How to use a tile saw?

Tiles have become the inseparable part of any building. It adorns the houses, walls, floors and everything in the perfect manner. It gives an attractive outlook to the place wherever it has been fixed. In order to decorate the roofs, table tops and any other surface, nowadays, the tiles are usually used. It is more prevalent these days as it embellishes the place in an excellent way.

In order to use the tiles, a tile saw is a must. Tiles can be cut & trim by using a tile saw. Everyone can’t use the tile saws. Many tactics are needed for the proper usage of it. The skilled persons can use it in the proper manner.

The question is, how one can use the tile saw? What are the steps, because it is not easy to do work with it. One must know deeply about the steps to follow before working on a tile saw. So here is some sequence to follow:


1. Keep the tile saw onto a solid surface:

The very first step is to set up the tile saw very safely and securely. It is the foremost to securely position and levels it. The tile saw isn't so easy to be positioned. It requires a heavy, bulky table. So you can carefully keep it on a solid base wither that is a bulky table or the floor. You have to be very choosy while setting or positioning the tile saw as a little inconvenience can lead to hazardous results. If you have decided to choose an Unsteady or unstable table, then hold on! It may be risky for you as a try to operate the tile saw on an unsteady table can lead to injury and unwanted cuts. That's why it's very important to use correct and a steady surface before starting operating the tile saw. Use it wisely and carefully.

2. Brim over the Saw's stock with water

The second step is very easy. Not required any care and safety and also a fun to perform the step. Usually, tile saws have a cup to hold water which is being set up under the cutting surface. So all you have to do is to completely fill this through (cup) with water. In some saws, this cup can be removed which makes the filling easy and convenient. But in some cases, it isn't removable, for that cup is to be filled with some other techniques, you can either use a pitcher, a bucket or a water pipe to fill it with water. One thing that must keep in mind is water pump is wholly immersed. So as you read, the second step is very easy to follow with precision.

3. Keep the tile onto the table for cutting purposes

Make a pencil mark as per your desired cut. Then for lining up the blade, use the pencil, don't forget to adjust the fence. For keeping your hand far from the blade, care must be taken. The blade and the fence should have the widened part so that safety can be assured. It will give the perfect desired cut.
If you want to cut the tile from the corner, then place the speed square properly between the fence and the tile. Why is it compulsory to put a speed square when required a tile cut along diagonal? It is because the speed square or the miter guide will help in keeping the tile placed at the 45degree angle to the blade. So, position the tile in this way.

4. Switch on the button of tile saw

Once you carefully have done with your tile saw settings. After all the procedures of positioning the tile saw, now everything is absolutely ready to make a cut on the tile. For completing this action, you have to switch on the tile saw. Just turn the tile saw on and you are ready to cut the tile into the desired shape. But before all of that, be sure the blade is completely wet; you can wet the blade by spraying some water. So if you take care of all the deliberations, you will definitely get the desired and fine cut onto the tile.

5. Position the tile in blade

Now the next step is to slowly and steadily keep the tile in the blade of the saw. All you have to do is give a tight and steady grip; slowly position the tile into the blade. Make sure the process must be natural, you don't have to push hard, but slowly and naturally you have to perform this step. Just keeps the blade moving naturally onto the tile. Cutting a tile from the center is not a tough task, it is very easy to do, but you have to be more conscious while cutting the edges of the tile. Slowly feed the tile into the blade while cutting the edges, if any, inconvenience occurred, breakages will occur. So be attentive during the edges' cutting of the tiles.

6. Now turn it off and Remove your tile

Once you have done with your tile cutting, and you have got the desired cut onto the tile, then you are done with the tile cutting using a tile saw. Now slowly bring out the pieces cut by the saw out of the blade. Finally, switch the saw off. So that's all about the last step you have to follow. Now you are free to prepare yourself for another tile cutting with the same procedure as mentioned above.


Husqvarna TS70
The Husqvarna is the first choice on the basis of durability, power and portability. The reason for placing it at number one as it is affordable too. The Husqvarna TS70 is large enough to cut 20"×20" tiles diagonally. It features the best quality belt driven blade shaft that powerfully spins at 3,000 RPM. It also features a splash guard eliminates back spray. It can make miter cuts. The best thing about the saw is that it can make nearly a 3-inch depth of cut into the tiles.

Dual Speed 60020SQ
It comes with a powerful 2 HP motor and a miter block. It features a super strong wet diamond blade for a perfect tile cut. It comes with a folding stand, this folding stand makes the things easy and convenient. It makes it comfortable to use. This is a second most option for you to choose from the best.

MK Diamond 169612
MK Diamond 169612 is the third best option for you as per power, durability, and affordability. It is a high torque machine that makes it multi purpose machine. It is suitable for marble cutting also. The tile saw machine is fully enclosed, thermally protected which makes it highly durable. The fine water distribution system is helpful in keeping the blade cool from both sides. Its features don’t end here. It also comes with a nonslip neoprene table surface for a safe tile cut.

Cutting tiles is not an easy job, it is a very difficult task, but this 15 amp Dewalt saw with its powerful 1.5- horsepower motor and a 10-inch diamond blade make the cutting process very easy. The diamond blade cuts tiles very cleanly and accurately. The Dewalt saw is made to be compact, convenient and durable. As of only 69 pounds, it is easy to carry whether on home or on the job site. It also has a plunge cut features and a rubber top prevents the tile slipping.

Rubi DT 250
DT 250 Saw by the brand Rubi comes with an integrated work stand. Rubi brand is known for providing the best durable and quality products. With its powerful 10 inch blade it cuts all types of ceramic tiles up to 24 inches long. It is also suitable for cutting granite and marbles. This powerful 10-inch blade will gonna give you the best tile cutting experience.


Safety Goggles
It always seems like; we don’t need goggles to cut the tiles. But it is actually a necessity. It saves the eyes from the little sharp fragments which may harm deeply if goggles are not being worn on the eyes. To save the eyes from the tiny particles of tiles, safety goggles are the must. Even for the little cuts, goggles are the must.

Clean and Sharp Tools
It is obvious that the dull blades can become the reason of accidents. All the tools must be properly clean and sharp enough for easy & safe work.

Specialization of work
Specialization simply means to divide all your activities into smaller parts. Dividing the whole work makes it extremely simple. This will never lead the work to the monotonous path. Even you will enjoy of completing the work. Also, the mistakes will be less as there will not be any boredom & tiredness in the work.

Medical box is a must
Always keep with yourself the medical kit. Make sure you have all the adequate things in that as you are working with a tile saw. There are more chances of accidents in this work. So it is always advisable to have a medical kit for the safety purposes.

Practice is must
Before testing on the brand new tile, you should try your skills on a waste tile. It will fill two purposes. Firstly, it will not lead you to frustrations as if any mistake occurs, then you will not feel worried as it is a waste slab. Secondly, it will add to your practice and your work will shine more.

Be Safe
Wear proper gloves, shoes, goggles and clothes which will not lead to any accident or any type of the harm to you. It is important to play safe. If you are working on the slippery surface, then it becomes more important to save yourself from any hazard. Be alert all the time and always inspect properly the tile and surrounding things before starting your work.

The most important thing is choosing the appropriate saw. Basically, two approaches are always being followed by choosing the right tile saw.

The first one is:
Get the tile saw which is small in size and can be moved anywhere on the working site. This will make it easy to install at that place where the requirement is, and moreover can be moved anytime anywhere.

The Second one is:
Get the largely sized tile saw which is to be set up in one place only and the tiles are to be cut out there. It is possible if there is no requirement of shifting the tiles from one place to another.
Both the approaches have their own positive side and negative side. So before purchasing any tile saw, it is the golden advice, to always consider the work to be performed, the large saw is needed or the small one. Because without considering the work, there is no benefit to purchasing any saw.


Everyone can’t use a wet tile saw. While cutting the tile, water flow runs over it, that’s why it is known as the wet tile saw. Precautions are must to follow before using it and only professionals can use it properly. It is important to keep your fingers away from the blade and to work properly on it. The work gets harder with the flow of water. Experience doesn’t matter here. The thing that matters is your precautions while using the saw. A Little care, safety and proper working can lead to the excellent results.
The steps must be followed carefully so that no hazard can occur at all. The safety concerns are the must and one has to follow all the tips before using the saw. Using a tile saw is not children’s play. More precautions are must to follow before using it. To know more about using wet tile saw click here.

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