Best Telescopic Fishing Rods 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Telescopic fishing ros

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Do you love fishing? Whenever you see a lake, river or pond what comes to your mind? Is it fishing? If your answer to this is "yes", then you surely need a good telescopic fishing rod to enjoy your fishing trip. Every angler wishes to have a great fishing rod when it comes to fishing as you can't think of fishing without a good fishing rod. Portable telescopic fishing rod is considered as the best telescopic fishing rod because it can be folded down in inches and you can easily fit them anywhere in your vehicle and it can become your best friend to spend time easily. Choosing one of the best telescopic fishing rods becomes a bit difficult task for one; after all, there are so many telescopic fishing rods available in the market. Each telescopic fishing rod comes with a vast number of different features and benefits which make it tough to find the one which suits you the most and you know better, making a wrong decision in buying your fishing rod can ruin your fishing trip. So to make your fishing portable you obviously need a perfect telescopic fishing rod. Here perfect means the one that is light in weight, easily fordable, corrosion free, it's power, construction and material used in making. All these factors play a vital role in making the best portable fishing telescopic rod.

Below I have mentioned some of the best telescopic fishing rods that will not only fit your pocket and must say your vehicle too, but also will make your every fishing trip memorable, fun and best. After going through below mentioned fishing rods you will be in a good position to be able to make the right and perfect choice in buying the perfect telescopic fishing rod.

Top 10 Best telescopic fishing rods reviews

Love fishing rod that collapses easily and always fits your car or even better in your back pack, then Sougayilang Black Hawk Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod is the best fishing rod for you to have. It has some of the great features with respect to durability, functionality and power that will make your fishing trip awesome and fun. Just travel to your favourite fishing spot with this light weight rod and enjoy fishing. Let me brief you about this amazing product more.


  • They have CNC machined aluminum reel seat components.

  • They are made up of high-density 24-ton carbon fiber and E-Glass composite.

  • Three point welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts.

  • Light in weight and are easily portable.

  • It can be used both with braided and mono fishing line.

  • Various size and length are available as shown in the below table.

Size Weight(g) Open Length (cm) Close Length (cm) Guides Tip Dia. (mm) Lure Weight (g) Line Weight (lb)
1.8M 5.91Ft 147 178 47 4 2.2 7-9 5-10
2.1M 6.89Ft 177 213 49 5 2.2 7-9 5-10
2.4M 7.87Ft 226 245 50 6 2.2 7-14 6-12
2.7M 8.86Ft 235 263 53 6 2.2 7-21 8-15
3.0M 9.84Ft 290 295 54 7 2.2 7-21 8-15
3.6M 11.81Ft 329 358 70 7 2.2 7-21 8-15


  • Completely collapse to inches, hence good for easy storage and travel.

  • Made with corrosion resistant CNC machined aluminium.

  • Plastic cap for protection of guide rings on the pole.

  • It also comes with a bag for protection of the fishing rod.

  • For freshwater bass trout fishing, inshore fishing and saltwater surf fishing it has various sizes and lengths available.

  • It is light in weight and is perfectly balanced, making it less fatigue.

  • It's light weight makes it easily fit in your car trunk, boat hatch, and even your back pack.


  • Light in weight, thus easily portable.

  • Comes with a bag for protection and ease in portability.

  • Simple and sleek design, yet durable.

  • Found very suitable for a spinning reel.

  • It's strong carbon fibre and aluminium increases its durability and makes it strong.

  • It can be used both in freshwater and saltwater.

  • It can be used in a boat fishing, surf fishing, reef fishing and inshore fishing.

  • The streamlined body increases the chance of catching a strong and aggressive fish.


  • As it is available in many sizes i.e. weight is not constant, the bigger fishing rod may be heavier and difficult to use and carry.

Everyone loves creativity and creative things as it is loaded with more and more features to suit you in every situation and fulfill all your needs and satisfies you. When it comes to creativity PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod is the first name that should come in every angler's mind. PLUSINNO is not just easier to use but also smarter to own. It has been voted as the best telescopic fishing rod by its buyers on the basis of price and features it has. Moreover, the development team of this company does take reviews from their customers and their experience to improve the product on the basis of design and functionality. It is always the first choice for serious saltwater fishing.


  • The retractable design makes it compact, thus easier to fold and store and carry anywhere with an ease.

  • It is made from high elasticity and high-density carbon fiber.

  • High tensile strength plastic body.

  • Light in weight makes it easier to handle and operate.

  • Equipped with a stainless steel frame carbon oxide wire line guide.

  • S-curve oscillation system for very good line winding.

  • Soft and comfortable handle made from EVA material.

  • Deep aluminum spool with double color.

  • Thick Coiled bail spring.

  • Various size and length are available as shown in the below table.

Size (m) Section Weight (g) Collapsed (cm) Extend (cm)
1.8 5 149 40 180
2.1 6 177 41 210
2.4 7 211 42 240
2.7 8 243 43 270


  • It can withstand large pulling force.

  • Smoother, more balanced operation between the swing wheel and guide ring is possible.

  • Carbon fiber rod combined with fiberglass.

  • EVA material handle makes it anti-skid and sweats absorption.

  • Stainless steel hooded reel seats make it corrosion resistant.

  • Perfect fishing rod for saltwater fishing.

  • Close length design makes it more convenient to carry in a travel bag.

  • Made with high density and reliable flexibility.


  • Strong and durable fishing rod.

  • Hassle free portability.

  • Easy to store and transport anywhere.

  • Suitable for both right and left handed people as it has interchangeable handles.


  • It is more suitable for fishing larger and heavier fish.

  • The fishing rod is not much sensitive.

  • Rod is very much stiff and does not flex much.

Sometimes it becomes hard to find what we are looking for eagerly and often if not found as per our desire, makes us disinterested. Well, finding a telescope fishing rod that has all the basic features is not as difficult as Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod is always there. It comes with all the basic features needed in a fishing rod that you won’t regret buying it. Check out some of its details that are mentioned below that will make you buy this portable fishing rod without thinking twice. It’s a great product for those who love fishing a lot and are very much enthusiastic about it.


  • The fishing rod is made from top grade carbon fibre which makes it strong and durable.

  • It has good elasticity and strong capacity.

  • The spinning reel has CNC machine cut collapsible handle.

  • It comes with adjustable full metal screw reel.

  • Weights approx 0.12-0.35 kg.

  • Aluminium spool with high tensile gear is present.

  • Excellent line laid oscillation system.

  • Ultra-thin streamline designed body makes it easily portable.

  • When closed, the reels are very much compact.

  • Various size and length are available as shown in the below table.

Size Weight (g) Open Length (cm) Close Length (cm) Guides Tip Dia. (mm) Lure Length (g) Line Weight (lb)
1.8M 5.91Ft 147 178 47 4 2.2 7-9 5-10
2.1M 6.89Ft 177 213 49 5 2.2 7-9 5-10
2.4M 7.87Ft 226 245 50 6 2.2 7-14 6-12
2.7M 8.86Ft 235 263 53 6 2.2 7-21 8-15
3.0M 9.84Ft 290 295 54 7 2.2 7-21 8-15
3.6M 11.81Ft 329 358 70 7 2.2 7-21 8-15


  • It comes with a plastic cap which helps in keeping the guide rings in place and protected.

  • Stainless steel hooded reel is anti-sea water corrosion.

  • Fishing rod length is adjustable making it more convenient to most places.

  • EVA fore grip for ease and comfort.

  • Spinning reels are interchangeable making it suitable for fishing for both left and right-handed anglers.

  • Adjustable cast control as the rod is strong and flexible.

  • Easily fits in a car trunk, boat hatch or even your back pack.


  • Suitable for fishing from shore, reefs, and rocks.

  • Comes with a bag for protection of rod.

  • The EVA fore grip makes sure that you have a comfortable grip.


  • Fishing reel not included.

As a fisherman, you don’t wait for a big fish to strike but once it happens then you must have a good equipment to win the battle as only your skills won't be sufficient to make you win. High-quality fishing rod and reels are very much important factors in fishing. When we talk about quality and performance then the only name that comes is PLUSINNO Spin Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. It comes with all the necessary equipment needed for fishing and you don’t need to buy anything additional for it. Let's take a look at some of its distinguishing features that make it stand different from others in the market.


  • Perfect elasticity and high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass.

  • Stainless steel hooded seats are anti sea water corrosion.

  • Portable rod and close length design.

  • Equipped with power drive gear for high strength.

  • Large line capacity.

  • Instant anti reverse, provides enough stability when trawling.

  • It comes with an aluminium spool with one-line hole and a double colour.

  • Equipped with power drive gear which controls the power and speed of the spinning rod.

  • Left and right interchangeable handles making it more comfortable to operate for both left and right-handed anglers.

  • Light in weight and compact design.

  • Outfitted with an anti-reverse handle.

  • Works on S-curve oscillation system.

  • Measures at about 18 inches when the pole is collapsed.

  • Increased elasticity, hardness, and durability.


  • It comes with all the necessary accessories needed for fishing, no need to buy anything separately.

  • EVA grip for more ease and comfort and sweat free handle.

  • The smaller parts are made of soft plastic and stainless steel making it durable.

  • Easy to fold up and expand.

  • It's power drive gear helps in increasing the overall strength while catching big and troublesome fishes.


  • Specially made for novice fishers.

  • Small storage area in the bottom.

  • Suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater.

  • Very strong material and incapable of rusting.


  • The fishing rod holder is not included.

  • It can’t handle too much weight, hence it is not possible to catch big fish.

  • Portability of the rod is not so easy.

Are you a person who loves the spontaneous fishing trip and always in search of a durable, compact, lightweight yet comfortable fishing rod? Then this is the perfect option for you. Meant for backpackers and travelers the Eagle claw pack-it spin telescopic rod is designed keeping in mind the requirement of such enthusiastic fishermen. Keep it in the back of your trunk or strap it to the back of your motorcycle, it is neat, lightweight and helps you save space. The advanced fiberglass construction makes it the sturdiest fishing rod you can come across. This telescopic rod is the one that you will be able to use to capture your best set ever.


  • Graphite constructed single piece rod.

  • Spinning combo reel.

  • Fiberglass rod for strength and durability.

  • Strong and lightweight reel seat.

  • Lightweight aluminium reel.

  • Equipped with medium action tip making it suitable for crank baits, buzz baits, and spinner baits.

  • The fishing rod is tough enough to withstand most rugged conditions.

  • EVA foam handles for easy grip and sweat free.


  • Collapsible design offers easy transport.

  • Mono-filament line included.

  • Quick folding handle.

  • When collapsed can be easily carried in hand.

  • Durable glass makes the rod most suitable for the trail and trunk.


  • Changeable left-right retrieve.

  • Rubber knobs and metal handles make it more comfortable to work with.

  • Quite adjustable because of micro fine drag.


  • Lacks hook keeper and the tip protector.

  • The handle is little making it difficult to handle and work with.

  • Available in only one colour i.e. yellow which many anglers may find not so suitable.

Are you an avid angler always looking for a fishing rod with a sturdy build and an elaborate design? Then the Goture SWORD series telescopic fishing rod is your perfect buy. Made from the high density of 24-ton carbon fibre it will help you maintain the perfect angle. The compact design will help you cast over a distance of 100 meters without any hassle. Sturdy design and lightweight, you can easily carry it around with you. Be it a small fish or a big one the sensitivity of the rod towards the slightest vibration will make sure that you do not miss out.


  • It is made from high density 24-ton carbon fibre.

  • It consists of E-glass composite which gives more power and sensitivity.

  • Light in weight.

  • EVA butt handle.

  • Double anodized forged aluminium spool.

  • Rugged graphite frame and rotor.

  • Stainless steel guides with ceramic rings.

  • 6 bearing system.

  • Brass pinion and drive gear.

  • Reel seat is made from corrosion resistant CNC machined aluminium.

  • Corrosion resistant rod.

  • Light in weight and portable.

  • Available in below-mentioned size.

Size Weight (oz) Open Length (ft) Close Length (ft) Guides Tip Dia. (in) Lure Length (oz) Line Weight (lb)
2.1M 6.10Ft 6.109 7.020 1.591 5 0.09 0.25-0.32 5-10
2.4M 7.10Ft 7.904 8.169 1.640 6 0.09 0.25-0.49 6-12
2.7M 8.10Ft 8.183 8.760 1.739 6 0.09 0.25-0.74 8-15
3.0M 9.10Ft 9.961 9.941 1.755 7 0.09 0.25-0.74 8-15
3.6M 11.10Ft 11.41 11.63 2.247 7 0.09 0.25-0.74 8-15


  • Easily fits in a car trunk or back pack.

  • The high-density carbon fibre and the E-glass provide great power helps to maintain the perfect balance.

  • The stainless steel guides with ceramic rings slide smoothly.

  • 1-year warranty is provided by the company.

  • The anti corrosive material makes sure that the rod is not damaged even in the most unfavorable conditions.


  • Perfect option for traveling anglers.

  • A hard plastic packaging box is provided which can be easily added in your luggage.

  • It can carry weight up to 10 pounds.

  • It can be used efficiently in harsh saltwater as well as fresh water without any obstacle.


  • While trying to collapse it, if an unrequited force is applied to the pole it tends to snap.

Passionate about fishing and tired of all the fishing rods that snap into pieces the instant you try to fit them in your trunk. Worry no more, the Goture portable carbon fibre telescopic fishing rod will make sure that you have a successful fishing trip. The strong design that has most efficiently combined the carbon fibre technology makes it an investment you would not want to miss any time. Not to forget that the guide rings are specially equipped with resin adhesive to make sure that they stay in their place. Be it marine fishing or freshwater fishing, it will be your perfect companion.


  • The construction of the fishing rod is lightweight and durable.

  • The durable guides provide smooth and reliable performance.

  • Made out of carbon fiber the rod is durable and will not snap under any kind of pressure.

  • The handle of the rod of designed in a manner to equally distribute the weight.

  • The rings do not any kind of extra weight to the rod as they are made of ceramic material.

  • The resin adhesive secures the ring in its place not disturbing the performance of the rod.

Standard Contraction length sec Weight (g) Front diameter (mm) Diameter back (mm)
1.8m 48 6 112 2.3 14
2.4m 49 7 146 2.3 16
2.4m 51 8 173 2.3 18
2.7m 52 9 205 2.3 19
3.0m 52 10 268 2.3 22
3.3m 52 12 289 2.3 25
3.6m 54 12 335 2.3 30


  • The durable carbon fiber design makes it a durable choice as well as being compact at the same time.

  • It can be easily used in both fresh water as well as salt water.


  • The protective cover is also provided.

  • It is very comfortable to use and easy to handle.

  • The guides are very smooth and do not cause any unwanted friction.

  • Looks elegant and stylish.

  • Easily fits in any space.


  • A fishing reel is not provided.

  • Cannot be relied on if you are planning for a heavy fish.

Telescopic fishing rods are a boon for people who love fishing but are constantly traveling. While their ability to turn compact is the best advantage, most of the times they do not come off as the most reliable source at times of need. If you are facing one such problem, them the Yongzhi pocket fishing rod metal reel seat super hard portable telescopic fishing rod is your ultimate solution. Strong and durable are the best words to describe this fishing rod. Meant to lift even a fish weighing up to 8 pounds, this is one reliable fishing rod.


  • The telescopic pole is very easy to store and travel with.

  • Available in 5 different sizes to meet your specific requirements.

  • The compacted pole extends out to 7 feet 8 inches and when retracted it measures to mere one foot.

  • The weight of the rod is very light.

  • Compatible with both salt water and fresh water.

  • The fishing pole is anti corrosion making it durable and reliable.

Size Weight Length –open Length -closed Guides Tip Dia
1.3m/4.26ft 4.06oz 51.57in 10.63in 4 0.07in
1.5m/4.92ft 4.23oz 62.99in 11.02in 5 0.07in
1.8m/5.91ft 5.29oz 71.26in 11.22in 5 0.07in
2.1m/6.89ft 6.07oz 83.46in 11.61in 6 0.07in
2.4m/7.87ft 6.53oz 94.09in 12.80in 6 0.07in


  • The pole is very easy to extend and retracts very easily without creating any kind of rough friction.

  • The carbon and metal pole has great flexibility as well as durability.

  • The mount is adjustable making it possible for it to fit any reel of different size.

  • Once the rod is extended it quickly locks down and does not slide down.

  • There are metal rings provided instead of plastic to lock in the reel.


  • A cap is provided to cover the loops when they are not in use as well as a fabric sleeve to store it in.

  • The construction is of good quality.

  • The size and weight of the pole are very convenient for those who like to carry a fishing pole when going on an impromptu fishing trip.

  • Even the reel, is not heavy making it handy while using.


  • The diameter of the guide is small for spinning reels.

  • Sections collapse easily, hence it could be not convenient if pulled hard as it can result in breaking.

Eagle claw fishing are known to produce efficient yet durable fishing products since last 90 years. The eagle claw pack telescopic spinning rod is another beauty created by them. 

Add it to your backpack or just keep it under your car seat, this telescopic spinning rod will be a part of all your adventures and spontaneous journeys. The lightweight aluminium reel makes it more user-friendly and comfortable. Be it bass fishing or fresh water fishing it will never disappoint you. Also, the reel handle can be shifted to either side, so even the lefties can use it easily.


  • Durable glass construction.

  • Lightweight graphite reel with quick folding handle.

  • Medium action rod.

  • Eva foam handle.


  • Perfect for the trail, trunk or turbo prop.

  • It is a Strong and long lasting option at a convenient price.

  • The EVA foam handle helps you attain a firm grip.

  • When closed it measures only 17 inches making it very easy to carry around.


  • The pole is strong and durable compared to most of the conventional fishing rods.

  • It is already preloaded with a line which makes it more easy and convenient to use.

  • Compact in size, it is very easy to stow and carry around while traveling.

  • Versatile in nature when it comes to interchanging between bass and trout set up.

  • Cost effective.


  • The reel if not handled properly seems to get stuck.

  • Many times the reel cannot handle heavy weight resulting in the rod snapping when not handled correctly.

Are you tired of managing all your fishing accessories and thinking of buying a compact fishing kit which easily fits in your telescopic fishing rods along lures, hooks, fishing line and the extra requirements? The solution to this problem is nothing but a fishing kit. The Plusinno spinning rod and reel combos full kit have the best telescopic fishing rod which has a sturdy design and efficient. Not to forget the fact that the kit is designed in such a way that all the equipment are easily accessible and systematically managed without wasting any space.


  • Perfect elasticity.

  • High-density carbon fibre combined with fibreglass.

  • Stainless hooded reel seats.

  • Anti sea water corrosion.

  • Portable fishing rod.

  • Sensitive graphite blank construction.

  • Aluminum oxide guide inserts fishing pole.

  • Power drive gear for top strength.

  • Deep aluminum spool with double color.

  • S-curve oscillation system for very good line winding.

  • Several lengths for you to choose.

1.8M 5.91Ft: Closed Length: 40cm 15.75 inch. 

2.1M 6.89Ft: Closed Length: 41cm 16.14 inch. 

2.4M 7.87Ft: Closed Length: 42cm 16.54 inch. 

2.7M 8.86Ft: Closed Length: 43cm 16.93 inch. 

3.0M 9.84Ft: Closed Length: 45cm 17.72 inch. 

3.3M 10.83Ft: Closed Length: 46cm 18.11 inch. 


  • High-density carbon fibre combined with fibreglass makes fishing pole hard and durable.

  • Interchangeable handles for both left and right handed anglers.

  • EVA fore grip for comfort.

  • High tensile strength plastic body.

  • Instant anti reverse reels.

  • Medium power.

  • Comes with extended handles.

  • Close length design makes it comfortable to carry around.

  • Suitable for boat fishing and sea fishing.

  • Thick Coiled bail spring.


  • Mostly made for novice users.

  • Kit contains fishing rod, fishing reel, hooks, fishing line, fishing bag case, making it the most convenient telescopic fishing rod for anyone looking for an entire package.

  • The carbon fiber along with fibreglass ensures that the durability of the fishing rod.

  • The reel is made of stainless steel and is anti seawater corrosion.

  • The EVA fore grip provides the best comfort and a stern grip.

  • The spinning cord has the perfect elasticity making it the best choice.

  • A warranty of 12 months is provided by the company.


  • Handle extension falls apart.

  • Line bait and hooks are not provided in the kit.

  • Rod cannot close all the way after it has been used.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod: Buyer's Guide

While trying to buy a perfect telescopic fishing rod may seem like a difficult task, but once you are clear with your requirements and the equipment meeting your fishing techniques, it is a piece of cake! The following factors should be considered by every enthusiastic angler before purchasing a telescopic fishing rod.

The length of the fishing rod:

The length of the fishing rod is very important when it comes to selecting a suitable option. But while talking about the best telescopic fishing rod, it is necessary to consider the full length and the closed length. The full length of the fishing rod is measured from the butt of the rod all the up to the tip of the rod. Whereas the compact length is the length of the rod after it has collapsed. The compact length should be such that it can easily fit in your luggage or be easy to travel with.


The weight of the telescopic rods is generally lighter than the traditional fishing rods. The reason why the weight of the telescopic rod is important because it shouldn’t be heavy or it will not be convenient to carry around while traveling. Moreover, the material used to construct the fishing rods contributes to the weight of the rods. A well balanced telescopic fishing rod should neither be heavy nor light as it can greatly impact the casting as well the pressure handled by the rod. The weight of the rod also speaks for its ability to handle the weight.


The material out of which a fishing rod is made of determines the durability and the flexibility of the fishing rod. The materials should provide strength as well flexibility ensuring that the rod does not snap under pressure. Most of the high-end telescopic rods are made of fiber glass, carbon fiber, graphite or mixture of carbon glass and carbon fiber. These two materials will provide strength as well as flexibility. While purchasing a telescopic fishing rod make sure that you do not buy any rod made from a cheaper material under the pretext of the mentioned above.


The guides or the eyelets are the rings that on the fishing rod. These rings direct the line of your rod into the water. Another important function of the guides is to handle the weight and the pressure of the fish once you have caught it. Most of the telescopic rods have five guides generally. Though, an excess of guides on your rod will result in more weak points. Hence it will result in losing the overall strength of the rod while maintaining the balance.


The power of the fishing rod will define the strength of the rod. There are generally three powers of these rods, generally known as heavy, medium heavy and medium. The materials and the size of the rod influence the power of the rod. Considering most of the telescopic rods mentioned in the above list, they are most in the medium to medium heavy power range. This ensures that they are strong, but their level of sensitivity is rather limited. While the telescopic rods which are generally known to have a lighter power rating, these rods are extremely sensitive and not meant for heavy and larger fish.


While telescopic rods are preferred for their ability to turn compact, the same ability can turn disastrous at times. It is necessary to understand that the rod should easily blank, and the guides should stay aligned while fishing. Many times blank tends to twist or does not coordinate with the line when a large fish is captured. A good telescopic rod will be able to handle extreme pressure without twisting or sliding away from the line.


The action of a telescopic rod defines the flexibility of the rod when it is cast. It is concentrated on the tip of the fishing rod. The three actions of a fishing rod is slow, medium and fast. Slow action means the entire rod will flex, medium action means the mid section and fast means that only the tip flexes. Slow action rods are more suitable if you aim to capture larger fishes. Fast action rods are more sensitive and more preferable for lighter fishes. The key is to decide on the basis of your own personal preference when it comes to deciding the preferred action of a fishing rod.

The Bottom Line:

It's important to understand the various options available in the market and then matching them to your requirements. If you are frequent angler it will be very easy for you to figure out the requirements you would want in your rod and match them with the available option. Though if you are a rookie, try to understand the function of each of the feature and also take expert opinion to avoid any kind of blunders while purchasing. Besides that, there are always reviews available online to help you get a better and practical idea about the product you are thinking to purchase. The companies of manufacturing fishing products are always trying to upgrade their products to meet the requirements of their customers, hence do not refrain from experimenting with different fishing rods. Most of the esteemed companies also provide a warranty which is just another advantage for every angler out there. The best telescopic fishing rod will not only improve your fishing skills but also will make sure that you enjoyed the best trip ever!

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