Best rifle bipods 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

One of the characteristics of a great shooter is, he doesn’t want to waste his ammo just for the sake of shooting. He wants his shot to be predictable, to be going the exact way he wants. The key to achieving that goal is having the best rifle bipods at your disposal.

Every successful shooter knows that the first condition of a successful and precise shooting is stability. Now, some people think that using their hand as support or mounting the rifle with their body is enough. Well, most often it isn’t. Because a mere millimeter change in barrel position can result in a shot going a few meters off target.

That’s where a rifle bipod comes in. A rifle bipod is a simple way for a shooter to establish a steady, consistent shooting platform anywhere, anytime. A bipod offers stability from almost any angle and can act as your shooting table at any decent surface.

While shooting is fun, it can bring stress to the body and mind of the shooter if proper additional accessories are not used. When you’re aiming for accuracy, carrying the weight of a gun all by yourself is not easy, not to mention the recoil force resulted from the shooting. A rifle bipod takes care of the weight and most of the recoiling energy, allowing the user to focus on accurate shooting.

We have traveled through a long list of rifle bipods. We looked at their features, their price and their reviews from actual buyers. After a careful and thorough study, we have picked our top ten rifle bipod. Check the list and pick one for yourself.

So, without making late, Let's take a look at all the amazing rifle bipods

Top 10 Best Rifle Bipods Reviews

Bipod Name


Adjustable Height

Preferred Settings Position


Tiptop® EZ Pivot & PAN Rifle Bipod 6" - 9"

1.3 Pounds

Extends from 6" to 9

Prone / Kneeling / Sitting

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 - 9-Inch BiPod

0.65 Pounds

Extends from 6" to 9"

Prone / Kneeling / Sitting

Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod

5 pounds

20" high up to 42”

18” high up to 60” (magnum)

Grounded / Sitting / Standing

Ade Advanced Optics Hunter's 13.5 - 27-Inch Heavy Duty Long Bipod

1 Pounds

13.5" to 27’’

Sitting / Standing

Accushot Atlas Bipod - Standard Two Screw 1913 Rail Clamp (Bt10)

0.69 Pounds

4.75’’ - 9.0"

Prone / Sitting / Kneeling

Primos Gen 2 Bipod Trigger Stick, 24-61-Inch

2.3 pounds


Sitting / Standing

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet, Center Height 8.3"-12.7"

1 pound

Center Height: 8.1”-12.7”, Leg Length: 7.9”-12.7”

Kneeling / Sitting

Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod

Upto 1 Pound

Upto 27”

Sitting / Kneeling /


Ohuhu 6-Inch to 9-Inch Adjustable Handy Spring Return Sniper Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod

0.72 pound

Extendable legs; the leg length of this Rife Bipod can be adjusted from 6 inches (152mm) to 9 inches(225mm)

Prone / Kneeling / Sitting

UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7"

0.8 Pound

The adjustable leg length allows provides range from 6.2 to 6.7 inches high


1. Tiptop® EZ-Pivot & PAN Rifle Bipod

The Tiptop bipod is a perfect fit for you if you like to shoot while kneeling or sitting. This is a sturdy, yet lightweight bipod. The bipod is made of aircraft grade alloy which makes it very durable.

The legs come with a nice wide stance, allowing the shooter to shoot accurately and in a stable way. The bipod has a rustproof finish to withstand the different weather.

One of the reasons the users like it is the quick set up and locking design. The bipod is great for competitive and tactical shooters who like to find their target, instantly attach their bipod and shoot.


The EZ pivot allows the rifle to perform pivoting for both rough territory and horizontal scanning at the same time. This is one of a kind of bipod where all these motions are supported by a single tension lever. Easy pivot level adjustment for rough terrain up to 34 degrees. The bipod also provides easy pan for horizontal scan up to 40 degrees.

The bipod comes at a minimum height of 6”-9”. The legs are well wide to provide stability. The heavy duty rubber caps at the end of the feet provide necessary traction to stick it to the ground.

The telescoping legs can be adjusted quickly and can be extended to meet the need of a shooter. The foldable legs can be paralleled with the rifle body to store and carry it easily.

The EZ pivot is made of aircraft grade alloy, and metal materials, which makes it very sturdy, durable and ready to absorb recoil. The bipod can be used in all weather. The rustproof black anodized body stays rust free and reduces reflection. The bipod is very lightweight at 1.3 pounds.

The rifle has a special patented design which allows an almost instant attachment to the sling stud of the rifle. It vividly reduces the attaching and detaching time and allows the shooter a quick shot.

The rifle has fast withdrawal with special design attention to ensure silence. The screws that come with the bipod have a knurled knob, for easy operation.

The legs have strong springs attached to them. This allows the legs to pull back quickly once they are released from the current position.

Benefits & Pros

  • The bipod is heavy duty, yet lightweight. Comes at a very reasonable price for the amazing quality.

  • Newly patented easiest and quickest stud mount design, allows the user to attach the bipod within seconds.

  • Level adjustment and a horizontal scan of up to 34 and 40 degrees respectively. One of a kind with both pan and rotate features.

  • Rubber caps at the end of the feet, less likely to slip when shooting. The legs are foldable and fully adjustable.


  • The bipod might feel a little high when shooting on a flat ground.

  • It would have been nice if the bipod came with notches legs.

2. Harris Engineering S-BRM BiPod

Quite a symbolic name it is. The S stands for swivel, while BRM means bench rest model. We have found the Harris Engineering S-BRM is one of the topmost choices for shooters for its outstanding size and features.

The Harris brand is one of the trustworthy brands out there. They have been manufacturing quality bipods for decades now. And their top selling product is the 6”-9” adjusting model.

The reason behind the popularity of this product is, the bipod comes with notched legs to adjust easily. The bipod also comes with a swivel joint which allows the shooter to shoot at moving targets. Lightweight, yet capable of carrying a heavy rifle, Harris S-BRM is definitely one of the best hunting rifle bipod shooters look for.


The bipod is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and provides higher durability to the user. The bipod has a black anodized finish, which ensures the bipod stays rust free and reflection free.

The weight of the Harris S-BRM is 3 pounds, which is comparatively lightweight. But don’t get fooled by the weight, the bipod can carry even the heaviest guns. You can even mount it to a 15 pounds rifle without any worry of tripping off.

The bipod has a quick lock mechanism, which allows it to be attached and detached with the rifle within a short time. The legs are adjustable from 6” to 9” to facilitate different shooting conditions. Heavy duty rubber caps are attached at the end of the legs to avoid slipping off.

The bipod has a built-in sling swivel stud, to attach the sling. The bipod offers free to swivel in rough terrains by easy upwards and downwards pivot adjustment. Not only that, the bipod offers easy pan horizontally up to 45 degrees. The Harris bipod allows the shooter to follow its prey without any hassle.

The legs are spring loaded, so deploying them is easy and fast. The legs have notches of 1” increments, so you can adjust the height easily. After adjusting them to your desired position, lock them. The lock is a knurled knob so operating it should be easy with your bare hands.

Benefits & Pros

  • The bipod features 3-axis pivoting. That means you can swivel the rifle in 3 ways using this bipod. Up-down, right-left up to 45 degrees and tilt you gun sideways left and right.

  • The adjustable legs give your opportunity to shoot from different positions. The bipod has leg notches which allow you to adjust spring-action leg expulsion. When folded, the legs stay parallel with the rifle, making it easy to bag and store.

  • The structure is sturdy and durable. The coating keeps the body rust free and unharmed in different climates.

  • Made in the USA, a beautiful looking quality product.


  • You have to buy an adapter if you are planning to use it in a rifle with rails.

  • The attachment process might take some time.

3. ​Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod

If you’re a shooter who likes to shoot in different positions as well as different angles, depending upon the condition, then you’re at the right place. Because the next on our list is Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod, which offers a wide range of shooting positions to the user. You can use this tripod in standing, sitting and grounded position.

If you want to achieve bench rest accuracy on the field, then you should consider the Dead shot field pod to bring some accuracy along on the hunt. The product comes with 3 different styles, offering different attributes and height. These 3 models are the Original, the Magnum, and the Max.

The Magnum has the widest range of adjustable height from 18” to 60”, and suitable for using it in all three positions. If you’re a predator hunter, who likes a lightweight pod to facilitate mobility, then you can opt for the Magnum. The Max is between these two, keeping a balance between weight and height features.


The Dead shot field pod uses an innovative design to accommodate different hunting weapons. The upper frame of this tripod features a frame that is fully adjustable to support a rifle, a shotgun, and even a crossbow.

What users like most about this tripod is, it offers a smooth 360-degree rotation, to help the shooter follow his prey from any angle. Not only that, the tripod offer a full tilt function and pivots up-down to acquire the target animal quickly.

The Dead shot field pod is made of lightweight aluminum construction, weighing under 6 pounds. Do not let the weight fool you, the pod can carry even the heaviest rifle of 15 pounds. The structure is made of an innovative dual-tube and a central hub design. The adjustable knobs and fitting are made of high-density plastic. All these materials made the tripod suitable to carry some heavy loads, without adding extra load itself.

The Dead shot field pod comes with 3 legs, with five stepped ridges, each adjustable to lower to a higher height. The tripod allows to the hunter to shoot in standing, sitting on a bench or prone position. A ground blind or in a tree stand, the tripod makes every shot count. The structure provides a free 360-degree view. The legs have rubber caps at the end of them, providing nice grip with the ground.

The Tripod provides a compact design when folded. The product collapses easily and quickly for aiding sudden movement. The tripod has a black nylon strap to help the user carry it. The body is nicely anodized to keep it rust free during its lifetime.

Benefits & Pros

  • The tripod can be used with various weapons. Rifle, shotgun, crossbow, the innovative design of Dead shot accommodate them all.

  • The tripod offers a full tilt to the right and left and a 360-degree view. You don’t have to be restricted in following your prey.

  • The tripod is lightweight, yet strong enough to hold heavy rifles. The legs can be adjusted and collapsed within a few seconds.

  • The tripod offers you different shooting positions. Just adjust the rifle anywhere from 18” to its highest height and you’re ready to go.

  • The product comes with 3 different models. The Original provides lightweight, the Magnum provides a wide range of height. The Max balances somehow between these two and favored by the shooters who want both of the features.


  • It might take some time for a complete newbie to get habituated with the setup.

4. Ade Advanced Optics Hunter's Heavy Duty Long Bipod

If you’re looking for the best bipod for long range shooting, then Ade Advanced Optics Hunter is definitely your choice. The bipod is made in a way that the shooters who find themselves shooting in different positions will find it useful. This tall bipod can extend to double its length. The minimum height of this bipod is 13.5”, which can be extended to 27”.

It’s not pleasant to lie on the ground always, especially in a snowy ground. And sometimes, you need to see beyond obstructions to take a clear shot. With this bipod, you can take your shots sitting comfortably and without any hindrance.

Made from high-grade materials, the Ade bipod offers you stability and durability. The bipod attaches to sling swivel stud and comes with Picatinny Rail Adapter.


The bipod is made of cold forged hard steel and 7075 alloys. The bipod is a heavy duty version of its predecessors with thicker and stronger reinforced legs. The bipod comes with a heavy gauge steel full cradle and strong springs. The Ade bipod can absorb even heavy recoils caused by a rifle. The bipod has an all-weather black anodized finish, giving it a gorgeous look as well as rust free feature.

The legs of this bipod are extendable to almost double height. You can use it in any height that is suitable for you. The legs have a quick retraction button that allows them to go back to the initial position within seconds. The legs can be locked at their position with heavy duty springs. The legs have rubber caps at the end of them to allow better traction.

The Ade Advanced bipod can swivel to 20 degrees in either direction. The bipod comes with a rail adapter to mount it to either Picatinny or Weaver rails. It can also be attached to any rifle with a sling swivel stud.

The Ade bipod folds up parallel with the rifle, so it can be carried easily with the rifle. The bipod is really lightweight at 1.4 pounds. The high-grade aluminum alloys ensure the bipod stays strong and carry heavy rifles despite being this lightweight.

Benefits & Pros

  • The height adjustment will allow you to shoot at long range without hampering your vision by a log or stone.
  • The bipod comes with rail adapter, which means that this bipod is ready to roll regardless of what kind of rifle you have.
  • The bipod is capable of panning movement, you can swing the rifle up to 20 degrees in either direction. Though not a lot, still this movement offers you enough view to follow to target.
  • Made from high-quality materials, the legs have notches to extend them to different heights. The posi-lock feature ensures the bipod provides strength when carrying the gun. The quick retraction button allows the user to get the legs in the initial position easily.
  • The body comes with nice anodized coatings, keeping is corrosion free in different weathers. The rubberized caps at the end of the legs ensure that the bipod doesn't slip, no matter how rough the surface might be.


  • Some reviewers complained about having struggle to keep the rail adapter attached to the bipod. However, this issue was solved once they replaced the screw with a larger screw.

5. BT10 Atlas Rifle Bipod

If you want to have a good solid form of support to shoot from different positions like the prone, sitting on a bench or on a downed tree trunk, the Accushot BT10 Atlas bipod is what you’re looking for. This is a gorgeous looking black colored bipod which has a plethora of features.

The Atlas bipod is made of T6061 aluminum and fascinatingly lightweight. The bipod has the parallel moving option up to a certain degree. The legs are made of stainless steel and come in a notched form for ensuring stability. Proudly made in the USA, the Atlas is one of the top 3 choices of every seasoned hunter.


The Atlas bipod has a height range of 4.75”- 9”, offering various positions to the shooter. Made of lightweight yet strong T6061 aluminum, the bipod comes with a fine anodized coating and a black color. Weighing only 12 ounces, this is one of the most lightweight bipods on the market. The bipod also comes with stainless steel springs and fasteners.

The legs are made of stainless steel and can be adjusted in 5 positions according to your preference. The legs are notched for a tight and positive lock. The feet can be removed easily by pressing a pin and can be replaced with any other Atlas feet.

The legs can be positioned in different directions like forward and back, 45 degrees forward or backward, 90 degrees straight down. There are rubber grips at the end of the legs. The legs have a knurled grip area. The bipod doesn’t have a spring-loaded system. Rather, you grasp the leg and use your thumb to pull down and adjust to the length you want.

The bipod is suitable for rough terrains. The bipod can swivel 15 degrees +/- of preloaded pan and cant. There is an adjustment knob to toggle the amount of pull. Rotating the knob clockwise will harden the movement while rotating it counter clockwise will loosen the movement.

As the name suggests, the B10 Atlas bipod can be mounted directly to any 1913 style Picatinny rail, just by using 2 screw clamp assembly. The bipod does not wobble easily. The clamping screws stay tight for a long time so they do not require constant tightening.

Benefits & Pros

  • The bipod mounts directly to any 1913 Style Picatinny Rail, the clamping screws stay tight for an extended period of time.

  • The legs can be adjusted to 5 positions distancing ¾” from each. The bipod is suitable for use in different positions. If you need extra height even after that, the company offers optional 3″ extensions.

  • The bipod can stand up the test of time. Made from quality materials, the bipod offers the strength needed for a field trip. The anodized coating and aluminum alloy materials ensure the bipod stays tip top and corrosion free for a long time.

  • The bipod comes with a preloaded cant and can do adjustment up to +/- 15 degrees. Though limited, the movement allows the shooter to follow his prey.


  • If the bipod came with a few more degrees more pan and cant adjustment than the 15 it provides, that would have been great.

6. Primos 2nd Generation Rifle Bipod

Are you looking for the best rifle bipods for long range shooting? Then take a look at the Primos Gen 2 Bipod Trigger Stick. Probably the tallest bipod on our list, the Primos Gen 2 offers shooting in standing position.

The bipod is made of a simple, yet effective design. The top of the trigger stick is shaped like V, so you can fit in any rifle. This bipod does not need any swivel stud or Picatinny rail mount, your rifle rests on the top of the bipod allowing you necessary stability for a shoot.

The Gen 2 can go really long to facilitate your sitting preference. The bipod is adjustable with just one hand so while you’re holding your gun in one hand, you can still adjust the height. There is easy to use a trigger to let you quickly adjust the height.


“Do not settle for less”, that’s what Primos tells its customers. Experts said that that the Primos Gen 2 is made of quality materials and can withstand the toughest environment for years. The bipod is made of strong and lightweight 7075 aluminum, so the bipod is easy to carry. There is also a wrist strap to help you with the transportation.

The bipod comes with a V-yoke technology. Which means you do not need any swivel stud or Picatinny rail, you just fit your rifle in the V stand. The bipod comes with a fluid handle and allows 360 degrees rotation to track your prey smoothly. The V-yoke is also removable. That means you can use the bipod cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, laser rangefinders or any other mono pod mountable device.

The bipod comes with an adjustable height of 24”- 61” height. The height is perfect for a shooter who likes to shoot standing or kneeling. You can adjust to your desired height with the pull of a trigger. You can also lock the trigger by flipping the switch to keep the legs stable. At the pull of a finger, the telescopic leg operation stays whisper quiet due to Trigger Stick Gen 2 coating.

Benefits & Pros

  • It is the best rifle bipod for long range shooting. While standing, you can see past obstacles like log or stone at aim from a far distance. The 360 rotation will also help you with following your target without any problem.
  • The bipod is compatible with different rifles. Wait, no! The bipod is compatible with Cameras, Binoculars, Scopes and what not? The V-yoke structure accommodates the rifle quite comfortably. When you intend to use it for other devices, it won’t take long to remove the v yoke.
  • Made of quality materials. The bipod is made of stronger and lighter 7075 aluminum. The legs are anodized and coated with Trigger Stick Gen 2 coating for super silent adjustment. The legs can be adjusted to extreme angles to allow you a suitable setting.
  • The bipod is very lightweight, under 2.4 pounds. It’s easy to carry around. There is a wrist strap to help you while transporting this bipod. The bipod is one of the best bipods for long range shooting.


  • As the bipod is lightweight, hunters need to make sure that they are putting it in the right place. Keeping it in uneven terrain might cause instability. You can do some dig in to put it firmly on the ground.

7. UTG Tactical OP Rifle Bipod

If you want quality bipod but do not want to break your bank, then you can consider buying UTG Tactical OP Bipod. The bipod comes with a great range of height settings, can be quite compact when folded and supports both swivel stud and Picatinny rail mount. This is the best hunting bipod under 50$.

The bipod might be cheap in price, but rich in features. The UTG Tactical OP is well constructed. When deployed, the legs take a firm stance and do not wobble. They get strongly locked with tension springs. You can use the bipod on uneven ground because the legs are independent and freely move until you lock them.


The bipod comes with a dual mounting design, which offers the users multiple options. With swivel stud and Picatinny rail mounting option, you can use any firearm without having to buy additional adapters. This is what makes the bipod, even more, money saving.

The bipod comes with legs adjustable to 8.3” to 12.7’. You can migrate between different heights until you get your desired position. The extension can be done by your hand. The position lock feature enables your legs to lock firmly. If you want them to be back in initial position, you can use the quick retraction button. The legs are attached with strong springs, the spring tension allows your leg to stay tight.

The UTG Tactical OP Bipod is made of durable aluminum and steel top platform. The body is nicely anodized to keep it safe from rust. There is a rubberized cap at the end of each leg so that the bipod doesn’t slip at the crucial moment. The bipod is very lightweight at a 13.3-ounce weight. When folded, the bipod stays parallel with the rifle for easy carrying.

Benefits & Pros

  • The legs are independent, that’s why the bipod is suitable for even uneven surfaces. But don’t worry, once you get them in the desired position, you can lock them firmly.

  • Through being cheap, the bipod is actually made of quality materials. Comes with an anodized gorgeous color, the bipod is durable. The bipod offers you the perfect prone shooting with great accuracy.

  • The bipod comes with some panning allowance. The thing users like most about it are the dual mount design. Supports Picatinny rail mount and swivel stud configurations.

  • The legs are extendable and retractable easily. The posi-lock and retract button features are great for quick movement. Moreover, the weight does not add some serious burden upon the user.


  • Some users faced issues regarding the attachment to swivel stud mount.

  • The coating gets scratched easily. Not the highest quality, but a winner for the price.

8. Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod

One of the best long range shooting bipod is the Caldwell XLA Pivot Model. The bipod offers stability to its users. The Caldwell XLA provides a support strength to target a prey far away from you. The bipod is available in two different colors, black, and camo. The bipod also comes in four different height ranges.

Sometimes shooting in the prone position may become extremely uncomfortable due to grass or high brush, or the ground may be wet and muddy due to rain or snow. Whatever it is, the Caldwell XLA gives you an excellent opportunity to shoot from a height up to 27 inches.

The bipod is also suitable for uneven grounds. The legs are strong and steady to carry even heavy rifles. The lower part of the bipod pivots autonomously from the upper stock mount, which allows the firearm to be leveled swiftly on irregular ground.


The Bipod provides a stable shooting support that can be attached to any rifle with sling swivel stud. The bipod also allows great swivel movement. The pivot portion of the Caldwell XLA provides great support for up 20 degrees. Which means you can adjust the legs of the bipod independently without compromising the position of your rifle. A knurled tension knob and lock nut are attached to control the amount of spring tension resistance of the pivot.

The legs are spring loaded and notched. The notching system allows the user to adjust it easily to different heights. The legs can be deployed quickly with the touch of a button. The legs are notched at ¾” distance. The bipod comes in 4 different height variations. They are 6-9 inches, 9-13 inches, 13-23 inches and 13.5-27 inches. If you’re sure about your sitting positions, just go for the one that suits you.

The bipod comes in two different colors. Black and camo. The body is made of lightweight aluminum materials and comes with an anodized coating. The rubber feet offer stability, while the padded bipod base provides strong grip even on smooth grounds.

The Caldwell XLA Pivot models have a connection point for sling attachment. The multi section legs collapse forward, which allows the user convenient carrying of the firearm.

Benefits & Pros

  • The bipod comes in different heights, which leaves you with a plethora of options. The heights are also adjustable easily by using the notch system.

  • Lightweight, yet sturdy. Provides a stable shooting support to any rifle with swivel stud mount.

  • The legs are helpful to keep the scope’s crosshair level. They spring out to the shooting position almost instantly with a press of a button. This pivoting bipod allows the shooter to compensate for up to 20 degrees, it can be used over your car hood.

  • Comes in different colors and sizes. And the different price range allows you to get your desired height without breaking the bank. The bipod comes with multi section legs that collapse forward allowing the user convenient carrying of the rifle.


  • While most seemed to be content with the functions. Some users complained about the bipod not holding into the swivel stud tightly.

Probably the cheapest on the list, the Ohuhu tactical rifle bipod is a basic bipod to facilitate your basic needs for a stable shooting. The bipod is made of heavy duty materials. It comes with an adjustable leg design which provides height adjustment from 6” to 9”. A good choice for the prone position, the Ohuhu bipod is a bang for your bucks.

This is a lightweight bipod for the rifle. It doesn’t have a swivel stud, which ensures your rifle doesn’t wobble from side to side when it’s mounted on the bipod. There are notches on the legs to ensure that they lock in desired height.


The materials that are used in the bipod are aluminum and hardened steel. The body is heavy duty and capable of carrying heavy rifles. The body coated with a non-corrosion black anodized finish. The caps at the end of the legs are made of heavy duty rubber.

The legs are adjustable to ensure the shooter a suitable position. The legs have 5 adjustable settings with easy return springs. The legs are notched to facilitate proper locking position for the legs.

The bipod does not come with a swivel top, which means the rifle does not tilt. The bipod will not fit an AR. Those who intend to use the bipod with their AR need to buy an adapter for the sling swivel mount to Picatinny rail alteration.

Benefits & Pros

  • The bipod is one of the cheapest hunting rifle bipods. This is a fairly basic bipod that is lightweight and compact, just what you need to lighten your burden on a trip.

  • The bipod is made of heavy duty material, and quite strong. The body is anodized and provides rust-free service for years. The legs can be folded forward or rearward to facilitate easy carrying.

  • The legs are easily adjustable. The notches lock them in their position, while the springs allow them to retract instantly.

  • There are no swivel studs, so the gun doesn't tremble from side to side.


  • The bipod is fixed, so if you’re looking for a pan view, then it’ll not serve you well. However, for a very cheap price, the bipod provides all the stability you need except for rotation.

10. UTG Shooter's SWAT Rifle Bipod

UTG Shooter’s SWAT bipod is one of those basic bipods which serve you more than the price. The bipod allows you to shoot from virtually anywhere. The bipod is made of lightweight, strong aluminum and built to last.

The bipod comes in a dual mounting design and allows both swivel stud mount and Picatinny rail mount. Which gives you a chance to use this bipod with and rifle at your disposal. The legs are adjustable and perfect for prone shooting.

The solid design of this bipod can absorb a good amount of shock. There’s no flex or bend present in the UTG Shooter’s SWAT bipod. Rather, you’re with a rock solid rest which will not disappoint you once it’s deployed. The bipod is lightweight and will not cause you trouble in long hunting trips.


The bipod is made of heavy duty aluminum and a lightweight bipod for rifles. No polymers, cheap plastics were used in the construction of this bipod. The bipod does not get scratched easy, or collapse in front of a hard test. The bipod is coated with anodized black color, which keeps the bipod rust proof as well as giving it a gorgeous look.

The bipod comes with adjustable legs. The legs can be adjusted between 6.2” and 6.7”. The legs come with a spring mechanism to keep the legs firm on an uneven terrain. Moreover, the springs do not get on the way and cause trouble because they get folded with the legs. The bipod comes with a posi-lock mechanism and rubber caps at the end of the legs to avoid tipping.

The UTG Shooter’s SWAT bipod comes with a dual mounting system, which is a great addition for the price. A swivel stud mount and Picatinny mount are included with the bipod, providing the user multiple options. The bipod offers fluid swivel mechanism and a 360-degree view to follow the target effortlessly.

The SWAT bipod weighs under 1 pound. The carrying of this bipod is easy as the bipod folds in a very compact size. The bipod is suitable for rifles, shotguns even pistols. One of the best hunting bipod, as to say.

Benefits & Pros

  • The bipod is a basic one and comes with no fancy design, but necessary features. This makes the bipod very lightweight and not to mention, compact.

  • The price of the bipod is fairly low. This is one of the under 50$ bipods which also ensures quality for the user. Made of high tech durable aluminum construction, the bipod has a strategic low profile for multipurpose applications.

  • The bipod fits both Picatinny and swivels lug. Most often, you might not get this option even at a higher price. The dual mount system makes the bipod compatible with almost all types of firearms. The bipod offers the user a whopping 360 degrees view.

  • The legs are spring loaded and adjustable to different height. Which makes the bipod suitable for the prone position, with an opportunity to adjust it as per the user’s comfort.


  • The bipod is not suitable for sitting or standing positions.

How to choose the Best Rifle Bipod : Buying Guide

There are a lot of rifle bipods on the market. Not all of them are bad, each has its own unique features and advantages that make it suitable for a given situation. Without understanding what makes a good bipod, hunters and shooters may find themselves in a puzzling situation.

We have already discussed our top picks. To help you understand why and how we picked the products, this buying guide will discuss the features the best rifle bipods should have.

Adjustable Height

What is the ideal height of a bipod? Well, the answer depends on how you like to shoot. Different heights are used for different purpose.

6”-9” bipod: This type of bipod is ideal for shooting prone.

9”-13” bipod: Offers you a good compromise between shooting prone and sitting position, it allows you to see over small obstacles.

13’’-24’’ bipod: Suitable for shooting in sitting or cross-legged position. This type of bipod is generally ideal for shooting in the snow area.

Remember, with larger bipods, you will be able to shoot at long distances, without your vision being obstructed by logs or stones. The ideal height will always depend on how you want to shoot. However, if you’re not sure, always go for the minimum height to shoot in every situation.


A good rifle should be durable. You don’t want to face trouble at a crucial moment with an unstable bipod. The modern rifles have become heavier because of the added features they offer. Thus, a rifle bipod should be able to carry the weight of a rifle comfortably.

That’s why a rifle bipod made of T6061 aluminum with steel platform is a better choice than a plastic made bipod. A bipod should be able to withstand different weather conditions, with no rusting. It should be resistant to vibration, as it will be absorbing some of the recoils.


Silence is one of the key features to succeed in hunting. You should be able to deploy the legs of a bipod and change the height without making a sound. Yet, it’s not possible to completely avoid the noise as the bipod is made of metal. But at a range of 150 yards or less, you should be able to deploy it without breaking.


In a long hunting trip, every pound of weight matters. You’re carrying a lot of accessories with you on a hunting trip, so you definitely wouldn’t want to add a heavy bipod on that list.

The manufacturers are always looking to produce lightweight bipods without compromising the stability and durability. If a lightweight bipod can ensure those, you’ve found yourself a champion.

Mounting Type

Attaching the bipod with the rifle properly is important for a stable shooting. There are two types of mounts- swivel lug mounts or Picatinny rail mounts. If you’re using an AR, you are going to need Picatinny rail mounts or an adapter to connect the bipod properly.

If your rifle doesn’t have a swivel lug mount, you need purchase and mount one. You definitely need a semi-permanent mount for hunting.

Rotating Feature

In hunting, shooting moving targets is a possibility for most of the time. While moving a rifle while in hands is easy, but often the shot will lack accuracy. A swivel bipod can solve the problem. A swivel bipod can help you to follow your prey and make a stable shot at the same time.

A non-swivel bipod is fixed, and point in only one direction. A swivel bipod moves on an axis up to a certain angle, usually 34-40 degrees.

Keep in mind that there are bipods which even offer 360 degrees rotating, but the chance of compromising other features increase exponentially.

Leg Positioning

The position of the legs determines the stability of a bipod. The wider the legs can get the better. However, this wideness might create a problem while shooting from a tough angle. So make a balance and pick out the widest legs you can.


Different feet are suitable for different situations. The feet working well on a hard surface might not deliver desired stability in soft terrain.

Most bipods are designed for hard surfaces. They have a rubberized stand for better control over the surface. The softer ground can cause a bipod like these to sink, tilt or lean forward, resulting in a missing shot. So if there is a possibility of using your bipod on the softer ground sometimes, look for a bipod that can ‘dig in’. A bipod like that will actually dig into the soil a few inches, stand firmly and provide much stronger anchoring for an accurate shot.

The Bottom Line

A simple rifle bipod may seem insignificant at a first glance. Especially if you’re confident about your body can mount the rifle. But often, in a hunting trip, when you’re concentrating on killing your prey with an accurate shot, minor factors like your heartbeat, breath can affect the shooting. A single fluctuation can result in missing your target by a large margin.

That’s why a bipod can save you time and stress. Taking all the stability responsibility and weight of your firearm, a bipod gives you the chance to concentrate only and only to make an accurate shot. Buying the best rifle bipod is not a paranoia, not an obsession. It’s a necessity to allow yourself a disturbance free hunting or shooting practice trip.

We have gone through an enormous list of bipods and assessed them very carefully, weighed them against each other. We took the features discussed above with attention and made out top rifle bipods list. Taking a look at our list will not only save you time but also probably a whole hunting season.

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