Tips to Uplift Your Space with a Corner Fireplace

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There’s nothing more romantic than soft music, some wine, a cozy blanket and enjoying the warmth of a beautiful roaring modern gas fire. Take this romance and comfort to the next level with a corner fireplace, which have become widely popular in households because of its versatile and magnificent look.

Of all fireplace designs, the most versatile is the corner fireplace. In fact, positioning your fireplace in the corner has its distinct advantages. You can install it in compact, often unused, small spaces or opt for the three-dimensional, angular layout, which adds visual interest to your space.

Here’s why corner fireplaces transform the look of your home:

Space-saving solution

Space-saving solution


Instead of taking the whole space in the center of the wall, your corner hearth can even fit precisely into a curve. This is ideal for living rooms or bedrooms with limited spaces.

Meanwhile, for larger living rooms, it opens up a wall space where you can display artwork, add another bookshelf or position your state-of-the-art entertainment unit. There’s no reason to sacrifice valuable space when you utilize corner fireplaces.

Act as focal point in the room

They can act as the room’s focal point or a secondary seating area. Additionally, you can rearrange seating and create a functional and stylish conversation space when you neatly position the modern gas fire into the corner.

The ultimate provider of a cozy ambiance


These fireplaces are not solely restricted to the living room. In fact, they look good in other parts of the house as well, such as the office, the bedroom and even the bathroom.  

Enhance bedroom space by positioning the fireplace in a corner and at eye-level. You can simply curl up in bed, grab a book and watch as the flames dance to the tune of comfort and warmth.

Surprisingly, corner fireplaces are also ideal for kitchens. Its elegant beauty and the warmth it provides create the uplifting ambiance, inspiring you to cook and enjoy your meals during those frosty mornings.

Fireplace Placement

Placement of corner fireplaces varies. Often, this is relative to the room’s size or the distance between two intersecting walls in relation to doors and windows. Some homeowners position their hearth across a corner at a 45-degree angle.

More modern fireplace versions sport openings on both sides and are positioned square in one corner, allowing both areas of the rooms to enjoy the flames from two sides.

These types of fireplaces can be a bit difficult to design around your space. However, comfort should rule.

Make a Plan

The first thing to consider is how you and your family would want to make use of the room and how often will you be using the hearth, just before moving the furniture around.

Here are a few ideas on how you can position a corner fireplace in your home:

Pick the focal point

Pick the focal point


If you have both a fireplace and an entertainment centre or a television on separate walls, consider which one would serve as the room’s centrepiece. Then, orient the furniture accordingly. Note, only use furniture pieces that you intend to often use and position them to face the hearth.

 If you choose the fireplace as the room’s focal point, then pull away the furniture from the wall. Position it at an angle that it is at a direct view of your heart or on the same angle as the corner.

 If you opt for the entertainment centre and decide the fireplace to be the secondary focal point, then arrange the furniture traditionally.

Combine elements of design

Since corner fireplace are supposedly space-savers, use the wall above it for your TV or entertainment centre, so long as the space can accommodate it. By doing so, you have merge two focal points into one corner.

 This is the ideal arrangement for those who want to enjoy their fireplace and at the same time watch their favorite shows.

Create two seating areas

If you have a spacious area, you definitely have an advantage. You can create two seating areas in just a single space. First, you can create seating around the television or entertainment centre. Second, place smaller seating around your corner fireplace. You can utilized oversized armchairs or even a love seat.

The paint colour

The paint colour


Most often, homeowners design the room with the focal point being the fireplace. So paint colours of the room should emphasise this feature.

 On the other hand, if you want to steer attention away from your heart and leave it in the background, opt for a paint colour the same as the surrounding walls for your fireplace so that it easily blends with its background.


An architectural structure designed to hold fire, today’s modern gas fires are used mostly for their relaxing ambiance, such as the case of corner fireplaces. Historically, they were used for cooking, heating and other domestic uses. They surely have gone a long way from being merely a functional household piece to becoming an aesthetic and practical design element.

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