Best Way to Clean Your House

Best Way to Clean Your House

That way you can take the vacuum out, use it all in one swoop and not have to go back again for it later. Once those smaller more mundane tasks are done, you can focus more on the individual rooms.

Start your task cleaning by managing the clutter in your home. Go throughout the house and pick up those loose items that never made it back to where they belong.

Also, take advantage of this time to reevaluate the items you have in your home. Have they been used in the last 6 months? If not, it may be time to donate those items if they are still in good condition, otherwise, just toss them out. The more eliminated now is less to clean later.

Then, go around and empty the small wastebaskets in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and other places they might be.

Start From the top

You always want to start at the literal top of every room and work your way down to the bottom. The more efficient way of doing this is by dusting the blinds and cleaning off those things that are at a higher level. After the higher levels are completed, move onto dusting everything else on the lower levels. This will prevent you from having to go over surfaces again if dust falls onto the clean areas.


Continuing onto the bedrooms will be fairly easy since the clutter in all the rooms has already been taken care of. The main thing to focus on in the bedrooms is stripping the old sheets off and replacing them with fresh clean ones. After that, simply straighten things up and make sure the mirror is clean.


First things first, always make sure that the bathroom is well ventilated while cleaning.

Next comes the bathrooms. Cleaning all the bathrooms at once is a great way to save time because all of the cleaning supplies will already be out and at the ready. Take any dirty towels and throw into the laundry basket with previously stripped sheets. Put the toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet and allow it to sit while you focus on the rest of the bathroom.

You will want to remove items from the shower and then spray with an all-purpose cleaner. Spray the countertops and allow to sit. Sticking with the top down method, clean the mirror, and then once that is completed move onto wiping down the counter.

After the counters, you can go back to the toilet and scrub it after the solution has been sitting a while. Then sweep the floors and mop. Using a bleach mixture is usually best for bathroom floors to eliminate the number of germs. Usually, you will want to clean floors last but I find with bathrooms it is best to do while already cleaning the rest of the bathroom


Begin with a simple way to naturally clean your microwave, using just a lemon. Wash dishes and put in the wrack. Or, if you have a dishwasher, load and run. Brush any crumbs off the counter and then wipe down with disinfectant. Make sure you are taking notice of the cabinets and refrigerator handle/stove handles for random food marks and handprints. Wipe those down as well with disinfectant.

I find cleaning the floors for the kitchen separately is beneficial as well.  So you will want to sweep up any of the contents that were brushed off the counters, and then mop with a multi-purpose floor cleaning solution.

The Floors

Finally, the floors! You want to save these for last because they just get dirty so easily while you are still working on the rest of the house from dust and other debris. This is mainly in regards to vacuuming the carpet in bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms.

Going back to the top to bottom rule, you will want to start upstairs and just work your way on down. If you have wood or tile floors, sweep first before vacuuming. Vacuum from one room to the next, down the stairs, and into the living room. If you need a floor vacuum for the cleaning task then visit VacGeek for choosing the right one according to your need.

Final Thoughts and Tips

I find that cleaning in an “order” is more helpful for me. Starting upstairs and working my way down. Try not to go around a room too many times. It is kind of like editing a writing assignment. You do not want to worry too much about the small mistakes now because you can come back through later and revise a little.

At the end of your cleaning, make sure to return all your supplies and solutions. I know that cleaning can be strenuous, but trust me, you will thank me later when you are not kicking yourself for forgetting where you left the glass cleaner.

If you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, it makes a huge difference in keeping the house cleaner for longer. Even trying to sweep every other day can make a difference.

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