Digital Marketing to market your Amazon Affiliate Business

Affiliate marketing, when someone comes across this word they usually think of something that does not work anymore, but that’s not the reality and probably affiliate marketing is very profiting if you work hard enough and invest enough time in it. As an affiliate marketer, money making online will take you to heights but only if you’re actually familiar to the latest trends and keep a good knowledge about what’s new in the industry and what new is expected to come up soon.

Although there has been a misunderstanding among people regarding affiliate marketing, one of the ways that have been changing mindsets about it is Amazon’s program. Amazon’s affiliate program, “Amazon Associates” is growing every day.  So if you’re planning to invest your time in online money making through this, Amazon Associates is for you! You can also promote your business through various social media with a dense traffic like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. using paid adverts. Being precise, it involves a lot of work; even then there are some really amazing advantages of digital marketing for Amazon Associates.

In this article, you can learn how to put well promotions of your products, how to attract a maximum audience and ways to earn from your Amazon affiliates business. Here are few simple tricks to set up a good business, let’s take a look.

  • Prioritize things

You’ve to keep in mind, the terms and conditions of Amazon Associates. Marketers often complain about their products being taken down but if a person violates terms of service, their account will be surely banned. So be sure you keep things in mind while adding stuff to your account. Here’s a brief of DON’TS.

  • Send Amazon Affiliate links in e-mail.
  • Including links in e-books of PDF.
  • Operate more than one account,
  • Use Amazon user reviews as your own.
  • Link shortening/hiding.


  • Comparison charts at its best!

One of the best ways to make your profile stand out is by creating a comparison chart through which your customers can compare and buy, also, it will help in producing great results in terms of quality content too, more and more people will visit you.

To create a comparison chart you can use TablePress, a free WordPress plugin by finding top products. You shall then find top features to compare your product with and thereafter, get the chart done with TablePress.

  • Follow-up via email

You should follow-up with your readers in order to drive their attention back to your blog where you do have your affiliate links. There’s a trick in here where we use quick quizzing and the accordingly delivery them personalized recommendations.

The best thing here is, you don’t need to send a general email instead you can send a personalized email thanking them, discussing about their previous product, their review and telling what similar things they can look for. After the quiz, in the end, ask for their email id so that they can check the results and in that way, you get respective IDs and things get easier.

  • Affiliate links to images

A very common but one of the best tactics is to improvise your Amazon affiliate sales by linking images. When a person is going through your product and checking out the details, reviews, they’ll surely want to see how the product looks like… so if that person clicks on the image in Amazon, it shall directly send the user to the linked image file.

Whenever you upload an image, position it, label it properly and after that add an Amazon affiliate link. It is a time taking process, but it’s worth it. EasyAzon is a tool that makes linking and creating Amazon affiliate site much easier, you can check it out!

  • Heat maps to detect the clicks!

Heat maps basically are tools that will detect and let you know where people actually click when they visit your website and browse. This way, you can detect where people usually click the most so you will get an idea of where you should put images, put the ads on and comparison tables too.

It might not be too helping, but having the knowledge will not completely go in vain. You can also check out the Journal Review blog to get some ideas to promote your Amazon business.

We hope these tips and tricks help you in increasing your digital marketing reach through Amazon Associates. The more users you attract, the more you earn and once they reach to Amazon, they will surely handle it all!

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