Best Reloading Benches 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best reloading Bench

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If you are a gun lover, then you understood that reloading is an important act. No matter, you are going for hunting or rolling out precise target rounds, it is important to have the best reloading bench. It offers an amazing workspace for reloading the gun. Additionally, it gives you a proper space for storing tools and other related parts. In this post, we will tell about the top 5 reloading benches where you should invest your money. However, before going in-depth review of this product, we will give you some of its important details.

What are the major benefits of best reloading benches?

There is a tremendous amount of benefits offered by the compact reloading bench that we have explained below:

Save lots of money

There is no doubt that you can utilize the power of your gun to the highest level by having a reloading bench. It allows you to save the money in the long run. Also, your weapons will stay in amazing shape without any issue.

Very solid and durable product

The best reloading bench can hold all your weapons and tools adequately without any difficulty. They are stronger and durable equipment for keeping your tools in a single place.

Provide better work surface

There is a great chance that the majority of you is thinking that a typical table will work for you adequately, but that’s pretty difficult and doesn’t work you proper results. If you have a reloading bench, then there will be no way that your weapons fail at all.

Versatile equipment

It is an amazing tool that you can use for many other things along with hunting. You can clean your gun on it or store various tools that you often need in your workhouse.

How to choose the best reloading bench?

There is a great variety of options available in the market that make it difficult to choose the best one. This equipment can create at home, but buying it from a trusted brand will allow you to save lots of money and energy. We have created this buying to help the people who often get confused with hundreds of products in the market.

Ease of assembly

You should keep in mind that there is pretty less time taken by a high-quality reloading bench. That’s why you should choose one that can assemble in the shortest amount of time. Also, buy a portable reloading bench that comes with a manual for instructions.


It is important that your reloading bench should be transported from one place to another easily. That’s why you should have a lightweight, but the stable bench. A portable bench has high-quality wheels that allow it easy to carry from house to the garage.


We all know that benches come in a variety of sizes, some are small whereas others are large. The best reloading bench will fit in your surface adequately. It is better to choose foldable and do it yourself bench as they can customize as per your requirements.


If you are investing money in a reloading bench, then it should be on having one that offers you a great service for many years to come. So, you should ensure selecting a product crafted from a top quality material like steel or hardwood.


As we all know, there is a great variety of products available in the market. Each of them has a different warranty period. So, you should check them and go for the one with a maximum warranty.


It is one of the most important aspects while buying any product on the market. You should go for one that is affordable for your pocket.

The Top 5 best reloading benches right now

There is a great chance that you must have been confused due to a great variety of reloading benches available in the online world. However, you have to worry at all as our team has gone through proper research and created this list of top 5 best reloading benches. You should go through each of them carefully and choose one suits your needs best.

1. Seville Classics Ultra HD Lighted Work bench

The company has manufactured this product by keeping the traditional customers in mind who love classic things. It has an innovative design with sleek colors that create the perfect environment for working. This amazing reloading bench that allows you use the most of your workspace. It is a highly versatile product having many features like manual height adjustment, ability to hold up to 1,000 pounds loads, and high-quality solid frame among others.

There is sufficient storage provided by this bench to work for gun-related purposes. It is a beautiful unit having the ability to hold all kinds of reloading works. Furthermore, you can use this product to complete other tasks in home, offices, bedrooms, kitchen, and many other places. On the other hand, this bench’s upper part is crafted using top quality wood and scratch proof material that boost its longevity and durability. Also, they have used sturdy steel metal along with a coating of granite powder to manufacture the bench frame resulting in better durability.

It is a compact reloading bench having four legs that padded with the rubber. Due to this, you will find that the bench has increased stability when compared to the other products in this list. The Seville Classics Ultra HD equipped with a one year warranty that gives you an added protection against defects. The company sells this product in two different variants each having different price. The affordable one comes without stainless steel board, whereas the costly one equipped with it.  


  • Despite having incredible features, the product available at a quite affordable price. The company has made sure that everyone can buy this bench without putting too much pressure on their pocket.

  • There are plenty of storage options in this best reloading bench, so there will be no problem to keep things. You will short of the drawer after buying this product.

  • It is a portable workstation that equipped with a power strip, a bright fluorescent light, and a pegboard. This classic bench works perfectly for the gun enthusiasts.

  • If you choose to buy this product, then you will find that your workspace has rejuvenated completely. Its innovative features allow you to complete your gun-related tasks quite easily.


  • There are some places where the company has added cheaply made parts. They could have made it better with slight modifications.

  • The leg mounting holes in the bench aren’t drilled up properly.

2. Lee Precision Reloading Stand

Lee Precision is one of the highest selling reloading benches in the market due to its compact design. It is a reloading stand that crafted for the people with a limited amount of space. Its adequate length makes it ideal for the individuals wanting a versatile reloading solution. It has thick steel upper portion having patented & amazing bench plate system. The complete product manufactured in the United States that prove its authenticity.

Additionally, the company has added a storage bin for storing tools and components. It has a three-leg design that improves the stability on all types of surfaces. Furthermore, the rubber tipping below the legs makes sure no slippage happen while using it on a carpeted ground. Also, there are eight mounting holes on every leg so that you can customize the accessory racks and shelves. Another amazing thing about this product is its patented and quick plate changing system. There is also pre-drilled steel base block allowing you are accommodating each of the metallic presses.

You can successfully accommodate each type of Lee presses successfully with this bench. There will be no way that you will find any problem dealing it at all.


  • There is no doubt that it is one of the best reloading benches for people having a limited space. It specially created for catering to the needs of such kind of people.

  • The thing that excites everyone about this product is its customizable leg design that makes sure you can set it as per your requirements. It is the major benefit of having such a high-quality product.

  • During our research, we find that this bench stays stable on all types of surfaces without creating any disturbance while working.

  • It equipped with pre-drilled steel base block that allows it get fit for the majority of Lee metallic presses.


  • There are some complaints reported that the bolts of this product made from the low-quality material.

  • The instructions in the manual aren't explained in a clear manner. So, you may find some difficulty while reading them.

3. Hopkins 90164 Workbench and Shelving Storage  

It is a fully customisable workbench that created to cater to the various needs of gun enthusiasts. The manufacturing company delivers it with a user manual that makes the process easier for everyone. They sell it with a lifetime guarantee proving the authenticity of the product. The things that come with this workbench include six shelf links, four workbench legs, three single hooks, one double hook, and two work clamps. The people looking for a no-frills and affordable, but best reloading bench should go for the Hopkins 2X4 Basics.

This bench can be customized as per the length and height allowing it to work as per your needs. It equipped with ample shelf storage where one can store all their components and gears adequately. All the shelf can support up to 1,000 pounds of weight. In simple words, it is a sturdy product catering to all your requirements. The Hopkins 2X4 Basics is perfect for the people looking for a handy option where they can store all their tools adequately. Furthermore, this product only needs 90-degree cuts that make the process to assemble easier. You are allowed to expand this bench as per your shelving and storage requirements with its six shelf links.

The company has manufactured this bench with the help of heavy-duty structural resin that improves the overall construction. This material has a reputation of having a superior solvent and impact resistant powers that allow them catering even toughest reloading circumstances better than one’s imagination.  


  • It is a portable reloading bench that can customize in less than an hour. This way the headache to assemble the bench minimized to a greater extent.

  • The overall construction of this bench is quite amazing and loved by its users all over the world. It has a basic, but the versatile design is improving the complexity of the product.

  • This reloading bench has a higher ability to hold up to 1,000 lbs. without creating any problem for the users. It has better holding power than the majority of reloading benches in the market.

  • All the important hardware related to this product comes with the product so you won’t face any difficulty assembling it.


  • The major downside of buying this product is cutting to length as per your 2X4s. So, if someone doesn’t have access to a saw, then this option might not be suitable for them.

  • This product isn’t only specially designed for the reloading purpose. However, you won’t have any problems after buying this bench.

​4. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand 

Frankford Arsenal Platinum is a perfect reloading bench that can be stored easily due to its unique features. It has a large work area that can more than enough for catering your entire reloading setup. It is a reasonably priced bench that is perfect for the people who have a limited amount of space. It is a portable reloading bench that can adjust as per your working position.

The company has designed this bench in such a way that its table top can be customised to offer a large surface for all kinds of processes related to the reloading. It made from corrosion resistant steel that allows the bench to stay durable for many years. Additionally, the bench equipped with side shelves for dealing with reloading tools, free-standing trimmers, and scales. It is a proper reloading bench that can easily assemble the requirements of gun enthusiasts. There is an easy to follow installation instruction manual available with the product that even consists of setting up the stand. There are two side bins in the stand that allow you hold components or related tools without any worry. Moreover, it has a wood center section that is perfect for mounting any of the fixed position tools.

Also, there are side shelves through which all the free-standing trimmers and scales can accommodate by you adequately. Overall, it is the best reloading bench that comes with a great variety of unique features such as two storage bins, high-quality work platform, and adjustable height design. Anyone looking for the stable, affordable, and rigid platform can go for this bench without thinking further.


  • This bench comes in an ergonomically design that gives you plenty of space to complete all your reloading tasks efficiently. It fulfills the needs of their users quite conveniently for everyone.

  • There are storage bins attached to the bench that can be very handy for keeping tools. It makes the reloading process simpler and better.

  • Anyone with a little to no experience about the reloading bench can set up this without any problem. It makes sure you don’t face problems that come with the majority of reloading benches in the market.

  • The product made from high-quality material that allows the bench to last long for many years to come.


  • The company has installed plastic caps below its legs that create problems for many people. They don’t stay in place when one work on the bench.

  • The price of this product is on a higher side so the people have a tight budget might have to face some pressure on their pocket.

5. Olympia Tools 82-802 Multi-Purpose Workbench with Light

Olympia Tools 82-802 is a perfect product for the people who are looking for an affordable, but best reloading bench without compromising with the quality. It equipped with a complete width peg board through which you can easily organize the tools in your place. The product comes with built-in outlet grounded sliding drawers that can be pretty handy for storing a great variety of tools. They have ball bearings that make the process to slide the drawers pretty easily.

It is a multi-purpose workbench that is perfect for individuals looking for innovation, expertise, and quality in a single product. The manufacturing brand has been serving the industry for the past three decades following the strict quality guidelines and pricing range. It has a load capacity of more than 100 Kgs that will allow you to complete a great variety of jobs. This product has heavy-duty steel construction that provides superior Enamel finish. Since its launch, the majority of its users are quite happy with its use all over the world.

That’s not all; there is a 13 watt fluorescent light installed in the cabinet that makes the process easier in the dark. This product is a complete package for completing all your requirements. The total weight of this product is only 84 pounds that make easier to carry from one place to another.


  • Despite being a solid quality product, the company sells this product at quite an impressive price. There will be no way that it put pressure on anyone’s pocket.

  • The incredible features of this workbench make the entire process much fun and easier for the user. The design and lighting will allow you to work even in the areas that have no light.

  • It is a durable product that lasts for many years without creating any problem. You don’t have to compromise for the quality at all after buying this product.

  • The product equipped with a great set of instructions and hardware that allow you to assemble the workbench in a matter of hours. There are no complications involved in the assembly of this compact reloading bench.

  • The product made from a very high-quality material that makes sure you feel great while working on this bench.


  • There are some complaints about the screw heads stripping while the people try to tighten them. However, you can avoid that with a little bit of precision.

  • Some parts of this reloading bench are flimsy, but they don’t create many problems.


That’s all; we believe that you must have got all the information about the reloading benches by now. Now, all you need to do is select one of the best reloading bench out of this list. Each product in the list of top 5 reloading benches have their benefits, and you should go for the one as per your needs. If you have a query about this article, please write us using contact us page. 

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