Best Zero Turn Mower for Hills 2018: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

May be If I am not wrong you are looking for the best zero turn mower for hills! If yes, then you are certainly at the right place. Here you will get the complete information about them and why they are better than the other lawn mower. It is a pretty tough job to cut down grass on a hilly terrain. That’s why you need to be careful while selecting the right mower for hills.The majority of our readers mightn’t hear about this equipment. We will give you a proper information about the zero turn mowers.

A zero turn mower can be defined as a standard riding lawn mower that steers with the rear wheels instead of the front wheels. Each rear wheel in this equipment is connected to a device named hydrostatic transmission for creating a rotation of the wheel with the use of pressurized fluid.

This equipment has a zero degree turning radius that means it can turn it's own trajectory and don’t need extra space. Moreover, it is pretty easy to mow along the slopes if you own the best mower for hills. In the recent years, it has become a household name and people using them for both the residential as well as commercial purposes.

How to choose the best Zero Turn Mower for hills?

Prior to looking for the reviews of the different zero turn mower, there is a need to follow some guidelines. It will help in selecting the best zero turn mower for hills.

Determination of the slope

First of all, you have to calculate the degree of the hill in an accurate way with the help of pitch indicator and a slope. Generally, a hillside with 10 degrees will increase in altitude by approximately 20 inches for every 10 feet.

Ease of Driving

All the individuals who will use the zero turn mowers for hills will not be a professional. That’s why you should look for the mower that has a minimum difficulty level to drive along with the full range of features. Having this type of machine will let you cut even on a sloped surface without any difficulty.

Look for the dangers on the hillsides

It is very important to check for all the dangers while buying the best zeroturn mower. For instance, the front wheels of this type of mower can’t steer if the equipment skids or slides. The zero turn mowers can roll over on the slopes because of its design specifications. Keep this thing in mind while looking for the zero turn mower.

Seat Comfort

You will spend a great amount of time while working on the zero turn mower and that’s why it is very important to select one with a comfortable seat. Working on a machine with a low comfort seat can puta great pressure on theback and result in extreme pain.

Solid Front Tires

It is mandatory to have strong front tires if you are riding on a zero turn mower. They will last for a longer period of time and have lesser chances of picking up a nail. Moreover, the machines with solid tires can increase the safety level of the rider.

Number of attachments

There are many other jobs that can be completed with this machine other than just mowing the lawn on the hilly terrain. The zero turns come with a great range of attachments that include dump cart, leaf vacuum, brush, snow plow, sweeper, etc. However, the number of attachments depends on the brand and model of the machine. You should think about which of these attachments you need while buying the best zero turn mower for hills. Look for those mowers which come with the attachments that you are looking.

After-sales service

No matter, you are a homeowner or a professional landscaper, choosing the best zero turn mower with a reliable service center is very important. Selecting a qualified brand who has a professional service center can help you in the longer run. This equipment can last for more than 15 years if it is serviced and maintained regularly by a skilled mechanic.

Check warranty and return policies

The majority of the brands offer a30-day return policy and that’s why you should go for the best zero turn mower that comes with the maximum period of return. Some of them don’t even return the machines at all. You should check the brand’s return policies prior to buying zero turn mowers.

Have a hurry?? Check out our best selection (Depending on the price and customer reviews):

Check out the differences between the zero turn mower and lawn mower

  • A zero turn mower has an independent power in the rear wheels, while the lawn turn mower depends solely on the front wheels.
  • Users can cut through hedges and bushes without facing many obstacles in an efficient way. In lawn mowers, they will face lots of difficulty in doing the same job.
  • A zero turn equipment cuts at a very faster rate as compared to a lawn mower.

Safety factors need to follow while buying zero turn mower for hills

It may look like we have covered the majority of information about the zero turn mowers but still, we haven’t talked about the most important thing, i.e. safety factors while driving it. Have a look at the below factors carefully that needs to be followed during driving the zero turn mower.

Maintain your movements steadily and deliberately

As mentioned above, the zero turn mowers work in a different way as compared to the traditional lawn mowers. They come with the control levers and that’s why you should operate them smoothly. It will help in keeping your speed under control and avoid any accident.

Follow all the safety basics

After buying the best zero turn mower for hills, you should read and follow all the safety basics in the operator’s manual. Never operate it without shields, guards and all other safety devices. In addition to that, be careful while approaching trees, shrubs or blind corners.

Avoid Tip-overs

You should keep the roll bar in the locked and raised position while using the machines that come with a rollover protection system. You should only lower the bar when it is extremely mandatory.

Drive carefully in uneven terrain

The zero turn mowers for hills drive very fast in the uneven terrain and that’s why you should be more careful unless it will result losing control of the vehicle and cause a crash.

Top 10 Best Zero Turn Mowers for hills in 2018

Our team goes through a deep research to find out the best zero turn mowers for our readers. We look into their features and advantages deeply only to find the best ones for you. Have a look at these top 10 best zero turn mower for hills with comparison table carefully and select the one that suits your requirements.

Product Name 



Cutting width

Fuel Tank

Are You Interested?

Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower

770 pounds

42 x 76 x 75.5 inches

61 inches

5.0 Gallon

Ariens Zoom 50 - 21hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 50" Zero Turn Lawn Mower

475 pounds

64 x 43 x 62 inches

50 inches

2 Gallon

Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724CC Zero Turn Mower

780 pounds

46 x 49.5 x 72.75 inches

54 inches

3.5 Gallon

Husqvarna 967271501 46” 20 HP Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Lawn Mower

690 pounds

75 x 55 x 42 inches

46 inches

3.5 Gallon

Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 24 HP

754 pounds

35.5 x 61.5 x 78 inches

54 inches



Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower

430 pounds

35.5 x 61.5 x 78 inches


3.5 Gallon

Ariens 25HP 60" ZTR Tractor

1076 pounds

68 x 79 x 49 inches

60 inches

6 Gallon

Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

715 pounds

84 x 52.50 x 34.50 inches

46 inches

2.8 Gallon

Husqvarna 967638401 42" 22HP Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Mower

580 pounds

40 x 75 x 43 inches

42 inches

3.5 Gallon

Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S 25V Commercial Zero Turn Mower

840 pounds

34.5 x 59 x 90.5 inches

54 inches

5 Gallon

1. Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP is an extensive model that can beat the majority of the best zero turn mowers for hills available in the market. It comes with all the features that are required to offer a smooth ride to the drivers. This mower is an incredible choice for the people who have a large and uneven lawn. There are lots of unique features on this machine and we have mentioned some of them below:

61-inch fabricated mower deck

The mower’s deck is made of heavy duty steel and has three in one cutting system. You can choose to collect, discharge or mulch options according to your need. Additionally, it has twin steel sheet design that offers extra strength.

Twin Engine

It comes with a 27HP Briggs and Stratton V-twin engine, which offers full power to the mower while cutting the lawn. The engine’s tank has a capacity of 5 gallons. There are two cylinders in the engine that can start electrically.

Chokeless Start

It is one of the few best zero turn mowers for hills that has a chokeless start. Whether the climate is hot or cold, the Husqvarna MZ61 will start instantly.


Have a look at some of the main advantages of the Husqvarna MZ61 HP Zero Turn Mower that are mentioned below:

Superior Steering System

This mower comes with a hydraulic wheel drive that assures precise maneuvering andallows the machine to rotate around its own axis without any need of turning radius.

Easy access to the service points

The drivers can reach to all the service points like hydraulic drive system components, electrical system, filter systems and oil systems easily without much effort. It reduces the problems of the drivers during thebreakdown.

Digital Hour Meter

It is one of those best zero turn hill mowers that comes with the digital hour meter that gives an indication to the drivers when the equipment needs service.


If you choose to buy Husqvarna MZ61, then you have to deal with following cons:

Quite Expensive

The only disadvantage that we feel about this model is that it costs little bit more as compared to the other zero turn mowers in this list.

2. Ariens Zoom 50 - 21hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 50" Zero Turn Lawn Mower

If you own a very large yard and looking for an ideal zero turn mower, then Ariens Zoom 50 can be a perfect choice for you. It works wonderfully for the homeowners who want to save time while cutting grass in their lawn. The people who have a very little time to maintain their lawn should go for this mower. Have a look at some of the top features of the Ariens Zoom 50 Zero Turn Mower:

Hydro-Gear EZT Transmissions

The company has used Hydro-Gear EZT transmission system that needs no system and driver can adjust speed according to their need. Additionally, the transmission comes with a hydraulic reservoir and cooling fans.

Control Arm Dampeners

The arm dampers installed on this mower allow the machine to operate smoothly and efficiently. Also, it makes the machine to run on a straight line and cut grass nearer to the objects.

Arm Rest Kit

It improves the comfort level of the driver and allows them to work for a longer period of time.


The major benefits to buying this zero turn mower are mentioned below:

Flexible shoulder support system

Your shoulders will get a proper rest while driving this zero turn mower.

Three-year warranty

The manufacturer backsAriens Zoom 50 - 21hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 50" Zero Turn Lawn Mower with an exciting warranty of three years that comes with theonly handful of models.


Look at the main cons of the zero turn mower that are mentioned below carefully:

High Price

If you are looking to buy this machine, then you might have to pay some more price. However, it looks like an ideal investment after reviewing its features.

Ariens 25HP 60 inch is a wonderful zero turn mower that has been created by using commercial grade material. There are three maintenance free spindles in its gauge that is created to deal with the toughest cutting lawns. Moreover, its blades are made from high-quality resistant materials and pass the ANSI standards. 

It is a reliable product that can prove to be handy for chopping the grass from any type of lawn.

Now, check out the main features of the Ariens 25HP 60 inch mower that are explained in detail below:

Capable to adjust in nine different positions
The most exciting feature of the mower’s deck is that it can adjust itself in nine different positions that range from a 1” cut to 5” cut through a foot operated deck lift. It is added for making sure that all kinds of cutting job can be completed easily with it.

Kohler’s 7000 series pro V-Twin engine

It has a twin-engine comes with cast-iron cylindrical walls and professional cylinder heads, pistons and connecting rods. It has a modern consistent cut technology that offers consistent power to the deck that proves greatly effective in getting the ideal cut.

Rigid steel structure
Ariens mower comes with a rigid steel structure that is made up by taking the consumer in mind. It offers great durability and reliable to use. Moreover, it has a 3-year warranty that makes the owners worry free without much issue.

Adequate leg room

This zero turn mower has been created by taking comfort level in mind so that the owners can’t have any issue while using it. There is a big leg room and handlebars that make it easier to access the operator’s seat. Along with that, it has a FlexTend shoulder support that offers the maximum comfort to the drivers.


There are numerous benefits that come with the Ariens 25HP 60 inch mower. We have explained the main ones below:

Three-years warranty
It is one of the best zero turn mowers that offer a three-year warranty to the buyers, which shows the faith of the company in their quality and manufactured product.

Comfortable to operate
The people who ride zero turn mower for a longer period of time understands how important is to be comfortable while riding it. The company has attached enough accessories that make sure the driver has the minimum amount of muscle fatigue and a comfortable ride.

Faster speed
It comes with three mower blades that have the capability to cut a higher speed of 18,000 feet in a minute.

Large tank capacity
The engine comes with a six-gallon fuel capacity that makes sure the driver doesn't run of the fuel.


Have a look at some of the major cons that come with this zero turn mower:

It is one of most expensive residential mowers available in the market.

There is a requirement for some adjustments in the steering controls. It might be a problem for some people.

Poulan Pro P46ZX is one of the best zero turn radius mowers available in the market. It comes with all the required features, such as performance, comfort, and durability. It is a solid machine that is not only built wonderfully but also handles the lawn very well.

If you want to buy a mower for a large yard or want to make beautiful cuts, then buying this Poulan Pro is an ideal option. It is an extremely joyful to ride this zero turn mower on your lawn.

Have a look at the main features of the Poulan Pro P46ZX mentioned in detail below:

Dual Wheel Hydro Transmission
This machine comes with the dual wheel hydro transmission that offers maximum maneuverability to the driver. You can go right, left, backward or forward by moving arms as each wheel can be controlled independently. It is an exciting feature that gives liberty to the drivers. The people who like to work on their lawn with some fun will surely like this product.

22 HP Briggs V-Twin Pro Engine
The drivers will be allowed to trim and cut their lawn at a speed of around 6 MPH. So, you can complete the cutting work of 2.4 acre lawn in an hour, which is truly amazing. Along with that, this engine makes it easier for the driver to operate this mower.

46-inch Deck
One of the most amazing features of this wonderful zero turn mower is its deck that is adequate for completing the work in time with amazing speed and handling techniques.

Dual Levers
This mower is equipped with the dual levers that offer easier manipulation and wonderful grip. 


Now, check out the great range of benefits offered by this Poulan mower:

Longer life
This mower can last longer as compared to the others as the engine creates less wear. It makes it an ideal investment for the middle-class families.

Shorter Mowing Time
After buying this mower, your mowing cutting time will be reduced by 50% due to its unique combination of brilliant features. Moreover, it has a higher level of maneuverability through which the driver can easily change their direction and go through obstacles, like houses or trees.

Easy to use
The Poulan Pro P46X doesn’t come with the complicated system so that the drivers can operate this machine efficiently. It makes it perfect for cutting large yards as you don’t have a deal with the difficult system.


Although it is a complete package, still it comes with some cons that we have explained below:

Steep Inclines
Drivers may have some difficulty to operate this vehicle on the steep inclines.

Front wheel issues
Some users have complained about issues in the front wheel to be too hard while driving. Other than that, it works perfectly fine. 

5. Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S 25V Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna 967334101 is a wonderful equipment that comes with a 25HP Briggs & Stratton engine and a large cutting deck. If you want to take your cutting comfort, productivity, and performance to another level, then buying this machine is the best decision that you can make. It features a heavy-duty steel frame, intuitive operator interface, and strong hydraulic system that is adequate for giving an ultimate experience.

With this zero turn mower, you can have a perfect cut in your garden with twelve different height positions that start from 4.5 inches and end at 1.5 inches. Furthermore, it can be easily modified with the help of pedal-assisted deck lift system.

Have a look at the main features of the Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S 25V that is explained below:

Hydro-Gear ZT3100 Hydrostatic Transmission

It is an entry-level commercial quality transmission system that makes it a perfect for this cutting lawn. The drive wheels are equipped with a fan cooled 10CC pumps and wheel motors on each one and give the capability to work at a speed up to 8 mph.

Stamped Cutting Deck

In order to add extra strength and durability, the cutting deck of the machine is equipped with the heavy flat-stock steel.

Three Year Warranty

There are very few mowers on the market that comes with such an extended warranty. The company offers three-year limited consumer warranty on this well-built machine.

Commercial V-Twin Engine

There is a smoother and quieter operation possible due to the commercial V-Twin engine. Furthermore, it has a complete pressure lubrication system that comes with a spin-on oil filter.

High back seat

In order to make your ride comfortable, there is a high back seat in the mower that has armrests for minimizing fatigue. Along with that, it has a convenient seat slide with spring suspension.


Check out some advantages offered by the Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S 25V Commercial Zero Turn Mower explained below:

Comfortable operation

To make sure a comfortable experience, there are armrests and spring suspension system in the mower for making sure the driver doesn’t feel tired.

Easy to control

The zero turn mower is a very easier interface for making sure the driver faces no problem while operating it.

Precise cutting

The grass in your garden can be cut perfectly due to useful features available in this equipment.

Affordable Price

Considering the high-quality and incredible features, the price of the mower is quite affordable.

Powerful engine

The mower has a powerful engine that makes sure the driver can cut through slopes easily.


Please check out the cons explained in detail below:

Lack of towing capacity

Heavy tow capacity isn’t allowed by the EZT transmissions of the zero turn mower.

The Troy-Bilt 22HP zero turn lawn mower comes with a solid body having high-quality plastic and steel. The company didn’t compromise with the maneuverability and that’s why they made the vehicle heavy-duty. The engine of Troy-Built Mustang 46 inch is built by the Briggs & Stratton, which is durable and powerful.

Dual Hydro-Gear EZT Hydrostatic Transmissions
The hydrostatic transmission promises a smoother ride and responsive maneuverability. The dual transmission works wonderfully so that rear wheel on separate sides, whereas the mowers are allowed to make 360 degree turns through front caster wheels without tearing the landscape. There are lots of time saved by the tight turning and minimizes areas where you need to get the job done.

Two-way Adjustable Lap Bars
This zero turn mower is equipped with the larger ergonomic lap bars that can easily accommodate the riders of all sizes. These bars will automatically engage the parking brake when the driver opens them for standing up.

Check out the major features that enrich this Troy-Built vehicle:

Electric PTO
It is one of those zero mowers for hills that come with electric power take-off that offer faster and easier blade engagement.

Efficient cutting system
The mower’s cutting system is designed in such a way that there can be an optimal airflow and vacuum can be created for lifting the grass for having an accurate cut.

Dual Suspension Springs
In order to relax the driver, the company has added 18-inch high-back seat and dual suspension springs for giving a wonderful and a smoother ride. You will get the ideal durability with this vehicle.


We will tell you about all the advantages in brief so that you can make a decision to buy a mower:

Cuts brilliantly
If you are looking for a mower that can cut grass superbly without any disturbance and issue, then it is the ideal option for you. You will enjoy riding this vehicle while cutting the grass on your lawn.

Cut preciously
It is an efficient and powerful type of mower that can cut the grass very precisely and make sure that the ground remains balanced.

Automatic engagement
The parking brake is automatically engaged when the mower will open that can minimize efforts.

Comfortable seating
The bigger leg room makes sure that the rider has a smoother experience and doesn’t have muscle fatigue.

Reasonable mileage
This Troy-Built has a pretty good mileage as compared to the other mowers on this list.


Check out the major cons of the Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower mentioned below:

Lighter tow capacity
Heavier tow capacity isn’t allowed by the EZT transmissions.

Difficulty in dealing with steep hills
There is no doubt that engine is extremely powerful, but it is not ideal for the steep hills.

7. Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724CC Zero Turn Mower (Out of Stock)

If you are looking for an equipment that gives thecomfort of padded levers, electric start, and great cutting results, then there is nothing better than the Husqvarna 967324101. It has lots of exciting features that can make your mowing experience wonderful and easier. Your mowing work will be a fun instead of a chore with this cutting edge designed and innovative machine. Check out the main features of the Husqvarna 967324101:

Easy Controls

This equipment is one of the best deals for the people who want to cut a large yard in an efficient and fast manner. It has a pedal operated hydrostatic transmission system that allows the drivers to keep their hand on the steering wheel with the help of a foot pedal. In addition to that, it has many useful features, such as hydrostatic transmission, cruise control, and an adjustable seat.

Powerful Engine

One of the best things about this best zero turn mower is that it has a pretty powerful engine that can even go through the difficult lanes. Moreover, its engine doesn’t feel pressurized while working even on the uneven terrain. Additionally, it has a 54-inch cutting deck that offers full control over the cutting of grass.

Removable Foot Pan

In order to have easier access to the pulleys, deck belts, and spindles, the drivers can even remove the foot pan. It is one of the rare features available only on some of the best zero turn mowers.

Other extra features include an extra storage compartment and a cup holder for the convenience of the driver.


Have a look at some of the main benefits of the Husqvarna 967324101that are mentioned below:

Beautiful look

It may be one of the most beautiful equipment out of all the best zero turnmowers for hills in this list. It's brilliant look along with the superior features and high-quality body parts truly makes it one of the must buy equipment for lawns.

LED lights

Imagine, you are working on your lawn and it becomes dark, then what you will do. The equipment’s LED lights can solve this problem and allow you to work even there where is no light.

Water hose connecting port

This machine comes with a built-in water hose connecting aport that can be extremely useful for the deck cleaning. Additionally, it has a reinforced cutting deck that offers corrosion resistance to the vehicle.


The main cons of the Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin are mentioned below:

Parts replacement

The parts replacement of the equipment takes lots of time, but it isn’t a big issue as the parts are made up of high-quality material and rarely break down.


The driver may need some time to get used to the steering controls of the vehicle.

8. Husqvarna 967271501 46” 20 HP Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Lawn Mower (Out of Stock)

Husqvarna is popular as one of the leading manufacturers of the zero turn mowers and this mower features their brand’s class. The beautiful design of this equipment has quickly made it a favorite among the people. It has lots of wonderful features that make it in the list of the best zero turn mowers for hills. Have a look at the major features of the Husqvarna 967271501 46” 20 HP Zero Turn that is mentioned below:

Specially designed transmission system

The equipment comes with a hydro-gear transmission system that guarantees smooth operation on the lawn.

Air Induction Mowing Technology

The manufacturer has utilized air induction mowing technology in this best zero turn mower that allows the air to be drawn from the highest and lowest points of the deck to deliver cutting at a better rate.

Stamped Steel Cutting

This machine has a solid steel cutting deck that comes with the heavy flat-stock steel. It adds durability and strength while working on the lawn.


Here are some of the best benefits of using the Husqvarna 967271501 46” 20 HP are mentioned below:

Tension free working

If you shop this model of the Husqvarna brand, then make yourself ready for a worry free performance that comes with an integrated zero-turn transmission. Moreover, it needs very less maintenance.

Easy to use

The lift system on the mower deck comes with springs that make it easy to use the platform. Additionally, thedeckis located in part of the system that allows the driver to use it conventionally.


The main cons of one of this zero turn mowers for hills are mentioned below:

Leave Tracks

The machine sometimes leaves marks on the lawn during turning.

Hard to control

It may be hard to control for the newbies while moving this mower on slopes.

9. Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 24 HP (Out of Stock)

Poulan Pro P54ZX comes with a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series Engine which is one of the main manufacturers of design products. This powerful engine has an adequate fuel tank that makes it useful for the longer mowing sessions. It is the perfect choice for the bigger lawns that have lots of obstacles due to its extensive speed and superior features. Have a look at the main features of the Poulan Pro P54ZX:

Hydro Gear EZT Transmission

It is a wonderful mower that come with the hydro gear EZT transmission system. Due to this, you will have a smoother and comfortable drive on the lawn. Each of its wheel controls independently that makes it easier for the drivers to go in any direction with the controls.

54-inch reinforced deck

The company has equipped a 54-inch, 13 gauge steel cutting deck with this zero turn mower. The cutting deck has four anti-scalp wheels, three robust blades, an aluminum spindle and greaseable vented mandrels.

The mower can easily drive on the uneven terrains due to the anti-scalping wheels. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it can prevent the uneven cutting.

Electric Clutch

Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX has anelectric clutch that can very useful for the users while mowing. This type of clutches has a simple linkage system that allows the drivers to control the machine easily and efficiently.


If you choose to buy a Poulan Pro P54ZX, then be ready to have the following benefits:

Large Fuel Tank

The biggest positive of this zero turn mower is its fuel tank that can store up to 3.5 gallons of gas. It will make it easy for you to enjoy mowing for a longer period of time without any need to fill up the gas.

Shorter Mowing Time

Buying Poulan Pro P54ZX will allow you to cut the mowing effort and time almost to the half. It is guaranteed that you will have a considerable decrease in the quantity of time.

Higher Maneuverability

Without any doubt, it deserves a place in the list of the best zero turn mowers for hills due to it's strong hydro transmission system. It will allow you to have maximum maneuverability.


There are some cons associated with this model of zero turn mower:

Not CARB Compliant

The Poulan Pro P54ZX is not compliant by CARB, but it meets all the needs to be a lower-emission lawn mower.

One of the best zero turn mowers in the list, this machine provides smooth power output and silent operation. You can achieve a perfect cut in your lawn with this wonderful mower. It has a 42-inch fabricated mower deck that has two blades offering efficient cutting with many different cutting heights. This model offers an easy deck lift, a great seat, and efficient mileage.

Hydro-Gear EZT
In order to provide smoother operation, the company has equipped mower with the variable speed hydrostatic transmission. It can achieve speed up to 6.5 mph for completing the job done at a faster rate.

Digital Hour Meter
Driver can track the schedule of maintenance easily with the digital hour meter. It can prove handy for lots of people who often forget to service their machine.

Check out the main features of this mower with an eagle eye to really know what it is:

Three-year residential warranty
This zero turn mower is enriched with a three-year warranty against the defects and workmanship. You have to check out the company’s manual for finding complete detail.

Control Panel
The control panel of this machine makes it possible to access choke, ignition, and throttle in a single place. In addition, the deck height can be changed easily.

Briggs & Stratton Endurance Engine
This engine offers wonderful durability having 22HP and 724CC for giving a smooth power output and a quieter operation.


Have a look at the major benefits of this extensive mower that is explained in detail below:

Durable machine
The zero mower has a fabricated design that features welded 10 gauge steel. Due to this, it adds durability to the machine.

Easier to use
The deck lift system of the machine is further assisted by the spring that makes it easier to operate. Moreover, it is located within the reach of the operator.

Ergonomic Control Panel
As mentioned above, this machine has an ergonomic control panel that makes sure everything is located conveniently near the fingertips of the driver.

Comfortable operation
It is one of the best zero turn mowers for hills when one talks about the comfort level. It has a 15-inch sliding seat and vibration dampening levels so that the driver can sit in this vehicle for all day long.


We have mentioned some of the cons that are associated with this Husqvarna 967638401 42" 22HP Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Mower:

Some people have complained about the design of the product in the reviews.

The bottom line:

To sum up, we can say that these ten best zero turn mowers for hills, slopes or hilly terrain can take your experience to a much higher level. All you need to do is check your requirements and then find the ideal match. Having one of the mowers will allow you to maintain your lawn in the ideal condition. They are the best zero turn mowers for hills available in the market and buying one of them will be an ideal investment for your lawn.

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