How Often Do You Need Your Commercial Windows Cleaned?

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How often do you need commercial window cleaning services? If you ask most window cleaning Houston companies, the answer will vary because how often you get your windows cleaned will be determined by a few different factors.

Your facility is often the face of your company. It greets your prospects and customers. Their first impression, whether it's good or bad, is essential. That's why a facility's windows need to be kept clean. However, some windows may get dirtier more often than others, which means that one facility may require more frequent cleaning than another.

There are no set rules about how often you should use a professional window cleaning service. However, there are some things that will influence your decision, including:

Your Facility's Location

If your facility has windows that are close to a busy street or highway, then your windows will get dirtier faster than a facility located in a suburban area with moderate traffic.


If there are trees located in the area around your building, dried sap may stain your window. Mulches areas along the parking lot or close to the building may cause debris in the air which would cause the windows to need more frequent cleaning.


Storms can kick up debris and leaves and rain can leave spots on windows. A commercial window cleaning services can wash your windows to remove the water's mineral deposits and the dirt and debris.


Modern, unique designs may make a facility stand out. However, some architectural features are prone to collecting grime and dust.

One of the significant factors in determining how often you should call your window cleaning is the type of business you operate. Here are some guidelines for determining your facility's window cleaning schedule.


In a restaurant, grease and moisture circulate in the air. We recommend a two-week cleaning schedule for restaurants. However, some may need to be cleaned more often. The type of customers you serve may also determine the cleaning frequency.

Family restaurants often serve small children, which means sticky fingers. Grimy, dirty fingerprints on your restaurant windows may detract from the clean, high-quality image you're trying to project, and it can be very unappetizing.

Healthcare Facilities

These facilities may be a hospital, clinic, or physician's office. A well-maintained and spotless appearance are vital because it gives the facility a well-cared-for appearance.

Ground floor windows, as well as the windows in treatment rooms or patient exam areas, should receive a monthly cleaning.

Retail Stores

A retail store may have a lot of foot traffic. As people pass your storefront, they should be looking at your product displays, not the grime on your windows. A retail store can face a lot of competition, so you need to make sure you're creating a positive first impression.

Getting your windows cleaned at least once a month will keep the dirt and grime from accumulating. A clean store will give the customer a positive image of your company and hopefully lead to repeat traffic.

Office Building

An office usually doesn't require frequent cleaning. These facilities should have a full inside and outside cleaning twice a year. However, if your office has a lobby area, it should be cleaned every month or every other month. This is an important area when it comes to making a first impression on your visitors.

On the inside of your facility, you may require touch up cleanings more often, depending on your business environment. For example, office space in an industrial facility needs more frequent cleaning since there will be debris and dust particles in the air.

Have you ever driven past a commercial facility with dusty windows, a parking lot full of debris and untidy landscaping? If so, you probably got the impression that the business owners "just don't care" or the company isn't doing well. Don't let people get this impression of your business.

You should leave your window cleaning to professionals. Choose a window cleaning company and discuss a cleaning schedule that will fit your business' needs and your company's budget.

Make sure the company you hire can handle your facility's cleaning needs, for example, if you have high reach windows, your cleaning company should have a high-rise cleaning crew. We can help you make a positive first impression on your prospects and customers.

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