Criteria in the selection of a Second-hand Car


Before buying a second-hand car, you need to analyze the offer on the market very well, and it would not be bad if you have a look over the suggestions in other cities or on specialized sites, sites where hundreds of models are listed, all the years, from all the manufacturers and all the pockets. Then you will choose the most suitable vehicle, according to the standards you choose.

The most important criteria for buying a used car:

  • Budget – there are cars at very varied prices depending on the manufacturer and the year it was manufactured, so you will surely find at least one that suits your budget;
  • The profile of the car (the make and model – is it appropriate for you and your family’s needs?);
  • The year it was manufactured – the older it is, the more difficult it can be to find replacement parts;
  • The number of kilometers traveled – a car can be 10 years old but only driven twice making it almost looking brand new as long as it’s well maintained;
  • Car consumption and type of fuel used – you need to know these things to be able to estimate spending over the years; Check this URL.
  • Costs for tax, insurance, and revisions;
  • The general opinion of other car owners who own the same type of car;
  • Service book – an important document that must be duly completed;
  • Number of previous owners – it is a good idea to have their data in order to be able to contact them about the history of the car;
  • History of accidents;
  • Body condition – there are no rust spots, bubbles or waves of paint, bumps or holes;
  • State of car parts – the person who sells the car should accept a visit to a car service chosen by the buyer. This ensures that the buyer knows what the next investments are after the purchase and the sellers who refuse such assessments should be avoided;
  • The condition of the upholstery – this must be subjected to its own analysis – the car must be comfortable and clean, with a trim without holes, with no strange stains, with clean, dry carpets and ceilings.

These are the most important criteria, but when buying a car from used car dealerships in Fresno it is good to have someone with you who knows how to evaluate a car.

How do we make a wise choice? Because it is natural, buying a used car exposes the buyer to some risks. Although the subject has situations to be discussed, we only summarized a few aspects regarding both the sale price of second-hand cars and the place where you can make such an acquisition.

What is the correct price for a used car? Alternatively, better to say, how do we determine whether the amount requested by the seller reflects reality? To answer such questions no one can argue the expert, and a newbie cannot issue figures or estimates that are likely to be considered a good standard. However, we believe that a new car loses its average value by about 5-10% each year. Of course, I could appreciate that the percentage will increase directly in proportion to the reputation and popularity of the car brand. Basically, the more popular the brand is, the more expensive the value and the resale price of the vehicle will depreciate more quickly with time.

Read this:

Before talking about exact figures, I would add that the speed of lowering the value of a car is also influenced by the so-called “bubbles,” that is, those issues that become known when customizing a car model or another.

In conclusion, although it is not a benchmark, such a method could help you make a fair estimate when you are interested in buying a second-hand machine.

Most car owners will know what the best used car to purchase and that you cannot just trust what the seller says, as it is your safety on the line too. This is to avoid higher expenses later, as well as traffic failures, accidents and so on. You can see more about it at

So, after buying a used car, make sure to change the brake pads and discs, oil filters, air filters, and passenger compartment filters; replace engine oil, etc.

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