These Summer Houston Landscaping Ideas & Trends Are on Fire

Summer Houston Landscaping Ideas

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If you want your garden to be the envy of the neighborhood this year, we can help. Our popular landscaping ideas can be implemented by experts and novices alike and will have your outdoor space looking great.

Bold Colors

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your tired landscape stand out is to paint any outdoor structures. Instead of going with the usual white or toned-down beiges, opt for dark, bold colors. For example, the usual white picket fence we've all become accustomed to seeing is now being replaced with dark grays, greens, or blues that have been borrowed from modern European themes. Having a dark picket fence will provide an interesting contrast with your green lawn as a backdrop that is now becoming a fashionable look for homeowners.

Reinvent Your Lawn

Reinvent Your Lawn

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Having a well-manicured lawn is a goal, most suburban dwellers aim for. Unfortunately, mother nature, water shortages, and restrictions on landscaping items such as fertilizer are making it harder to reach this goal. Alternatives to traditional lawns are trending however. Many homeowners are opting for prairie-style grasses and plant-grass mixes that require less mowing, which makes it easier to maintain a manicured look with less effort.

Smaller Shrubs

Smaller Shrubs

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Real estate property for new homes continues to increase in price, requiring homeowners to build larger homes on smaller pieces of land. Smaller lots mean smaller yards. When you have a small yard, you have less space for landscaping plants, and will therefore need to take plant size into consideration when planning your landscape. Landscaping professionals will tell you the answer to this problem is to use dwarf evergreen shrubs. These smaller shrubs have the same appearance as their larger cousins only in a smaller size, and they typically have minimal maintenance needs as well. This makes them perfect for small gardens and homeowners with little time to care for them. In addition to using dwarf shrubs like Bobo hydrangea and other dwarf perennial plants, understory trees are also popular Houston landscaping ideas and options for those with small properties.

Going Natural

Natural beauty

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Many landscaper designers today are moving away from the hardscaping material trend that is popular in recent years and is now choosing to use natural materials in combination with non-geometric designs instead. This is because clients today are asking for an old-fashioned look and DIY options for their landscaping instead of the clean and modern look that has been popular. Homeowners are now opting for authentic and organic options such as swing sets, garden benches, and small outdoor furniture. Wood and stone are the materials of choice for many homeowners nowadays, with concrete being chosen only for ultra-modern, minimalist gardens.


Dog friendly

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Most homeowners today have dogs and want their gardens to be more dog-friendly. by following a few gardening tips, your dog will be quite happy in your outdoor space. If your dog has a bad habit of digging in your garden, consider adding a sandbox just for him into your landscape to discourage unwanted digging in other areas. To encourage him to use the sandbox, bury dog-friendly toys and bones in the sand so he will dig there instead of digging in your carrots.

Edible Gardens

Here is another great idea for yards struggling with space. If you've been avoiding having an edible gardening in your yard because of your dog's love of digging, we have a solution. Use a hanging edible garden which allows plants to grow vertically. This serves two purposes. One, it keeps your vegetables out of reach of your dog, and two, it maximizes the limited space you have available. Unfortunately, hanging gardens will still struggle with pests such as snails and birds just like any other garden. These issues can be dealt with by using bird-friendly bird control methods and environmentally safe pest control options.

Natural Dye Garden

Even though traditional backyard farming trends (edible gardens, chicken coops and beehives) are still going strong, a new trend is gaining in popularity. This trend involves growing natural dye gardens which consist of plants that are used to create color dyes for clothes, yarn and textiles. Many vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees will attract pollinators. Species used for dyes are often used as kitchen plants as well, which allows integrating dye gardens into edible gardens is a natural occurrence that will not cause any conflicts.

Color Blocking

Color Blocking

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Color blocking is a trend outdoor designer have borrowed from women's fashion. In color blocking, specific plants or a favorite landscaping location is highlighted by using discrete color blocks. If you have a row of potted flowers or a favorite piece of outdoor furniture, make them stand out using a flash of color in the background. If you don't have a wall in the background to paint, use curtains or maybe even an outdoor rug instead.

Sustainable Watering

Droughts are becoming more common today it seems, causing homeowners to look for low water landscaping alternatives. Homeowners today can control the amount of water delivered to their plants using new technology. This new technology not only allows homeowners to put watering systems on a timer, these systems will also adjust the amount of water delivered based on the amount of rainfall that has been received. These systems can even be controlled from the owner's smartphone. You could be 100 miles away fishing at the lake and still have the ability to check your irrigation even though you aren't home. Some of the more advanced systems will even send you a text if problems with the system are detected.

With spring well underway with summers just around the corner, many homeowners are now into gardening mode. Before you start investing time and effort into your garden, take a little time to consider which of the summer trends mentioned above could be used in your backyard.

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