CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart Review

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart is one of the cheapest and most reliable product in the market now for all the golf lovers. It was released in the year 2013 after which because of its good and eye catching features it has gained good value in the market. It comes with many attached equipment like umbrella holder, beverage holder, bungee cords etc. which makes it more common and lovable among its customers. It is a product for those golfers who want convenience in all aspects. It is counted in the top 3 best selling golf carts in the market. Moreover, the manufacturer of this product is well known for providing cheap and best quality products which add an extra trust on this product from its customers willing to buy. It is made by keeping in mind all the needs of golfers and that too at a very economical rate. Thus fitting every golfer's pocket.

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Features of CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart:

• Light weight- less than 12.2 lbs.
• Comes with an umbrella holder.
• Stable and sturdy.
• Padded handles adjustable with four different pushing positions.
• Plastic sheet available for score cards to prevent them from being blown away.
• Vast storage for tees, scorecards, golf balls, clubs and much more.
• Ergonomic handles for putting less strain on shoulders.
• Additional mesh basket for keeping personal stuff too.
• Built in front wheel alignment mechanism.
• Folding and unfolding process becomes very easy because of patented mechanism.
• Perfect brakes for parking any terrain.
• 27-inch body designed for effortless pushing.
• Both front and back tires are maintenance free.
• Patented bag holder which holds stand bag perfectly.
• Integrated with storage compartment, along with beverage holder.
• Comes with patented braking mechanism.
• One-step folding which hardly takes a minute.
• It has a strong aluminum frame.
• Push to release foot brake.
• Comes with one 8 inch front tire and two11 inch rear tires.

Benefits and pros:

• It is one of the lightest golf push cart available in the market right now. Just put all your energy and effort in playing your game and not in moving cart every time.
• All three wheels attached to this push cart come with ball bearings which lead to smooth rolling and perfect traction on all kinds of terrain.
• Since it comes with much more storage so you can easily store stuff like scorecards, beverages, umbrella, phone, etc.
• Three wheels are aligned in such a way that it makes the trolley stable in pushing and reduces the possibility of tipping over.
• It comes with one step folding thus avoid wastage of time in folding and gives you more time for playing your golf game.
• When folded it measures to be 17.5×15.75×33.6 inches which is much smaller than other golf push carts which are an added advantage to it. This is possible because the rear wheels can be removed while folding the cart.
• Golf bag can also be attached to the folded cart.
• They are easier to push and load and can be folded with the flip of a switch.
• Ergonomic handles are there which reduces excess strain on golfer’s shoulders.
• As it comes with a front wheel alignment system and one press foot brake system. We can stop the cart when it is in motion by one press and another press can release the break and set it back again in motion.
• The small size of the push cart makes it easy to be stored in car or truck back with low space.
• It hardly makes any noise while moving as it is very smooth and quiet.
• The handle of the golf push cart has adjustable angle thus making it suitable for people of different heights.
• Very easy to operate and has a compact size too.
• Push cart handle is covered with a layer of foam making it more easy and comfortable to move.
• No more strain on your back which was there when you were supposed to carry your golf bag.
• It has EVA wheels which provide good balance and traction.
• It gives a good workout for your hand and body.
• As per your carrying needs, it can hold both cart bags and tour bags.


• Though assembling this push cart is easy but it can be of big trouble to young kids and senior citizens for taking it out and keeping it again in car or truck every time.
• Scorecard handle is positioned too high making it uncomfortable for short height golfers.
• When it comes to breaking it becomes a bit difficult to press the brakes with flexible or bendable shoes.
• Dysfunction of some parts happens sometimes while moving it.
• Since it comes with a vast number of spaces to keep things like an umbrella, beverages, phones, bottles, scorecards and much more such things, it makes it more in weight while carrying from one place to another while playing.

Final thought:

It’s a complete package when it comes to best golf push cart. Excellent price with excellent features keeping in mind what every golfer needs while playing. Golf balls, scorecards, umbrella, and beverages everything can be kept in it as there is a separate place for each of them in the cart. Detachable rear wheels make it easy to carry in car or truck. Easy to assemble and fold with a light weight thus making it the first choice for every golfer. It is the most valuable 3 wheel golf push cart available at an affordable price in the market. In short, we can say that CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart can be highly recommended to those who are golf enthusiasts and want the best product on the basis of price, features, and everything they need. It comes out to be an excellent golf push cart for both experienced as well as novice golfers.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. No.1- How can we fold the push cart?
Ans. At the point of intersection between the handle shaft and metal rods, you can easily see that there is a portion that slides up slightly. Once it slid up, the cart will fold. Since this push cart has a lock mechanism to unlock it first in order to be able to fold it.

Q. No.2- Any recommendation for an umbrella that can be used with this golf push cart?
Ans. Since the holder diameter of umbrella holder is quite big which is attached with a knob to tighten the umbrella grip in the holder, mostly 99% of the golf umbrella can be used with this cart with ease. So, you can go for any golf umbrella of your choice there won’t be any problem.

Q. No.3- Can this golf push cart fit in a travel bag?
Ans. Basically, there is no need of any travel bag. You can just unfold everything and load it in the back of your car or truck. But if you want to carry this push cart in your travel bag then you will have to remove its rear wheels first. Its rear wheels are easily detachable.

Q. No.4- Will it come with a cart bag at the time of order?
Ans. No, it won’t come with a cart bag when you order them but if you want, then you can order one along with it by paying extra charges for the cart bag.

Q. No.5- Will the front wheel of the push cart spin all around 360 degrees?
Ans. No the front wheel of the push cart does not spin, but it is sturdy, compact and light in weight with bearing and are maintenance free.

Q. No.6- What is the size of all the three wheels of the push cart and are they detachable or not?
Ans. The size of the front wheel is 8 inches and the rear ones are 10 inches. Yes, the wheels can be detached easily.

Photo and Video Credit: tgw - The sweetest spot in golf (YouTube)

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