Learn how to repair zero gravity chair

Howdy, as you are here I can guess you have a zero gravity chair. Good chair right? Yes, I also love this chair. With this chair, all my body pain and stress has got away. Now I am leading a happy and healthy life. As you are a proud owner of a zero gravity it is also important to know about how to repair zero gravity chair. The process is different in a different model. Check the model and know the instruction of repairing before you are thinking to repair a zero gravity chair.

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This chair is made for outdoor. The weather and rough use make the chair fragile. Sometimes some parts get broken. To fix the chair there are some smart techniques that are easy to fix a zero gravity chair.

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The steps are:

In the chair, there is a cord that keeps the seat in floating position. After long harsh use, the cord gets loose so the balanced chair turns into an unbalanced chair. When you feel the cord is getting loose, purchase a replacement. Lacing the cord properly is important. If it is done properly the life of the chair gets long.   

 Before replacing the new cord, take a photo of the old one and remember the lacing system. Then cut the cord and remove it. Put the cord through the holes of frame and seat. Make sure the knots are strong enough to keep the cord tight and secure.

Fixing the seat:

The seat gets scratched after long use. You can fix the seat by changing the fabric of the seat. If the scratch is deep and hard to fix then change the full seat. 

Fixing the cracks of the frame:

If the frame of the chair is made of wood, the crack is natural.  You can fix it with wood glue easily. Try to use a clamp for support until the glue is drying.

When the frame is metal made and it got a crack, then use a wooden part to replace it.

Fixing the handle:

The folding part of the chair is done with handle. If the handle gets broken then try to replace with the same handle.

Remove the old bolts and nuts and replace with the new ones. Make sure the new handle is in the same place and position.

Tight the bolt:

When you are fixing the chair, make sure to check every bolts and nut that you have replaced. When you have removed a part and replaced the new one, check them as they are strong enough to work or not. It is important because you will sit on the chair and will be there for a long time. If the nuts are not tight enough, you will face a fall down or the broken chair. So make sure all the nuts are tight and strong.

 As you can see repairing the zero gravity chair is not so tough as it seems. If anyone asks you how to repair zero gravity chair, just suggest this article. It is really informative.

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