Ways to Downsize Your Cleaning Effort

Ways to Downsize Your Cleaning Effort

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The maintenance of the home is a full-time job. No matter, which tools you use, it is a tedious job, to say the least. Whether you use the best vacuum for hardwood floors or any other tool, it is very difficult to reduce the effort which you put into cleaning. Here are a few simple tips from our friends at bestvacuumexpert which you can follow in order to downsize your cleaning effort.

1. Clear before cleaning:

One of the best tips which you can incorporate is to clear the rooms before the start of the cleaning session. You have to remove clutter, toys, clothing as well as other things before you begin your cleaning session. The chairs, as well as the tables, should be completely devoid of stuff in order to make it easier for you to clean them. It is a good idea to first clear your room before you begin the cleaning session. This will ensure that during the cleaning session, you do not have to bend or lift a lot of stuff and put it in its place. This will enable you to easily reduce the effort which you put into the tedious task of cleaning.

2. Keep everything dry:

In most of the cases, linen, curtains as well as hand towels need not be washed frequently. You can easily reduce the frequency of washing them if you are able to maintain them dry as far as possible. Under moist conditions, they might accumulate bacteria as well as other viruses. On the other hand, when you are able to maintain them dry, it will be easier for you to avoid washing them frequently or replacing them frequently with newer ones. This will enable you to reduce the frequency at which you are washing the linen.

3. Divide the cleaning sessions:

Most of the people desist cleaning. That is why, when they finally are able to draw up the courage to clean the room, they try to conduct a marathon cleaning session. You need to keep in mind that not only this will take up more time but it will also result in a higher amount of workload as well. On the contrary, you have to break down the marathon cleaning session into multiple smaller sessions. You have to always go task by task. You have to divide the cleaning session into different tasks like:

  • Vacuuming the sofa
  • Cleaning the doors and windows
  • Cleaning the kitchen appliances
  • Dusting the picture frames

When you are able to break the cleaning session into such different tasks, it will become much easier for you to conduct such smaller sessions each and every week. As a result, you will be able to significantly reduce the effort which you put into the cleaning sessions.

4. Night sweep:

Many homeowners take up cleaning as the first chore in the morning. You need to keep in mind that cleaning and maintaining the home can be a tedious task. Owing to this very reason, you can easily get exhausted right at the start of the day. A much better idea is to sweep through the rooms just before going to b​​​​ed. This will ensure that you are able to set things in order. As a result, when you start your cleaning session in the morning, the amount of workload which you will have will be less. It will not only save you a lot of time but a significant amount of effort as well.

5. Dishwasher hacks:

Most of the people are of the opinion that a dishwasher is only for washing the utensils. This, however, is not entirely true. You can use the dishwasher for washing toys as well as metal vent covers and other nonporous objects. This will ensure that instead of cleaning the objects manually, all you need to do is to just put them in the dishwasher. You can double-check using Google, the objects which can be cleaned using the dishwasher.

As a result, the manual process of cleaning each and everything is significantly minimized. You can save both time and effort required for cleaning your home.

So, the next time around you’re looking for ways to downsize your cleaning effort, these are the 5 tips which you can follow consistently. These will help you in maintaining your home without much of an effort.

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