Will Custom Outdoor Lighting Increase Your Home’s Value?

Outdoor Lighting

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If you add a custom outdoor lighting system to your house, will it increase your home's resale value? Yes. However, you should not add lighting just for resale purposes, unless it's recommended by your realtor.

 It's difficult to nail down a home's actual value. Many variables go into determining a home's value, including lot size, location, material choices, style, and the age of components, including the roof, water heater, and A/C unit. There are some general guidelines and rules used to determine a home's value, but it is subject to the whims of the local home-buyers.

 There are very few home improvement options that can yield a 100% ROI (Return on Investment). Some of the best ways to achieve a 100% ROI is to clean and organize your closets and attics. This decluttering will cost you some time, and minimal amounts of material, but can help you get more money for your home.

You can also get a high ROI from replacing attic insulation or an old entrance door. Other than that, most home improvements will yield less than a 100% ROI.

Outdoor lighting can enhance your home's curb appeal, that's its primary benefit. Curb appeal can help you sell your home more quickly. If residential landscape lighting is the norm in your neighborhood, lack of illumination might make prospective buyers think you're "cheap" with your home improvements and make them wonder what else you might have skimped on.

 A buyer might also believe that you've been cheap or lax in caring for your home. A buyer might be willing to pay more for another house in the same neighborhood because they have the perception that the other seller took better care of their home.

 Be careful when making improvements. You can over-improve your home. If your house is close to the top of your neighborhood's home sale price range, then outdoor lighting may not yield ROI. If no one else has outdoor lighting, adding it might not help when selling your home.


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For many people, installing outdoor lighting is not about achieving financial rewards. Consider our tagline Safety.Security.Serenity. We don't mention financial gain because we believe outdoor lighting is about being able to walk around your property safely any time of night.

 Outdoor lighting can welcome your guests and deter unwanted intruders. It gives you visibility. Light can also make your home look gorgeous when it's dark outside. You can use lighting to highlight your home's features and bring out its beauty.

 Your lighting system can help you show off the beauty of your pool, pergola, gazebo, deck, and patio at night.  Outdoor lighting can also extend the usability of our outdoor living spaces. The significant benefit of installing lighting in your outdoor areas are experiential, not financial.

 Many studies show that in recent years, many properties and homeowners, prefer a home with a custom-built, well-designed landscape outdoor lighting system. This system can give your home about a 28% value increase. As you know, most people are willing to pay more for things that offer benefits and looks good.

 Many would prefer a home that can allow you to relax in your home regardless of the hour, improve your home's security, guarantee your family's safety, and give you breathtaking views of your outdoor spaces at night.


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