Five basic swimming pool tools for you

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Using the right tools brings out the difference between professional and amateur cleaning performance. Therefore if in any case, you used a wrong tool you will not meet the intended objective. Swimming pools require extensive care this is the reason why I will recommend that you buy quality tools that can last even up to two years.

When experience any breakages you need to make a prompt replacement for continuous cleaning and maintenance. Before I highlight some of these tools, I should warn you to stay away from pool toolkits that are cheap since they will not last long.

Therefore, from my own experience, I have sampled some of the essential tools that you require to keep your swimming pool in good condition.

Water test strips

Water test strips are incredibly essential for testing your swimming pool water as a measure. It is recommended that you should check your water at least once a week. Additionally, if you practice regular testing, you will have a clear strategy that will enable you to keep off algae and bacteria by adding the necessary chemicals.

Liquid test kits give quick results, and they are easy to use. Well, why should we test the water? Testing the water is mainly meant to keep track of total chlorine, free chlorine, bromine, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid, and Ph.

Using these water test strips is easy. All you have to do is to hold it under the water for a short period. After that, you will compare color graduation on the strip to get reading. Additionally, it is advisable to take a water sample for professional testing at least once a month.

Algae Brush

It is essential to keep algae from your swimming pools that is why you will require algae brush to have the job done. Therefore when dealing with extreme cases of algae growth, the primary step is to ensure you scrub it off from the pool surfaces. I recommend that for concrete pools you use a stainless-steel algae brush.

Filter cleaner

The type of filters used when cleaning your swimming pool determines its safety.

However, when using these filters, I acknowledge that most users have reported challenges regarding cleaning it. Debris tends to accumulate on these filters making it's cumbersome when cleaning. However, filters greatly help in removing residue thus improves and preventing cloudy water.

Cleaning schedule dramatically depends on the type of filter you are using, and how often you use your swimming pool. When using your filter cleaners, it is vital to consider your water clarity and pressure gauge for efficient cleaning.

Pool cover

A pool cover is an alternative option for those people who don't like using pool skimmer. It is efficient in keeping off all kind of debris from entering your pool. This saves your time when cleaning the pool.

However, when closing your pool during the winter season, it is crucial to add chemicals which will prevent the growth of algae and bacteria and to maintain water clarity. This is the main reason why a pool cover will reduce water contamination and help to keep your pool protected until the time you will reopen it. Furthermore, if you have a solid pool cover, you don't have to worry about the changes in water level throughout the season. The mesh cover will allow drainage as well as keeping the bugs and debris off from the pool.

Pool vacuum

A good pool vacuum is efficient in removing the debris that can settle at the bottom of your swimming pool. Let us have a look at one of the best model suited for this task. Polaris 3900 has a legendary performance, very convenient and it has a strong vacuum power.


- It works in all in-ground pools which requires booster pumps

- It can collect more debris because it is equipped with a dual chamber super bag

- It supplements filtration system because it circulates up to 40 gallons of water per minute.

- It has a tail sweep pro which eliminates water from spraying outside when sweeping the pool.

Wrap up

If you want to enjoy swimming in your pool, you'll have to purchase some of these tools. They provide ultimate performance when cleaning the swimming pool, and it prevents debris and dirt from entering a pool. This is one way which you can maintain and clean your pool.

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