Best Space Heaters For Basement 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Space Heaters For Basement

Imagine, you have entered into your house’s basement and suddenly your feet turned into ice. This kind of condition arises when you don’t install the best space heater in the basement. Moreover, working on a project in the winters can become really frustrating and let you feel extremely cold if you don’t install this device.

What are the major pros installing best space heater for the basement?

Although, there is a plethora of benefits that one can enjoy by installing a heater in their basement. We have mentioned some of the major ones below:

  • Warmth space

  • There is a great amount of warmth provided by this equipment into space. You will never feel cold, even if there is snowing outside.

  • Automatic shut-off

  • Once your basement’s temperature reaches the required temperature, the device will shut-off automatically making it convenient to use.

  • Easy to maintain

  • There is little to zero maintenance involved in the best space heater for the basement. All you need is install once it in your home and it will work superbly for years.

How to select best space heater for the basement?

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the perfect space heater for providing maximum heat to your basement. We have explained them in detail below:

  • Go for the radiant heating system if you want to heat your basement without creating any sound. They are one of the most common options for basements because of their effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, these devices use electricity for warming the basement.

  • If you have a large basement, then we strongly recommend you to go for an electric heater. They are the best space heater for basement that can heat the room very quickly. It is extremely easy to use and economical for the pocket.

  • A propane gas heater is all you need if you have a small basement under 300 square foot area. There is no involvement of any kind of ductwork for installing this equipment in your basement.

  • If you want to save space in the basement, then you should buy a baseboard heater for heating up the basement. It is a perfect solution that doesn’t demand any kind of complicated installation process.

What are top 10 best space heaters for basement?

There are hundreds of heaters available in the market that make it difficult for the individuals for selecting the best one. However, there is nothing to worry as we will tell you about the top 10 best space heaters for basement in details.

1. Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

Equipped with the advanced dual heating system, this basement heater uses infrared heating that you will not find in the majority of products in the market. The most exciting thing about this equipment is its ability to heat the room instantly. It only targets the objects instead of air in the basement so that you get extreme warmth without using much energy.

Other wonderful features of this heater are overheated shut-off protection system, an LED display, a remote control, a tip-over switch, and 4 wheels for mobility. The complete design of this product undergoes in the United States, whereas the manufacturing work is performed in China. Overall, it is a small and portable device that comes with wheels so that you can easily transfer it from one place to another. There is also an auto temperature feature in this heater that allows set anywhere between 50 & 86 degrees as per your convenience.

Furthermore, it works superbly fast and warms a 1000 square foot room within some seconds. In order to provide heat to the room, this equipment uses 12.5 amps of power.


  • An energy-efficient device that can warm your space comfortably.

  • Overheat & tip over protection provide proper safety in the room.

  • The operation doesn’t create noise at all.

  • Can last up to 80,000 hours in operation.


  • A little bit heavier in weight.

  • Preferred settings don’t get saved automatically.

2. Dr. Heater DR966 Shop Garage Commercial Heater

Another infrared heater in this list, the Dr. Heater DR966 is a commercial grade equipment that can work wonderfully for spaces, such as a basement, a garage, a storage container, and even a warehouse. It is a heavy duty product that comes with a thermostat so that you can select right heating power. There are two options to select that is named low and high. That’s not all, the product has an 8-inch fan that offers a great amount of heat without creating any type of noise.

The manufacturer has installed spiral steel metal sheath electric heating elements, which are capable to produce heat at both high and low temperatures. It makes sure the heater has a long life. The weight of this product is around 30 pounds that make it one of the best space heaters for the basement. It allows you to move the heater around the place easily without any problem.

This heater may be smaller in size but still, offer an extremely powerful heating to space. We can guarantee that you will not a complaint about the cold even there is a broken window in your basement.


  • It is an extremely durable product that can last for years.

  • Capable to perform even in the large area.

  • Equipped with louvers that make sure you enjoy an effective heating.

  • Comes with an alarm feature for making sure no mishaps happen.


  • For making sure an effective heating and safer operation, the user has to hardwire directly to the power source.

​3. Geek Portable Space Heater 

If you really want to buy a solid space heater having easier control and sophisticated functions, then you should buy Geek Portable Space Heater now. It comes with 3-way settings that allow you to set its operations in three different frequencies, i.e. 30W for the fan, 450W for low heating, and 950W for high heating. The manufacturer has installed 60-degree oscillation electric heater so that it can rotate all over the area for better heating.  Furthermore, the size is extremely small and it is boosted by lightweight construction and back recessed handle. All these things make it easier from moving one place to another.

From a safety point of view, there is dual protection offered by the company with the help of a tip over protection and heat resistant plastics that makes it perfect for the bedroom, office, and even the basement. This equipment offers consistent warmth to the room without any issue. Its automatic shut off feature makes it one of the best space heater for basement. You don’t have to worry about the overheating or accident tipping. Additionally, this heater gives a reliable heating performance through its widespread oscillation function.


  • Extremely easy to move due to its convenient handle and lightweight construction.

  • You need to only press one button for rotating it all over the place.

  • Equipped with PYC ceramic heating technology that makes sure energy-efficient & faster heating.

  • It's high-quality material enhance the life of this equipment.


  • The instructions manual are a little bit difficult to understand.

  • Below average after sales customer service from the manufacturer’s end.

4. Mr. Heater F232000 Portable Radiant Heater

One of the most colorful and beautifully designed product in this list, Mr. Heater F232000 is popular among the people who like stylish heaters. This portable heater is a perfect item for hunters, campers, and individuals having a cold & drafty basement. It is basically a propane-fueled item that can work wonderfully if handled as per the instructions mentioned in the manual. Equipped with 4,000 to 9,000 BTU radiant heater, this product is capable to warm a space as large as 225 square feet.

It comes with an oxygen sensor that can shut off the device itself if the fuel levels go lower than the limit. Furthermore, it can also turn off automatically if the device tilt at an angle of 45 degrees. The total weight of this heater is 9.5 pounds that may make it a little bit heavier but the lifting becomes very easily due to its fold-down handle.

Without any doubt, this device is one of the best indoor space heaters for basement available in the market. It can produce a great amount of warmth in the chilly areas without creating any type of safety problems. So, you can enjoy your working in the tents, workshops or any other outdoor space where you feel the heat is needed.


  • The majority of the people found it extremely easy to operate.

  • Oxygen sensor provide some extra safety for the users.

  • Perfect for using in the basement as well as outdoors.

  • Comes with a plethora of features.


  • Some complaints about its durability issues.

5. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988

The DR988 is a wonderful electric heater that can be a perfect choice for the garage, workshop, and basement. The manufacturer has added a built-in thermostat, which can be adjusted as per your preference. There is a built-in cord storage in the heater that allows you to store the space easily.  In order to make sure the safety of the user, they have added discharge grills and finger-proof intake. The complete product is designed and engineered in the United States that prove the quality of the product.

That’s not all, you can save a great amount of energy bill by installing this powerful machine in your house. It is a dependable and sturdy product that can heat your basement within minutes and allow you get rid of an extra cold. The impressive portable design of this device is loved by the users who prefer style along with the power. In addition to a solid heater, this equipment features a fan that offers warmth on a continuous basis. In order to set up this product, you need a 220V plug that is easily available in the western countries, such as the United States and Canada.


  • Powerful heater make it a perfect option for a large basement or construction site.

  • The users are allowed to set temperature from low to high easily.

  • The proper safety provided by the overheat cut-off protection feature.

  • The price of the product is low that makes it a pocket-friendly option.


  • Minor complaints about the noise of the heater.

6. Fahrenheit FUH54 Garage Heater

Fahrenheit FUH54 is a 240-volt electric heater that can easily warm a space up to 1,500 square feet. If it works at its full capacity, then you can heat even a large basement that has leaks in some places. It can be installed quite easily without much difficulty. The user only has to plug a wall socket and mount it in the space according to their preferences. All you need to ensure is an electric circuit with a 30 amp breaker. Furthermore, you can even use the ceiling mounting bracket that can be mounted horizontally or vertically so that the flow of heat can be distributed even there is a bigger surface.

The louvers can be adjusted for directing the airflow if someone needs the warm air for pushing directly in their direction. The company has installed dial heater controls that make sure the device has a smoother operation. On the other hand, the built-in thermostat that can adjust the temperature ranging between 45 degrees & 135 degrees. It allows you customize the heat levels according to your requirement. Additionally, there is a ceiling bracket that makes sure you can have vertical & horizontal mounting. Overall, you will have flexible placement options to the users.


  • It is a durable product that comes with a water-resistant coating for providing proper protection from corrosion as well as rust.

  • There is a shut-off feature that makes sure the elements of the equipment doesn’t get overheated.

  • The equipment is equipped with a thermostat that allows you save the settings.


  • The device doesn’t come with a remote that might be an issue for some people.

  • The device doesn’t show the temperature details.

7. Opolar Ceramic Space Heater

Opolar Ceramic is one of the best space heaters for basement that comes with many innovative features that is difficult to find anywhere else. If you choose to equip this in your home, then you will stay warm this entire season. You will completely forget the cold weather while entering the room. There is an adjustable thermostat on the equipment so that the heat can be regulated for providing complete comfort in the room. In addition, the energy can be conserved by the unit due to the PTC ceramic.

There is a great amount of heat generated by the equipment in more than three seconds as the warmth pass through its aluminum radiator. Another amazing feature of this equipment is the auto-oscillating feature that allows it to warm a bigger area without using much electricity. There is a sensor added by the company that will turn off the equipment and propane supply automatically if the pilot light goes out.

In order to boost the authenticity of their product, the company is giving a one-year warranty on this equipment. There is thermostat installed in this heater through which you can adjust the regulator for tuning the temperature as per your choice. Furthermore, it has a lightweight and comes in a portable design that makes its operation easier. 


  • You will get excellent quality outdoor heating in your room.

  • The compact design of this product makes it a handy product to use.

  • Equipped with all the safety devices so that it doesn’t create any harm.


  • The heater creates some noise while working. Although, it can be easily adjusted.

​8. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater 

Without any doubt, this one is the best-infrared heater for a bigger area. The manufacturer has added a feature for both low as well as high-temperature settings in this equipment for making sure the user faces no problem. Furthermore, it allows them to save a great amount of energy when there is less cold in the basement. The most amazing thing about this heater is its in-built humidifier that creates a gentle mist for making sure that there is enough moisture in the air.

It has an auto energy saving model that comes with the push button power and mode settings. There is also a dial that shows temperature in the area. Moreover, it is perfectly safe for the children and kids that provide complete warmth to the area. The heating elements don’t get so there is no chance of causing a fire. It has an incredible design that is loved by the majority of people. The infrared heating of this equipment offer comfortable heating in the room and allow you stay away from the cold even there is no harsh temperature outside.


  • The heater has a very quieter operation that makes sure you can enjoy a complete warmth in the peace.

  • The built-in humidifier provide proper protection in the room.

  • There are wheels installed on the equipment that allows you transfer it one room to another easily.


  • Complaints about leakage in its circuit after some years of use.

9. Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Lasko #100 is one of the best space heaters for the basement if you really want to reduce your electricity bills. It is perfect for personal use due to its great range of various settings. This product has a very compact design that can be taken easily around the place. Additionally, it has many built-in safety features, such as overheat protection and cool touch housing. The equipment comes fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You will get a three-year warranty on this product that is a great sign of relief. It is a lightweight and compact product that allow it easier to carry. Furthermore, it can be stored easily during the winters. This equipment can serve various kinds of consumers. In addition to the basement, you can use it in the living room or any other place of your choice. In simple words, we can say that it can be used anywhere where you feel warmth is required. However, the most exciting thing about this product is its lower power usage that helps in eliminating the circuit breaker. It is an energy smart device that only uses 200 watts energy.

Other simple features of this product are cool-touch housing, overheat protection and safe ceramic elements.


  • There is a great amount of heat generated by the equipment that makes sure the room gets full warm.

  • An incredible option for individuals who need personal heating.

  • The heater is very easier & convenient to use.

  • Three years limited by the manufacturer.


  • Can’t give heat to the entire room, but perfect for personal use.

10. EdenPure Classic Plus Infrared Heater

EdenPure Classic Plus is an amazing heater that can develop a great amount of infrared heat by using a lesser amount of energy. Its solid power makes it perfect for the bigger size rooms. Furthermore, if there are children & pets in the room, then you can go for this product as it offers proper safety to the users. It comes with advanced technology that has introduced commercial quarts tubes. The hot spots are also get eliminated by the copper helix infrared bulb that generally results from low-cost limitation heaters. These bulbs have a longer lifespan of more than 10,000 hours. Furthermore, there will be no cold spots in the basement after installing this equipment in your home.

There is a safety feature in the product that makes sure the people in the room stay protected from the overheat protection. That’s not all, you will have lower electricity bills due to its amazing infrared bulbs. The product comes with a remote control for making sure you can easily operate it.


  • An amazing heater that can offer heat to a large room at an efficient rate.

  • Completely safe for the home that has pets and children.

  • Perfect investment for your money due to its amazing features.

  • Equipped with new heating technologies that are available in only some of best space heaters for the basement in the market.

  • Bulbs have a life expectancy of more than 10,000 hours.

  • Shut-off feature allows you remain worry-free without any difficulty.


  • The beep sound created by the heater is a little bit loud.

The Bottom Line

Having one of the best space heaters for the basement is essential when there is cold outside. At the moment of writing this article, they are the top 10 best heaters that you can buy. It is all up to you whether you want to buy online or visit in-shop. However, we will certainly shop one online as it will let you save a great amount of money. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then feel free to contact us.

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