Where to Get rent-a-car Services for UK Countryside Road Trip

rent-a-car services for UK countryside road trip

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It’s the time of the year when everyone plans to set out for a UK countryside road trip. Once you have decided the journey and destination, the next thing is to use online resources to find a deal to get a suitable rental car service. Research is the key to finding the best car services in the UK.

If you want to go out for an adventurous countryside road trip in the UK but are missing on the set of wheels you need, or your old car just won’t be able to take the burden of a road trip, then there is no need to be upset and drop your plan. Fortunately, numerous car rental services in the UK are willing to lend you a car you need and offer free car valuation services in case you are looking to sell your old one.

But are you really willing to pay £50 or more for a day to get a car? What about other factors related to car rental service that you must take into consideration?

Conducting proper research and following these useful tips below can help you get rent-a-car services without any hassle.

Beware of extras

There are many hidden charges that you only learn after your return. It is best to speak to your car rental service beforehand to avoid any problem. Most rental companies ask to top-off the gas tank once you are back from your road trip. This could cost you a ridiculously high price for a gallon. The fuel tank should be filled before your departure and return it with the same fuel tank.

Many other additional charges could make a bargain deal expensive. Be careful when a company is offering you very low rates. If you are opting for a car rental service online, make sure you inspect the reservation page to see all the fees and taxes that would add up to your total cost. Arena fee, license fee, and sales tax can instantly boost the price and can be very different from what has been advertised.

Discuss all of these pricing factors beforehand to avoid the extras.

Decline the insurance

Whether you are planning to travel on a budget or not, you must never opt for insurance offers made by the rental company. Of course, the deal sounds too persuasive and beneficial while you are on the counter. But it is essential to understand that companies make huge profits out of the insurance fees you pay.

When dealing with such a situation, the clerks of the rental company may make it very confusing for you. They are trained to create anxiety for people who decline insurance. You may end up believing that you are covering expensive loopholes by opting for insurance. This may not be even relevant in your case.

Be prepared to hear stories about people who didn’t use auto insurance for rental car and ended up in a car accident that failed to cover for the damages. You may also hear the term loss of use expense to persuade you to opt for insurance.

These stories might be real, but the odds of needing such coverage are very slim. However, there’s also a possibility that your home insurance policy covers rental damage too. Speak to your agent for confirmation to be on the same side.

In certain cases, your credit card company may also provide collision coverage for rental car service if you use it to pay for the service. However, before you proceed with it, confirmation is essential. Meanwhile, if you are thinking of going on a long countryside road trip, you might want to consider insurance.

It is important to understand and take note of what is being offered to you because what most rental companies offer is an unnecessary and expensive add-on.

Choose your car wisely

Many factors will help you decide the car you need. Not everyone likes or requires a compact car. This is the reason you will find more full-size and mid-size vehicle with rental services.

If you are traveling alone or with a small family, opting for a compact car can be ideal. Also, reserving a smaller car can give a few new upgrades. The best way to go about it is to compare the rates of the options and pick accordingly.

Book beforehand

By opting for ‘book today,’ you can save a lot of money. Just be sure that you are aware of the day you will depart for your countryside road trip. In some cases, changing the date due to any reason can cost you additional money.

There are many occasions where a car rental bid can save you a lot of money. So shop accordingly.

Shop around

Shopping around helps you learn about your options. Mostly, we are only aware of the rental car services in the UK that we have dealt with earlier or the famous ones, used by most people. But this doesn’t mean your choices are narrow. In fact, to find the best deal, you must learn more about your choices and decide accordingly.

Check out your options online and see websites for different car rental companies.

Look for flash sales  

Don’t let the prices that sound too good to be true to fool you. However, if you find flash sales even under this category, make sure you learn more about it. There are car rental services in the UK that may offer you a lower price during a promotion.

To keep yourself updated, check out the websites, social media, and newsletters of different car rental services to find yourself a great deal in time.

Final word

In addition to finding a great deal on a rental car for your countryside road trip, it is also essential to have a very comfortable ride. If you want to use this opportunity to drive the car of your dreams, check out different private-car and exotic car services in the region.

Conduct proper research and compare all of your options before you are ready to decide. You can boost your overall experience and adventure with the decision you make. So make sure you chose right and enjoy the ride!

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