towed away.

Importance of Tow Bars

Tow Bars play a very important role in the day to day life of Australians. They are helpful not only during long journeys but also during breakdown situations. Let’s see how important it is to have a tow bar in your car.

  • These bars are usually very useful for people living in the coastal cities of Australia. This is mainly because their climate is wet and they have high moisture conditions, because of which numerous vehicles get stalled in the roads. If you get stuck in such a situation, your tow bar can immediately come to your rescue.
  • If you love camping, then this bar will play an important role in your life as well. With its help, you will be able to tow your camper shells and trailers to the designated place with ease. This will save your money, as you won’t need to hire a special vehicle to carry your extra load.
  • If you have got a small private boat of your own, then you can take them to nearby water bodies from your home with the help of your tow bar.
  • If you are shifting your home or want to shift any big furniture, then this thing can help you in a great way by making towing easier.

Now that you understand the importance of having a tow bar on your vehicle, what are you waiting for? Many vehicles already come with them, but if yours did not, then you can get one easily from your nearest auto parts store.

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