How to Clean Fog Machine?

How to Clean Fog Machine

A fog machine is a fluid vaporizing unit that produces good amount of dense non-toxic smoke. For Halloween parties, DJ nights, special purposeful theatrical effects, these machines are unavoidable now-a-days. It’s a great source of ambient or horror entertainment.

Like every other machine it requires maintenance. The most important maintenance of a fog machine is to clean it periodically or after every use if possible. If you don’t know, then an information for you is that fog machines might get clog occasionally or sometimes very often; so you need to clean that case.

On contrary, regular maintenance is threatening to the longevity of some of the fog machines. In this case, you need to follow a rule. Where the manufacturer has mentioned to clean the fog machine regularly, you should clean for that units; otherwise your duty is to be periodical or when it gets clogged.

There are different types of fog machines, and every type of them is technically a bit different. Some of them requires professional cleaning, and some of them (mainly the fluid-type) can be cleaned by the user at home. It requires a very simple few steps.

fog machine

Step One

At the very first soon after you off the machine make it totally cool. Check the fluid tank whether there is any amount of residual fluid. If, then pour it out and keep it any other bottle. Never waste residual yet perfectly good fluid. After that, start rinsing out the fluid tank perfectly with distilled water.

Step Two

Take one cup of fog machine cleaner fluid and pour into the tank. Turn on the machine. When the machine gets heated and reaches to the required temperature, then run the unit. Continue it until consuming nearly all the machine cleaner fluid. Turn off the unit then and empty the rest of the cleaning fluid from the tank. With distilled water, properly rinse the tank.

Step Three

At this stage, pour distilled water (1 cup) into the fluid tank again and turn on the machine. When the machine gets heated and reaches to the required temperature, then run the unit again. Run it till it consumes nearly all the water. Then, turn it off with a little amount of residue. Rinse the fluid tank with water again for the final time.

Step Four

Last but most important step. This step will justify whether you have been successful on your cleaning process or not. It also will make it clear whether your machine is mechanically and technically okay after cleaning.

After completing the 3rd step, put a small amount of fog fluid into the machine tank. Turning on the unit wait till the machine is heated to the required temperature. When it reaches that temperature, turn on the unit and run it until few good bursts of fog. When it happens turn off the machine and store it properly.

End Note

Did you see it’s not that much complicated! All the 4 steps are nearly same. You just need to be careful about the proper temperature issue. Any improper use of that might damage your machine badly. And, never repeat the steps for cleaning more or mental satisfaction. Nothing more is good than necessary in case of tools or machine.

After cleaning, always store the unit with a small amount of fluid. Never keep it in too hot or too cold. Try to keep it in any climate controlled zone. Obviously place it to any level surface. Sometimes, few try to store with or clean the unit with vinegar, which we strictly prohibit. It’s all about the cleaning. Now, repeat the procedure as a cleaning ritual periodically or as said in the manufacturer’s instruction.

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