How to Choose the best Bipod height for your safety?

The use of bipod has different opinions throughout the shooter's community. While many of them do not prefer it as they find it difficult to use, but the other half consider it as a necessity as it provides the required support. And most of the experts suggest using a bipod for long range shooting, considering how it helps the shooter to attain a comfortable position, absorb the shock and helps the shooter to maintain a firm grip on the gun. A bipod is an instrument designed to support the rifle to get an accurate shot. A good bipod will help you to attain the perfect shot, whereas a bipod not suiting your requirements can be proved to be a fatal choice. It is the perfect choice for those who fail to attain a steady grip with the support of their body. Along with the support provided by the bipod, choosing a bipod with the correct height as per your needs and requirements is essential or the product can be a backlash. The height of a bipod is an important factor while shooting, hence we have made a guide which will help you to choose the best bipod height.

Scope Height

Getting the correct scope height could be difficult but not an impossible task. There are two major ways to determine the correct height. The first method is to get an approximate measure, first consider the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters and add 2 millimeters to 4 millimeters for the thickness and the finally divide the sum into the half. The result obtained is the distance from the middle of the scope body to the thickest point of the external tube. Another easier method is to measure the diameter of the scope body and divide it in half. This has been considered to be the best method to achieve an exact measurement.

While fitting a scope of a rifle, it is very important to consider the ring height. Most experts suggest choosing a ring that is extremely low. The reason for this, so that before the scope rests on the ring, it hits the barrel. To get an appropriate height for accurate and comfortable fit, make sure that ring height should be between the two extremes. The correct height will also help you to smoothly tilt and rotate your gun in any direction.

Base Selection

Most of the companies provide a particular and uniform base for the receiver, hence it is not difficult to select a base. But while selecting the base, keep in mind that it will help you to maintain your rifle in sturdy position, so ensure that it is made by a long-lasting and durable material. The height of the base is a crucial factor as it adds to the ring height.

Selecting the right ring

The height of scope ring varies from companies to companies. Hence it is important to do a thorough research about the ring base combination of different companies. But once the scope height is determined, ensure that your ring and base combination is always much higher than the scope height measurement.


The crucial objective of a bipod is to increase the accuracy of a shot. A bipod should be easy to use and convenient to assemble along with the correct height. Hence the quality of the bipod is a major determining factor. While selecting any bipod, keep in mind that Most of the bipods are made of lightweight materials such as aluminum. This increases the durability of the bipod.

Don’t be hesitant to spend the extra cash if you desire to own a bipod which is enduring, competent and valuable, don't be hesitant to spend an extra amount of cash.

The swivel 6” to 9” is a popular and common choice amongst the bipods available in the market. Though it has a greater preference for the game. Whereas a swivel with a height of 9” to 13” is preferred for most of the purposes.
The correct height of the swivel will ensure that the shooter will not have to adjust the height of the rifle but the height itself accommodates with the shooter. If the height of the bipod is higher than required, not only will it be uncomfortable but it will result in sore upper back and neck issues. Not to forget the swivel lever is a necessity to adjust the lock in it.

Prone Shooting

An excellent bipod will help the shooter to be comfortable enough to shoot from the lowest prone position. Any kind of minimal discomfort could lead to a perilous and unstable rifle which is dangerous and critical, which is the safety issue of the shooter.

A bipod height of 9” to 12” is the best option for prone shooting. The main reason for it is the tiny stones get stuck in the sternum, which is usually inescapable and if one tries to forcibly lift their torso, it would result in the retriever constantly quivering.

The Harris bipod with an appropriate height could be easily adjusted in a way that the buttstock and forend are equally comfortable above the desired surface level. Harris bipods are known for its lightweight, smooth installation, efficiency in deploying and flexibility. To make sure that you minimize the reflex of the bullet while it is in the rifle, adjust the legs of the bipod low to the ground as much as it can be adjusted. Most of the prone shooters prefer placing the bipod legs in a shallow trench, this allows the shooter to lean in easily along with the rifle.Not to forget the consistent tight grip. Also, the bipod legs are set up in push a manner that a strong push is provided against the flex without hampering the gun.

Before selecting any bipod, do make sure that the above factors are meticulously studied and met according to one's requirements. A bipod is an unquestionably a significant and contributive tool, but do make sure you know how to use it optimize your results.

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