Best USB power meter 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best USB power meter

Are you looking to know how much power your camera has consumed during the last use? If yes, then you need to know the best USB power meter that works on a plenty of devices along with the camera. You can use it on the phone, iPhone or any device powered by the USB. This device is inserted between the device and battery so that it can effectively check the power and voltage in the real time. In simple words, you can have a better information about the powered consumed by your device in different modes.

There is a great chance that the majority of our readers might be using this equipment for the first as it has gained popularity in the recent times. This device came in a plastic casing that held together with the help of internal tabs. There is a power meter installed in this equipment whose job is to calculate the current and voltage.

How to choose the best USB Power Meter?

Buying a high-quality product is a difficult task for the individuals who don’t have a proper knowledge about this device. There are hundreds of brands who claim to manufacture the best USB power meter, but we can’t blindly believe in their promises. That’s why we have created a buying guide that will help you find perfect USB power meter as per your needs precisely. Check out the guide and follow it while buying this device:

  • Quality Casing

If you are buying a USB power meter, then you should ensure that it has a durable body. The reason behind is that it is the casing where the power meter stays protected. If it's made from the cheapest material, then the power meter will get broken easily even in a single fall.

  • Budget

There is no way that anyone can avoid this characteristic while buying the best USB power meter. If you go for a cheap product made from low-quality material, then it may not last long. On the other hand, you can make a good choice by investing in an average to high-quality USB power meter so that you don’t have to buy another one for many years.

  • Compatibility

There are many power meters that work only with the cameras. So, you need to calculate your requirements and find out the devices with which this meter need to work. If you follow our advice, then it will be best that you go for the one that is compatible with a great number of electronic devices.

  • Ease of use

It is clear that no one wants to use a power meter that is complicated to use. We strongly suggest you go for the one that can be easily used even by a beginner.

What is the top 5 best USB Power Meter?

Have you become frustrated by seeing the buying guide as it asks you to follow lots of things demanding time and effort? If you are not up for going through such a research, then there is no need to worry. We have created this list of top 5 best USB power meter after an extensive research and testing. All you need to do is checking each of them and then buy one that suits your requirements.

We will start our list with an amazing product DROK Pocket USB Meter that equips with a high-quality OLED display. It is a versatile tool that can be used for calculating current, voltage, power, and capacity through phone and battery. It has three modes that can be changed with a single switch. The modes are named quick charging, direct mode, and disconnected mode.

During our testing, we found that it is pretty easy to evaluate current with this tool. This USB power meter can use for a variety of electric devices like power banks, tablets, mobile phone, camera, and pad. It has seven different functions that you will find in limited tools in the market.


  • It comes with a crystal clear digital display and consumes very low power.

  • A versatile tool capable to perform a variety of functions

  • Very simple to evaluate current with this tool.


  • Ports could have been labeled better.

If you are looking for a highly accurate power meter at an affordable price, then buy the X-Dragon USB power meter. It is a digital device that equips with seven modes to monitor showing current, power, capacitance, and voltage. This equipment is the best USB power meter that allows you to switch between the modes using a simple button. It is a dual output device that can be used for both data transfer as well as charging.

This tool can show both amp and volt in real-time simultaneously. You will find this meter pretty affordable that work for a plenty of devices like solar charger, power bank, etc. It comes in three different variants that ensure everyone gets one as per their requirements.


  • It equips with a crystal clear display.

  • There are two outlets in this power meter for easier working.

  • This tool is extremely versatile and works with plenty of devices.


  • The power meter doesn’t come with clear operating instructions.

The Eversame USB Digital Meter equip with a USB detector system through which you can easily detect the charging issues in the car chargers, USB cables, wall chargers, and other similar devices. It comes with a built-in circuit having a CW3002D chip that boosts the current in a fast manner. Additionally, it has a smart interior system that efficiently detects issues pretty safely.

There is a high-quality LCD display having proper brightness and clarity allowing you to check out the parameters making things easy. It has three different display modes allowing you choose one as per your convenience.


  • The power meter has a very simple operation.

  • Comes with one-year hassle-free guarantee

  • Available at a pretty affordable price


  • Some complain about its inaccurate readings.

There is no way that we can miss the name of this tool in our list of best USB power meter due to its high precision display and compatibility with mobile apps. It has a Bluetooth connection that allows you to use this meter with a mobile phone and computer. Furthermore, this meter supports more than 10 languages like German, Chinese, English, and many more. You can effectively measure capacity, input voltage, power, and energy.

This power meter work in a plenty of tests for devices like laptop, mobile phone, power bank, car charger, discharge load, cable impedance measurement, and many more. Additionally, you will get a user manual and PC software instruction manual along with this power meter. We guarantee that you will fall in love with its 1.44 inch LCD display. It is available in six different versions that ensure everyone gets one as per their budget and requirement.


  • Equip with a very useful instruction manual for customer’s convenience.

  • It has many useful features that you will like for sure.

  • Work brilliantly with the mobile apps


  • Some versions of this power meter are very costly.

Our team will conclude the list of top 5 best USB power meter with this product of Soonbar. You can see both the amp and voltage at the same time. It has a very high accuracy level and range between 3 & 10 volts. There are two dedicated USB ports in this power meter for the convenience of the customers. The first one is created for the battery charging and data synchronisation, whereas the second one equipped with a built-in circuit for boosting the charging.

It is an inexpensive option that you can buy if you are tighter on the budget. Some most amazing features of this power meter are dual display for the current and data communication for the ease of the users. While our research, we found that it is a worthy product that offers pretty accurate results. You can use this digital meter on a plenty of devices like iPhone, Galaxy smartphone, iPad, etc.


  • There are two USB ports in this power meter that come in a very less number of power meters.

  • You can buy this product at quite an affordable price.

  • Equip with an exciting data communication function


  • Casing made from the very average material.


You can see having a USB power meter is not only beneficial for your camera, but also work perfectly with lots of other devices like iPad, iPhones, and many more. Buy one of the products mentioned in this list of top 5 best USB power meter that suits your needs. We believe that you will make a smart choice and end up buying a product that will last for a long time. Don’t forget to tell us about the experiences with the USB power meter.

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