Best wallet trackers 2019: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Wallet Trackers

There is nothing more frustrating and annoying than not able to find a wallet or a key when you are already in a hurry. The majority of us are quite familiar with these kinds of situations in our lives. However, if you often have to deal with such a condition, then you should invest some money in buying the best wallet trackers due to its benefits.  They can turn out to be very handy in the long run.

How do wallet trackers work?

Before proceeding further, it is important that you should be fully aware of the working principle of these extensive gadgets. It can be defined as a small gadget that can be attached to the wallet. All the wallet trackers have a unique signature about which the only owner can know about. It can be connected to the owner’s account through the mobile app. It allows them to track the location of their wallet. There is no way that an outsider can track the wallet.

There is a minimal amount of power used by the app and tracker for providing complete protection to the wallet. Using this gadget is quite simple, and even a beginner can easily understand its working.

What are the top 10 best wallet trackers?

The market is full of wallet tracker manufacturing brands and each one claim to be better than the other one. The increasing number of options makes it difficult to find the perfect one and often confuse. Are you feeling the same thing? The answer will probably be yes. For helping our readers, we have created this list of top 5 best wallet trackers with complete detail. Take a look at each of them carefully and buy one that suits you the most.

1. Classic Bluetooth Tracking Card

We will start our list with the classiest tracker that you can find anywhere. It is a super-slim product that looks the same as a credit card. The shape of this product allows it to fit perfectly in the wallet or any other thing that you don’t want to lose. It stays connected with the app and displays the missing items on the map. This app is fully compatible with all the iOS and Android phones. There are strong signal stability and strength provided by this tracker to the smartphone.

It is one of the best wallet trackers due to its amazing features that simple products don’t have. This tracker by Safedome shows the last place where you had your wallet. Furthermore, you will get the liberty to customize the alerts and the sound that you like. Additionally, you can even choose the places where the alerts shouldn’t show up.

Another amazing thing about this tracker is its battery life that lasts up to three months once you charge it fully. The price of this product is quite affordable and doesn’t hit the pockets too hard, despite having a tremendous set of features. You will never lose wallet after buying this amazing tracker.


  • You will get the alerts about the location where you missed up the wallet.

  • The Bluetooth connectivity of this tracker is quite amazing.

  • It has a very thin size that let the wallet to fit in the wallet easily.


  • Give unnecessary alerts that might aren’t required at all.

2. Tile Mate Anything Finder

The product that lost the battle to the Safecom Classic is the Tile Mae Finder. It is not only one of best wallet trackers, but an affordable one too. This product equips with an amazing Bluetooth tracker offering superior connectivity to the phone. It can be used for almost anything, whether it is a wallet or a phone. You won’t lose your important things after buying this product in any manner. It is available in a pack of 1 and four units, but the later is more affordable when compared to the single unit.

The battery life of this tracker is up to one year that is adequate considering its price. It is the third generation product in the Tile Tracker series and capable of staying fully resistant against the water. You will also find it slimmer than its previous versions. There is a loud sound played by the tracker by pressing the find button in the app for making sure you find the lost things. Using this tracker is very easier as you need to connect its app with the smartphone.

Also, you will find its range one of the best one in the trackers available in the market. There are also geofencing features added by the manufacturer that help in finding missing keys at a quicker rate.


  • The process to set up this tracker is very easy and can be performed by anyone quickly.

  • It is available at a very super-friendly price.

  • It has a slim size that allows the product to fit comfortably. 


  • Some people find its design less attractive than the previous version.

3. Tile Gen 2 Anything Finder

The Tile Gen 2 is the perfect product to buy for the individual who often lost their wallet in the house or car. It is a small-sized Bluetooth tracker that can be operated through an app quite easily. This device made from lightweight material that ensures one can carry it easily. You need to attach or put it in the wallet and need to press the tile button whenever you lost it. There will be a loud sound produced by the device allowing you to find the wallet.

The Bluetooth range of this product is up to 100 feet that is enough considering the average houses. The waterproof design of this product allows you to use this product in a wet environment without much problem. However, we suggest you don’t go swimming with this wallet tracker. It is available in a pack of 1, 4, 8 and 12 units. The higher the number of units, the lower will be the price.

It is one of the best wallet trackers that let you track your important belongings in a matter of minutes. It is smaller in size and work simply by pressing the tile option on the app.


  • The app is very easy to use and don’t involve many complications.

  • The product has all the required features one needed to find the wallet.

  • It is available at a price that one can’t imagine.


  • The customer service needs some improvement for sure.

4. Tile EC-11002 Anything Finder

The next product on our list is another amazing product manufactured by the Tile brand. The EC-11002 is a perfect blend of style and functionality. It is an exciting tracking device for wallets that come in an elegant design along with solid Bluetooth tracker. It helps in finding the lost wallets quite easily with the help of a map or loud ring. There is a loud sound created by this tracker if it is within the range of 100 foot. All you need to press the tile option twice on the mobile or logging into the official site of Tile.

Furthermore, you can get the information about the last seen by allowing the Tile app to stay running in the background. Additionally, this app lets you have a connection to the biggest lost and found community in the world. Here, you can meet strangers and even friends using the same app for finding the things that matter to them. There is no maintenance demanded by this device from the user’s end. The setup is very simple and takes only seconds to get started.

You can even share this equipment with other people having the tile app. This product is a perfect option for keys, bags, and phones along with the wallets. Overall, this product is all that you need for protecting your wallet.


  • It is available in the white-golden color that looks very attractive to the eyes.

  • This device gives proper details about where you have left your lost wallet.

  • The tile app lets you interact with millions of users globally.


  • The battery life is a little bit lower when compared with other tile versions.

5. Pally Smart Finder

If you want to buy a viable option that available at a pretty good price, then buy the Pally Smart Finder. One amazing thing about this product is its battery life of 2 years that is more than any product in this list. Despite having a pretty basic design, it is one of the best wallet trackers to buy. It comes with a virtual leash feature that notifies the users when the phone goes out of the range.  There is a very clear and loud alarm produced by the equipment when you press the find feature using the Android or iOS version of the app. Since its launch, this device has only made a positive reputation among the users. Many devices come and go after it, but this equipment still become successful in maintaining its image.

The virtual leash function can turn out to be handy in many situations. For instance, you forget the wallet on the table in the restaurant. At that time, there will be alert produced by the device when you go out of the range. Additionally, this tracker has Bluetooth 4.0 technology that let it work in a variety of areas like home automation, enterprise inventory tracking, iBeacon micro-location, office security, etc.

The Smart Finder app is compatible with all the Android and iOS devices. This package comes with two installed batteries, instruction guide, smart finder, and one key ring. The instructions mentioned in the guide are very clear and make the installation process easier.


  • This wallet tracker produces a very loud sound that let you find the wallet even if it is under the cushion.

  • The virtual leash feature can turn out to be very handy and save your wallet from getting lost in public.

  • It is available at very affordable pricing.


  • It has a bulky design when compared with the other products in this list.

How to choose the best wallet trackers?

There are certain things that you should know while selecting a wallet tracker. If you follow them correctly, there is no way that you will end up buying a wrong product. Read each of them and implement them for buying the best wallet trackers.

  • Battery

It is important to check out the battery life while buying a tracker for the wallet. You should go for the one that has at least nine months of battery life. Buying one less than it will make the process troublesome for you.

  • Range

The majority of high-quality Bluetooth trackers nowadays have an extended range of at least 100 feet. Buying one with less range than it will reduce the benefits of the tracker.

  • Sound

One of the most important features to consider while buying the wallet tracker is its sound. It should be loud enough to get heard even if your wallet gets buried under something in a noisy environment.

  • Budget

There is no way that we can miss this prospect while buying something, not only wallet tracker. It ranges from super cheap to the high price products. So, you should calculate your budget and choose according to that.

If you follow the things mentioned above, then you will end up buying the most valuable tracking device for wallets.


We believe that you have received enough information about the wallet tracking devices. Our team has added each product in this list of best wallet trackers after careful testing and research. You should go for the one that suits your budget and requirements adequately. If you have any query in your mind about the wallet trackers, then please tell us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to tell us about the experiences with the product you have bought as it will be helpful for the fellow readers.

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