How to Make Your House Safer?

How to Make Your House Safer

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Living in the countryside is calm and cozy providing enough space for both adults and children either inside the house or in the yard. However, to feel comfortable, you should take care of security and stock up on some reliable gadgets starting with the simple but still the best car fire extinguisher and ending with the high-tech security system for the whole house.

5 Zones of the House – How to Protect Them

  • Everything Starts with Garage

The automatic door can’t ensure full security and needs some additional measures. A zip tie is a simple and affordable device. Just hook it up to a loop in the emergency latch, and a burglar won’t be able to disable the automatic door and get inside. Not only your garage but also your vehicle needs protection. A compact car fire extinguisher can offset the consequences of the fire inside the car putting out both flammable liquids (oil, gasoline) and electrical fires. Choose durable units for large fires and extreme emergencies.

  • Make Grounds and Patio Safe

Light is the public enemy number one for criminals that’s why the first task is to light up the surrounding territory including the patio. Light up front doors, side doors, or breezeways with well-placed overhead lighting or wall sconces. If you want to create well-noted boundaries, light up the trees to increase security and to add overall light simultaneously. Place deck or step lights above technical components in the patio. Step lights, path lights, and bollards let you feel more comfortable and safe if they focus light on the right zones and do not produce glare.

  • Make the Window Invulnerable

Use curtains on basement windows and put them up for privacy and protection. Install strong locks and keep the windows shut. You can also reinforce them with metal bars or safety glass. Take care of small windows that thieves often break down for entry.

  • Let the Door Stop a Thieve

First, install a solid and kick-proof door made of wood, metal, or fiberglass. If you prefer steel doors, note that it should have the interior reinforcement and a lock block, to prevent an intruder from opening it with a car jack. Independently of the materials, the entrance door should lack any windows. In case of having a windowed door, use reinforced glass or add decorative metal bar. Never plant high trees or any other greenery near the door. Increase the security with the durable high-quality deadbolt. Take care of strong jamb reinforced with galvanized steel, as well as deep box strike.

  • Don’t Forget About Guest House

If you have a guest house on your on the territory, you can use automatic door locks that are rather affordable and reliable. Electronic locks allow opening the door remotely and tracking the moments of a guest’s leaving and entering via your mobile device. You’ll know for sure whether your friend or a stranger has entered because a guest has a custom code he/she uses. Note that a professional should install any automatic lock ensuring its hassle-free and effective work.

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