Best Rifle Cases 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For some people, guns are just a safety tool. These people never use their guns so they don’t really pay much attention to it. These people aren’t those try hard type of people that pay so much time and money to take care of their firearms. They don’t even oil their guns that frequently. These are the people that have no interest in buying some of the best rifle cases out there.

Then, there are the hardcore people that own at least a couple of handguns, a shotgun and at least one rifle with a precision scope as well. These people might not get to use their firearms that often but they certainly feel a weird satisfaction every time they pull the trigger of their empty guns. These people try their best to take good care of their firearms. They frequently oil their weapons and make sure they don’t rust. You ever notice those fancy houses where a framed shotgun is hanging over the fireplace? Well, those house owners are the perfect residents of this category.

These people go above and beyond to make sure that their weapons remain in good shape and they’re willing to spend top dollar to make sure of that. If you’re one of those people that want to take care of your guns and not just have them taped to the bottom of your bed, then we have just the thing for you. Rifle cases can be life saving if you want to keep your guns scratch less. You might’ve seen a rifle case in a Hitman or Jason Bourne but don’t worry, people in real life use them too. Hunters most commonly use these cases because a gun that stays in the back of a car for a couple hours on a rocky terrain will be a nightmare for the piece of metal.

So, now that we have discussed why someone would need rifle cases, let’s talk a little about what sort of rifle cases people should buy. There are literally thousands of choices out there and you need to make sure that you pick the right one because the wrong one could ruin the outside of your weapon. So, to make your pick very easy, we will be listing 10 of the best rifle cases out there along with some of their pros and cons. This way you could compare various rifle cases and determine which one can suit your needs in the best way.

Top 10 Best Rifle Cases reviews

1. Plano Molding 108442-PARENT Tactical Gun Case

Plano Molding is well-known for creating a line of safety tools that are just perfect for hunting and fishing. This rifle case is one of the best selling products of Plano Molding’s arsenal and truly one of the best rifle cases out there.

The rifle case is weather resistant and works in all kinds of environments without any problems. The general size of the case is 42 inch. However, the interior size is 43’’x13’’x5’’ and the exterior size is 4’’x16’’x5.5’’.

The inside of the gun case contains highly customizable foam that can be adjusted to your liking. The foam can easily be molded into any shape you like. This can allow you to use the gun case for guns other than the specified one. For instance, you could simply create a handgun-shaped spacing and store a handgun in your case along with the rifle. You could also make some space for a couple of clips, a torch and a hunting knife since the case is quite roomy.

The case is completely water and air tight for added protection. The outside of the case contains Draw-Down Latches to firmly secure the case. The outer body of the case is quite firm and stands up to a certain amount of pressure. But, obviously, it is possible to put a dent in it. This will happen with any case that’s made of anything other than titanium. However, even if it easily dents, there is more than enough protection for your rifle.

The balancing of the case is a little off and is a trouble for most people. The case can stand on its side when it’s empty but as soon as you put something in the case, it tilts over. This can be a problem for people that have small storage space because they would have to store the case flat and this can take up a ton more space and can be a real pain as well.


  • Weather resistant.
  • Perforated foam can be easily manipulated.
  • Really roomy.
  • Water and air tight.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Reliable handle.


  • The plastic latches might break.
  • Foam comes out every time you take your gun out.
  • The casing might bend under pressure.
  • The case isn’t well balanced.

2. Condor SINGL-P Single Rifle Case

Condor SINGL-P looks just like your typical travelling bag. It doesn’t have a fancy silver back or complicated locks and latches. It doesn’t make you feel like a modern day James Bond ready to scope someone in the head. But, the quality of the protection is just as good as any other rifle case.

The case does give you a few choices when it comes to the size and color. The rifle case comes in three different colors; Black, Olive Drab and Tan. The black is usually the primary choice but if you’re going to be sneaky, the olive drab is perfect because it camouflages well with grass. The size variety is there to accommodate different types of rifles. The two different sizes are 36 x 12 x 3 inch and 42 x12 x 3 inch.

The larger case can usually hold in most rifles like M-16, AR-15, AK47 and Mini-14. The smaller case is perfect for anything smaller. The case has two different compartments. The first compartment is the main one that is used for the rifles. The compartment contains two long hooks and straps to secure the weapon. The second compartment is 26’’ long with two designated pockets for 9mm pistols or Glocks. The second compartment can also hold things like scopes, clips and silencers.

The quality of the case doesn’t do justice to its protection. The case is extremely affordable and offers premium protection at a cheap price.

The inside of the case is padded for extra protection. This might not be as complicated as some of the other rifle cases but it provides the necessary safety for your weapon. The earlier versions of this case contained plastic straps and clips, but now, after a bunch of customer requests, Condor switched to metal instead of cheap plastic.


  • Three different color choices.
  • Different sizes for different variety of rifles.
  • Multiple compartments and pouches make it perfect for a hunting trip.
  • Can hold several accessories and optics in the pouches.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Double padded for durability.
  • Metal straps and clips for reliability.


  • Double check to make sure your gun fits in the compartments. A lot of customer ended up with cases shorter than their guns.
  • Stitching might not be so durable.
  • Straps might snap after some time.

This is the second Plano Molding product on this list. However, this gun case is completely different from the first one physically. There is nothing metal about this gun case and is made entirely from foam. This case is specifically made for a shotgun and nothing else. The small width of the case cannot fit any other fancy rifle.

The exterior of the gun case is pretty cool. There are two colors used on the bag. The main color has sort of a cedar brown finish with black detailing on both corners of the bag.

The case itself contains two compartments and one pouch. The mid compartment is for, obviously, the shotgun. The second compartments can be used for anything you deem suitable. It can hold your lunch too if you’re willing to do that. The third pouch is usually for things like shotgun shells or pocket knives or some other things you can’t carry in your pocket. The size of the case is pretty ordinary. The exterior has a size of 54" x 8.5" x 1.75" and the interior is about 52.75" x 8.25".

Externally, the middle compartment has a full zipper that starts from one side and end on the other. The handles are wrapped with nylon so this makes it super easy to lift and carry around even if the case is really heavy.

The inside of the middle compartment might seem feeble along the sides, but it is pretty tough. Both sides are lined with premium quality double padding to provide that extra touch of protection for your shotgun. The padding makes sure that the gun remains safe even if it spends a couple hours bouncing in the back of a truck.


  • The case is entire made from foam so it isn’t that heavy. It will only be as heavy as your shotgun.
  • The two different colors look really good.
  • The middle compartment can hold any type of shotgun with a torch.
  • The second compartment and pouch can hold any extra shells you might want.
  • Full length zipper.
  • Nylon wrapped handles make it easy to lift.
  • Double padding for added protection.


  • The main zipper looks perfectly fine but the second zipper might break.
  • The compartment isn’t big enough for a shotgun with a scope.

4. Allen Company Ruger-24 Rifle Case

The Ruger-24 is much similar to the 45423 Shotgun Case in terms of physical look and build. The protection is also pretty much similar to the case from Plano Molding. Unlike that case, the Ruger-24 does not come in different colors. However, there are two different lengths available.

The case comes in two lengths of 40 inch and 46 inch. The 40 inch fits most rifles with a short barrel. But, if you’re unsure about your rifle size, then buy the 46 inch. It will definitely fit your rifle and might even leave your some extra room. It also has enough space for an overhead precision scope and a torch on the top or the bottom of the barrel.

`The general color of the case is black. The handles of the case might not be as comfortable to hold as some other cases. The Ruger logo is embellished on both of the handles. The case is made from pure Endura material manufactured according to OEM standards. The Endura material makes sure that the rifle case is water resistant. However, it doesn’t block out the water completely.

There are two compartments in the Ruger-24. The first for the rifle and the second is a small pouch on the front. The pouch can hold a couple of clips, torches or hunting knives. However, the pouch isn’t padded like the rest of the case so whatever you put in there might not be as safe as your rifle.

The foam is pretty thick as compared to most rifle cases. Thick foams are the best choice if you’re worried about your rifle more than other. The 1.25 inch thick foam makes sure that your rifle survives even the toughest of environments. The zippers are also pretty heavy duty. Unlike other rifle cases, customers didn’t complain about the zipper breaking. However, the zipper on the pouch isn’t as durable as on the main compartment. Also, the case completely lacks any type of locks or safety that prevents it from being opened by unfriendly hands.


  • Two different lengths make sure that it fits most rifles out there.
  • Quite roomy.
  • Made from OEM Standard Endura material.
  • Two different compartments.
  • Foam is very thick.
  • Heavy duty zipper on the main compartment.


  • No choices for the color.
  • Handle might be uncomfortable.
  • The zipper on the pouch might break.
  • There is no lock at all to protect the rifle.

5. VISM 196611-P by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

The 196611-P by NcStar looks like a pretty ordinary case. It just looks like a regular camping or travelling bag. That is one of the best things about this rifle case. It doesn’t look anything special and no one will know that it is a rifle case. Earlier in the days, rifle cases had clear marking that they contained a firearm, but today that is illegal by the federal law. So, this case will make sure that you don’t run into any trouble by carrying a firearm publically.

The VISM offers a variety of different colors. Unlike some of the other rifle cases, NcStar went above and beyond to provide eight different colors so their customers can choose their best ones. They eight colors are; Blue with Black Trim, Digital Camo, Green, Black, Blue, Blue with Black Trim, Brown, Camo and Urban Gray. The Camo ones look exactly like one of those army bags and, let’s be honest, they just look really cool.

The size also has three different options which are a lot considering most rifle cases come in only one size. Either your gun fits, or it doesn’t and you have to pay for an exchange. But, the VISM offers three sizes; Large 36’’, Large 42’’, 42’’.

Unlike some of the other rifle cases, this one is manufactured for two rifles. Yes, there are separate compartments for two different carbine rifles. The case is secured with two straps from the back of the case to the front for added protection. The front of the case has three different spaces for additional tools like clips, scopes, torches or knives.

The inside of the case is also one of the key features of the case. The sides of the case are padded with extra foam for added protection. Since the case is meant for two different rifles, that means there has to be extra protection for each of them to prevent them from scratching or bumping against each other. To do just that, there are two completely separate compartments for them. The rifles are secured with two straps that hold them in place.


  • You can choose from eight different colors.
  • An extremely low-key rifle case.
  • Three different sizes.
  • You can store two rifles at the same time.
  • Straps to provide additional support.
  • Extra compartments for your stuff.
  • Padded for increased protection.
  • Rifles are strapped down.


  • Straps aren’t really that durable and might snap.
  • This isn’t very common but a lot of customers received defected or damaged products. However, NcStar covers manufacturing defects in their warranty.

6. Condor DOBLR-P Double Rifle Case

The Condor Double Rifle case is pretty similar to the one from NcStar that we reviewed earlier. This case also looks pretty discreet and appears to be nothing like a tactical rifle case. It just looks like any other bag you would take to a camping trip.

The rifle case is available in four different colors. The customer can choose from Black, Multicam, Olive Drab and Tan. The finish on the tan looks a little weird that’s why most people prefer to stay away from that one, while the Multicam is probably the best selling from the four colors.

When it comes to size, customers have two different choices. The two sizes are 36 x 13 x 4.5 inch and 42 x 13 x 4.5 inch. The widths of the two sizes are pretty much the same. The only thing that varies is the length. The 36 inch one might not be suitable for most people since even an average sized barrel on a rifle would either be a tight fit in the 36’’ one or a comfortable fit in the 42’’ one.

As the name suggests, this case is made for two rifles. Both the rifles go into the same compartment but there is a thick padded foam piece between them. However, if you don’t want a separation between the two rifles, then there’s good news for you – You can also remove the piece of foam from the case.

The case also contains additional straps on the back that can be used to wear the case as a backpack. Since there are two rifles in the case, the weight might be a tad more than what you can easily carry. So, the backpack straps are almost necessary for double rifle cases.

Other than that, there are three separate compartments on the front of the case that can be used to store other equipment and optics conveniently.


  • No one around you will know it’s a rifle case so it will be easier to carry in public.
  • You can choose from four different colors.
  • There are two different sizes to support various rifle lengths.
  • Removable center divider.
  • The regular handle on the bag is pretty sturdy and comfortable.
  • Three compartments on the front can let you carry more stuff.


  • The zippers aren’t very durable and they might break.
  • The stitching isn’t reliable and, in most cases, it might break.
  • The finishing on the colors isn’t exactly what customers expect. The tan one is a little like a weird greenish color.
  • What’s worse is that even the really bad color might fade away after some time.

7. Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement 64005-PARENT Tactical Rifle Case

As the name suggests, Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement makes some of the best equipment for police officers. Now, whether you want a holder for your sidearm, a radio for your belt or even a patch that says POLICE for your vest, Uncle Mike can provide it all. This isn’t a regular rifle case. This wasn’t made for someone that is just buying a case so their rifle doesn’t have to rest on top of a cupboard. This case is specifically made for hunters, avid shooters and law enforcement professionals that have very distinct requirements. If you fall in any of the above categories, then this is just the thing for you.

When you take a look at this case, it looks like a double rifle case but it really isn’t. Think of it like this, the case offers the padding and the safety of two rifles for just one. You think this is an overstatement? Well, tell that to the 2 inch thick padding on the case. That padding is much thicker than any of the other cases on this list.

The case is made from 600D polyester which is, if you don’t know, one of the toughest fabrics out there. Inside the case, there are two firm Velcro straps to secure the rifle in case so it can stand even the most violent turbulence. The straps on the back make sure that you can wear it on your shoulder to carry it easily.

The case comes in three different colors and two different sizes. The colors are Black, Canopy and Dark Earth. The lengths of the sizes are almost the same as any other rifle case; 36 inch for the small size and 43 inch for the larger one.

Unlike other cases, this one has a special compartment for a handgun. You won’t have to put your side arms in the pouches like other cases. There is a specified pocket where your 9mm will fit perfectly.


  • Perfect for shooters and law enforcement agents.
  • 2 inch padding offers much more than the required protection.
  • Made from premium quality 600D polyester.
  • Velcro straps inside the case to secure the rifle.
  • A variety of sizes and colors available.
  • A designated pocket for a handgun.
  • Extra compartments for equipment.


  • The stitching isn’t as durable as the case and it might break.
  • The edges might not be padded as firmly as the rest of the case.
  • The zippers are quite weak and might snap.
  • It’s not a deal breaker but some people complain that the case has a pretty bad smell.

8. Voodoo 15-7614004000-P Weapon Case

If you’re familiar with Voodoo, then you probably know that they are the best at what they do. Voodoo has made a name for themselves by making items that are pretty over-the-top for regular shooter and hunters, and they would probably suit police officers much better. From gun cases to gloves, hats and tactical boots, Voodoo has it all.

Well, the first thing we have is discuss are the colors on the bag. Anyone would be happy when they find out that Voodoo provides nine different colors. However, you have the right to raise an eyebrow when you find out that the case is also available in pink and purple. Yes, pink and purple. Other than those two colors, the rest are pretty ordinary; Army Digital, Black, Coyote, Olive Drab, Woodland Camo, Multicam, Woodland and, of course, pink and purple.

The Voodoo case also comes in three different lengths; 36’’, 42’’ and 46’’. Most rifle cases only go up to 42’’ or 43’’, but Voodoo can go up to 46 inches. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out that 46’’ is good enough for even the longest of barrels on the longest of rifles.

The case is primarily a double rifle case. Both of the rifles fit comfortably inside compartments separated by thick foam padding. Both of the rifles are secured firmly in place by strong Velcro Straps.

The case also has additional straps for the back of the pack. This way you can wear it like a back pack which is standard in almost every rifle case. In the front, there are three roomy pockets that can be used for ammunition or other accessories.

The interior of the case has a 2 inch padding between the nylon frame and the rifles which is much thicker than other cases. The interior is quite roomy and it can fit a rifle and an over head scope comfortably. Most cases can’t fit a scope on the top, but the large width of the case ensures that you can still close the zipper even with a precision scope.


  • A wide variety of colors.
  • Much larger in length than any other case.
  • Can hold two rifles.
  • Detachable padded separation.
  • Extra pockets on the front for accessories.
  • 2 inch thick padding.

  • Case has enough room for an extra scope with the rifle.


  • The stitching isn’t really too durable and it might rip.
  • It has sort of a pungent smell that is really horrible.
  • Straps might rip due to heavy weight.

9. Bulldog BD100-44 Economy Rifle Case

We have discussed some very expensive rifle cases in this list. But, more money doesn’t necessary mean better product, and Bulldog certainly proved that. Not everyone can buy those really state-of-the-art cases that cost a fortune and this case is perfect for those people. As the name of the case suggests, this is an economy case. Do you think that the price tag shows that the product isn’t worth your time? Then, please keep on reading.

The case from Bulldog is a little longer in length than most cases. Majority of the rifle cases have their maximum length is about 42 inches, but that wasn’t enough for the guys at Bulldog. The case comes in three different lengths; 40 inches, 44 inches and 48 inches. The 48 inch case can fit almost any rifle even with the longest of barrels. When it comes to colors, there are only two available; custom black and green.

The case is made from pure Ballistic Nylon that makes it water and scratch resistant. The case is really soft and is perfect to cushion the rifle from both sides. The foam padding underneath the nylon is 1 ½ inches thick which is more than enough protection for your rifle. The best thing about the interior of the case is that it has a decent width. So, you can also store a rifle with a scope since the case has more than enough space to do just that.

One drawback of this case is that it has absolutely no space for anything else. You can’t really call this a disadvantage because, first and foremost, it’s a rifle case. The case is not supposed to be the complete tactical backpack for your hunting trip. It does what it supposed to, it keeps your rifle safe and that it – To be honest, its pretty good at doing that.


  • Extremely affordable.
  • The case is available in insanely large lengths.
  • Nylon makes the case really soft.
  • Thick padding.


  • No extra space or pouches.
  • Weak zipper.
  • Handle isn’t very strong and might break.

10. NcStar CVG2907 Series Rifle Case

This is the second NcStar product on our list and, just like the first one, this one also deserves to be on this list. It seems that the company aimed to low price and high quality with this case because that is what it does.

The NcStar CVG2907 has the most precise lengths than any other case on this list. NcStar is offering an insane amount of sizes as compared to other cases. Other manufacturers might provide 2 or 3 sizes but NcStar is offering 6 different sizes to accommodate all kinds of rifles. The sizes are 36’’L x 13’’H, 38’’L x 13”H, 40”L x 13”H, 42”L x 13”H, 45”L x 13”H and 46”L x 13”H. The variety of sizes makes sure that you don’t have to deal with a loose fit for your rifle.

The case itself is made from durable PVC material with high density foam padding for added protection. The interior of the case is quite roomy as compared to some other cases. The width on this case is also pretty decent. You can easily put in a scoped rifle in the case. That’s not the end of it; the case would still have enough space that you could store a couple of ammo boxes under and over the barrel.

The case also has five extra pouches for clips. There aren’t any other compartments so most people use a couple of pouches for mags and the rest for some other tools and equipment.


  • Various amounts of sizes to accommodate all types of rifles.
  • Made from durable PVC material.
  • High density foam padding.
  • Roomy interior.
  • Five extra compartments for magazines.


  • There are no straps to hold the rifle down inside the case.
  • Shoulder straps might break.
  • The stitching on the pouches isn’t very durable.

How to Choose the Best Rifle Case: Buyer’s Guide

Anyone that has ever owned a firearm knows the importance of protecting their weapon. Also, anyone who has ever used a rifle case knows how well they can perform in doing so. Rifle cases are the first line of defense for rifle and are probably your best choice out there if you’re looking to keep your weapon scratch less. But, buying these cases isn’t all that easy and involves a series of complications that must be checked before you buy the case. Do you think you don’t have the satisfactory knowledge to choose the best case for you? Then, don’t worry because we will explain everything there is to know about buying a rifle case…

Types of Cases

Generally, when we talk about the types of cases only two things come to mind.

Soft-Sided Cases

Soft sided cases are usually made from delicate and flexible fabrics like nylon and neoprene. These cases have a thick padding between the rifle and the outer fabric which makes it perfect to reduce the chances of scratches. The case itself is usually waterproof.

The best thing about this case is that it is easy to carry around. Many travelers use these soft sided cases because they can just easily toss these cases in the back of a truck and it would keep the rifle safe. You could be climbing a rocky hill, but the case will make sure that nothing happens to your rifle.

Hard-Sided Cases

Hard sided cases are a little more advanced tech and they make sure they take care of the rifle in the long run. As the name suggests, the outer casing is made from metal that makes it really strong. The inside is padded with foam and holds the rifle perfectly. Usually, these cases have extra space to store handguns and other accessories along with the rifle. Most cases are cut according to a specific rifle but a few also contain perforated foam so you can cut out shapes according to your liking.


Size is the most important factor when it comes to buying a case. You need to make sure that you buy the size that is perfect for your rifle otherwise the rifle might not be safe inside the case. Generally, cases have sizes from 36’’ to 48’’. This length bracket fits most rifles but make sure that you pick the right size otherwise you might have to spend some time exchanging it.

Legal Issues

You won’t be facing too many legal issues if you don’t take guns on a plane too often. Airlines have a very precise set of rules and regulations when it comes to carrying firearms in the air. First of all, the case has to be solid metal. Soft cases are not allowed. The gun has to have a lock and key and you have to show the firearm at the loading terminal before you board the plane. These are only a few basic rules but there is a bunch of other rules that vary from airline to airline.

The Bottom Line

Well, as it is obvious from the entire article, gun cases are important. You need to protect your rifle because a gun isn’t something you can buy every day. You need to ensure that the gun stays protected from all environmental damages because they could seriously shorten the life of your rifle. So, if you want to keep your gun in a working condition, make sure you buy you buy one of the best rifle cases out there because your firearm deserves nothing less than the very best!

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