Can a woman be happy without a man?

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Is it possible to be happy without a man? The answer is ambiguous: both “yes” and “no”. Probably, you have met those women that are “forever alone” and feel quite ok about that. They do not worry about their future. What is more, such tendency in women’s behavior is spreading more and more throughout a world. Fifty-sixty years ago a girl who was older than 21 and was unmarried, was considered to be a sign of some serious drawbacks either of character or appearance, now it is quite normal to be single russian brides in 29 and more.


Partially, because of the fact that the world is becoming more and more perverted within each year and it is hard to find Mr. Right. Partially, this may be due to the psychological problems and specific mindsets.
So, such category of women who is quite happy without a man exists. Hence, if it does, how to be happy without a man? Let’s review possible ways how to be happy without a man in your life:

1. Finding the true calling
Some people say that a true calling for a woman is to be a mother and take care of kids, but this is not a completely correct point of view and even old-fashioned one. Nowadays, in the era of modern technologies, development of art, infrastructure each woman can find a place in the society and use her natural gifts and talents. The times when a woman had to be a housewife and stay at home all day waiting for her husband and doing a household chores have passed away, Modern woman wants to release all her potential and she is right. She can be a successful businesswoman, designer, recruiter, engineer, writer, whatever, if only she enjoyed her work. Happiness is applied.

2. Getting a pet

Sometimes taking care of pets can replace, at least, partially, the instinct to take care of babies. The decision to get a pet is a sign that a woman is ready for reproduction, in terms of biology. It is such a pleasure to hold a little kitten, puppy, or a bird in the hands. These small, but smart creatures love their owners from all their little hearts, if only she fed them on time and cleaned stuff after them. These animals or other can make a woman happy too.

3. Shopping
Psychologists prove that shopping decreases the hormone of stress, by the way, as well as singing. This is perhaps one of the best ways how to be happy without a man, if a woman has money, of course. Even buying some small things like bras or underpants can add a lot of positive feelings and improve a woman’s mood. So, if she is happy without you, it means that she enjoys shopping or has one of the features mentioned above.   

The truth
In general, there some ways how to be happy without a man, but unless a woman wants to be a nun, they will not work because one day she will realize that her life is impossible without his helping hand, a supportive shoulder, and passionate heart.

Happiness ideally is achievable in a couple, so search for your soul mate. A normal woman understands that all the world will not replace a place in her heart devoted only to Him (maybe for you), of course, again, if she does not want to spend the rest of her days in a nunnery.

A piece of advice:

If you want to be with her, let her enjoy her freedom and choose you. Have a great day.

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