What Are the 5 Best Home Security Systems for Every Budget?

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Home security is highly essential for every homeowner in order to enjoy safe living. There are various home security systems that can be used. Home security systems service providers around the world have been constantly modifying their products to serve their customer effectively.

They work with the principle of using gadgets and devices to protect your doors and other entrances to the house. Home security includes a control panel to control and monitor various components of the systems, wired cameras, motion detection systems, doors, and window sensors

The control panel is the major components of the security system because they arm and disarm the security system, interact with other components and sound the alarm whenever the security has been breached. If your security system is monitored by a security company, they will be informed when the security is breached in your home.

Also, if you are personally monitoring these systems by yourself, you will be getting regular information about your home security right on your web-enabled device. You can take note of whoever comes into and goes out of your home from anywhere in the world. Whenever you have your security system personally monitored, you are assured that the chances of burglar gaining access into your home are very minimal.

Whether individuals are on a budget or not, they can still gain access to quality home security systems which are very affordable. There are several companies and several products that offer affordable home security services to customers. In this article, there are 5 home security systems you can get on a budget. Let’s dive in.

1. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is also another top company dealing with manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of home security systems. Founded in 2007, they have prioritized their employees and customers from the beginning, and they have a tremendous number of sales. They adopt the DIY installation method, and so far, the setup process is very easy, fast and reliable.

They have a good reputation for being the best, and so far they are widely known to have the best customer service compared to other home security systems. Frontpoint has been recommended as a very excellent choice both for renters, and homeowners because the system is wire-free and easy. So if you plan on moving, it is very easier to dismantle and pack it up.

2. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is an American company located in Massachusetts, U.S.A. It was founded in 2006, and they are widely known for the manufacturing and installation of self-installed security systems that are connected to a control panel. This company SimpliSafe is widely known for offering effective and affordable home security systems for individuals.

They manufacture and install various cutting edge technologies that are used to improve security in many homes. All their home security systems are DIY installations. They are very easy to install and use because you will not need to handle too many tools. All you need to do is just plug in the base station and position your sensor around the home. They are a very great option for those individuals that always change homes from time to time.

3. Vivint

They are a well-known home security systems provider whose services span across North America. They were founded in 1999 and so far, they have amassed a whopping sum of 1.3million customers in North America.

They also offer home automation services, and so far, they have been regarded as one of the best in the industry. Most individuals and homeowners recommend these products because they have been tried and tested and have offered exceptional services to customers.

4. ADT

This company has a very outstanding track record in the home security business. They are quite affordable but not as affordable as the other companies that are listed here. They offer individuals and high-end and quality home security systems that are tested and trusted.

5. Protect America

Protect America, based in Austin, Texas, is another leading home security systems company. Founded in 1992 they have also become one of the best security companies that offer quality and top-notch home security services at a very affordable price.

They are recommended for customers who are in need of long-term security because once you install it, you can enjoy the security for as long as three years before the company comes in to repair the equipment.


Having home security systems are a very crucial part of the home. Every homeowner should endeavor to install one especially the ones from these companies above. These offer exceptional services at affordable rates, and they are very easy to install.

They help to effectively monitor your home and provide information about any burglary activities. There are other sophisticated home security systems that offer more services like voice over internet protocol, cellular radio frequencies. However, these systems are adequate, affordable and offer great services that make every customer comfortable.

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