Best Ratcheting Screwdriver 2019: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best ratcheting screwdriver

The screwdrivers have become an integral part of normal households that can be used on a variety of things that range from radio to even assembling furniture.  However, having screwdrivers of different sizes not only make the process complicated but increase a headache to store all of them. But technology has advanced to a greater extent for making things easier for humanity. In this case, it has invented best ratchet screwdriver that eliminates the problems of keeping too many tools. It is a handle with many interchangeable bits for the convenience.

The majority of individual lacks in proper information about this tool that results in choosing an incorrect product. Buying a wrong option will result in increasing problems on the next project instead of any advantages. There is a need to consider plenty of things while buying a high-quality ratcheting screwdriver. If you feel about not having enough information about this tool, then we suggest you check out the complete post.

What are the top 10 best ratcheting screwdrivers?

Numerous brands are selling this tool and claim to be the best one. However, we can’t blindly trust on them blindly, and that’s why it is important to have your research. But the problem is life has become pretty fast and finding time to make lengthy research won’t be possible for everyone. As you all know, our blog is fully committed to helping the readers in every manner. Our expert team completed the research and testing procedure on your behalf.

We end up making an authentic list of top 10 best ratcheting screwdrivers. Your only job is to check out all of them carefully and then buy that suit you perfectly.

Equipped with 16-teeth ratcheting system, this screwdriver manufactured by Neiko is a solid candidate for topping this list. Buying this tool will give you access to a great ability to fasten and unfasten screws in a smoother manner. It is available in two different variants, one with dual drive and another one with hex drive. The manufacturer has added chrome vanadium steel machined tip bits having a solid hardness so that the round-off can minimize. You will be able to attach & remove the bits with a minimal effort.

This product is manufactured using durable material that allows it to withstand securely in various conditions. You will get seven interchangeable bits in this organizer. One can’t complain about a number of bits considering the price of this set. Plus, it comes with a 4-inch handle having a 90-degree low profit that allows the driver to work on tighter spaces. Also, it comes with magnetic bit adaptors through which the operation becomes better where high torque demanded.  Overall, it is the best ratcheting screwdriver for dealing with common tasks in households.


  • There is an excellent grip offered by its durable handle.

  • It comes with a magnetic bit holder despite being priced affordable.

  • The fastening & unfastening process is quite easier with this screwdriver.


  • Some complaints about its flimsiness during difficult jobs.

If you want to buy the best ratcheting screwdriver from a reputed brand, then this multi-bit product can be a perfect option to buy. It is a convenient and flexible option having three-position switch feature through which the screwdriver can move in both clockwise & anti-clockwise direction. It also can lock in a particular position that can be very handy for many situations. It is manufactured by Stanley brand which has used bi-material for manufacturing handle to offer extra comfort and control.

The bits can be stored very securely in its magnetic bit holder, whereas the easier access becomes possible due to the internal bit storage. It has a stubby design that let it easily enter the tighter places. This tool is perfect for working in a variety of applications like mechanical repairs, plumbing, household, and many more. It is an all-purpose product that comes with six interchangeable tips.


  • It is a highly affordable product manufactured by Stanley brand.

  • This ratcheting screwdriver has three-position switch for smoother operation.

  • It is a multi-functional tool that is offering perfect control and comfort.


  • Not an ideal option for individuals with big hands.

If you are looking to buy a professional level product and ready to spend some extra bucks, then the Stanley 69-189 can be the best option for you. It equipped with three position ratcheting mechanism allowing you to move screwdriver in both counter & clockwise direction. Additionally, you can lock the ratcheting positions for making the operation pretty smoother. It available at a little bit higher price, but the quality & application is worth to enjoy.

It is a fully imported product made using top-notch material that allows the screwdriver last for a long time. The complete kit comes with six chrome vanadium bits that can be changed quite easily. These bits are made using top-quality chrome vanadium steel that made for last forever. Furthermore, the handle made from bi-material to offer enhanced torque. This product is manufactured in Taiwan that makes sure one doesn’t need to worry about the quality.


  • You can change bit securely and quickly with its magnetic bit holder.

  • There is very easier access provided by its chromium vanadium steel bits.

  • The three-position ratcheting mechanism allows the bit to move in many directions.


  • The design of this screwdriver isn’t very convincing.

If you have little bit long hands and looking to buy a comfortable screwdriver, then the WRS-1 should be your top pick. It comes with a 9-inch long handle that allows the screwdriver to fit securely and complete the job effortlessly. It equips with a solid magnetic shank and ergonomically designed handle for offering proper control. It is a durable product available in many different sizes like 2 inches, 3-7/8 inches, 7-7/8 inches, and 9 inches. Additionally, they sell it in two different variants, one come with a normal handle and another one has t-handle.

This kit comes with five different bits, and each of them is made using high-quality material so that it doesn’t break in any manner. It includes 1 Torx, 2 Philips, and two slotted bits. Its magnetic shank made from top-notch stainless steel material that prevents all types of problems related to chrome chipping and rust. Overall, we find it an amazing screwdriver that can perform all kinds of applications perfectly.


  • There is consistent and smooth operation provided by its 3-way locked ratcheting mechanism.

  • It has a pretty long handle that makes the operation very comfortable.

  • This ratchet screwdriver has a highly flexible product for catering to all kinds of applications.


  • Product delivered with missing items by the company.

5. Tacklife 17 Pcs Pocket-Sized Ratchet Screwdriver (Best for hard to reach places)

Finding the best ratcheting screwdriver than this one for working in harder spaces is a very difficult task. It is an amazing product from Tacklife brand and known for offering maximum leverage. The company has built it using high-quality material to ensure the screwdriver can cater to all types of needs. This ratchet screwdriver delivered with 16 different bits for ensuring various applications can be completed sufficiently. Furthermore, the company has catered in such a way that all ¼” hex can be supported.

There is a button on the handle through which the direction of ratchet can be controlled. It is a pocket-sized product that you can carry anywhere without any complication. The huge range of screwdrivers bits ensures that all the jobs in normal households can be completed. Investing your money in this product will not only save your money but also save lots of time. It is a perfect product to buy for having smoother experience in both the directions.


  • It equips with a very amazing reverse ratchet mechanism and low profile.

  • This tool is very portable and doesn’t weigh much at all.

  • Choosing a direction in this screwdriver is a very easier task.


  • Not suitable for tougher jobs.

This 13-in-1 manual ratcheting driver is a perfect combination of smoother action and high comfort. It comes with a uniquely designed handle that fits in hand perfectly so that one can work quite easily. The Megapro 211R2C36RD equip with a patent pending 8 Zinc Alloy ratchet providing an extensive strength while working. The process to drive the fasteners becomes better and faster due to its 28-tooth ratchet design. You will find that it is one of the most sophisticated products in this list. Buying this driver will save a great amount of time that generally gets wasted looking for tools.

There is a great variety of possibilities generated by this MegaPro product. It allows you to replace many fixed head screwdrivers in your tool collection. The company has used top-notch plastic and high-quality steel along with industrial grade security bits. The process to find, change, and storing drill bits become pretty convenient due to the patented pullout bit cartridge. The company sells it in four variants, each one available at a different price. Overall, this product is a convincing option for catering to a range of jobs.


  • It comes with six professional quality bits that last lifetime.

  • This tool has an assortment of many bit sizes and types.

  • Considering its ability to cope with various jobs, the price is quite affordable.


  • The bits available with this tool are not magnetized.

The beautiful color range and unique design of this product are enough for proving its position in the list of best ratcheting screwdriver. You can buy it in a variety of colors like red, blue, orange, and black/yellow. Also, you can buy this product in many different variants, including 6-in-1, 15-in-1, and a combo of both. Available at a very affordable price, this screwdriver comes with ergonomic hands and high-impact bits. No matter, you are a professional contractor or a normal homeowner, this screwdriver can be suitable for all types of jobs.  It is an ISO certified product making it a perfect addition for any toolbox.

The chamber of this tool opens up with a little turn of a spring-loaded knob for better access and storage. Additionally, the user can apply the turning force with the ratchet function with a very little effort. That’s not all; you can lock it in place for offering additional torque. Overall, it is a complete package that you can add to improve the usefulness of your toolbox.


  • It is available in many different variants and colors.

  • You can buy this screwdriver at a very affordable price.

  • Equip with heat treated bits capable of completing all jobs comfortably.


  • Some find its grip little bit slippery.

If you are looking for a screwdriver that offers a great amount of torque, then buy the Channellock 131CB without even reading further. It has adequate shape, texture, and sizes that allow it to provides the perfect force while completing the job. With its exciting storage setup, this one is one of the best ones you had ever seen. It is available in two different variants, one with standard bits, whereas the other one has tamperproof bits. Both of them can perform their job quite conveniently and superbly.

It comes with 13 different tips so that you can perform any type of job effortlessly. Furthermore, the dual composition grip of this product added the much-needed comfort while working for a long time. Its ratchet action is based on the easy two-way operation so that the job gets completed with less force. There are 225-inch lbs of torque provided by its 28 tooth ratchet design.  To conclude, we can say that it is a perfect combination of superior comfort and high torque.


  • It has a clever design that ensures you don’t lose bits in any manner.

  • There is exciting comfort offered by its dual composition grip.

  • This versatile ratcheting screwdriver is perfect for fulfilling all types of jobs.


  • Lack of magnetic feature in the bits.

This exciting product by Milwaukee brand is all-metal ratchet that offers the required durability and driving speed for completing the various jobs. The company has added revolver style bit storage and selection for the convenience of the users. It comes with chrome plated bits that have marine grade protection against the rust. There are 3 1/2“ grooves added in its bits for power tool compatibility.  For enhancing the job site functionality, this ratcheting screwdriver has 10ga wire stripper and loop maker. Also, there is consistent driving performance offered by its magnetic bit retention.

While working with this screwdriver, you will find that it causes pretty less damage on the job. The Milwaukee 48-22-2301 offer 2X faster driving with making any compromise with the control. The company sells this product with a limited lifetime warranty that improves the user’s confidence while buying this product. All these features make it a perfect option to invest your money.


  • Its bits are plated by chrome for providing marine grade rust protection.

  • Crafted in a retro style design offering perfect bit storage & selection.

  • Made from highly durable and top-notch material


  • It sold at a little bit higher price.

It is another efficient ratcheting screwdriver manufactured by the Milwaukee brand and known for better productivity. It has a very innovative and compact design that allows the screwdriver to enter tighter places quite conveniently. Sold at a very affordable price, this product sold by the manufacturer with a limited lifetime warranty. It is the best ratcheting screwdriver not only due to its extended reach design but also because of the power groove bits and better compatibility. The integrated wire stripper and loop maker help the users during plenty of jobs.

This all-metal high-torque ratchet comes with seven different types of bits and 8-in 1 compact driver. Despite being a solid product, it weighs under 5 ounces allowing the user to carry the screwdriver easily. Buying this product will make sure you don’t have put too much pressure on the hands while completing jobs. If you want a superb and highly impactful product, then you can go for this one for sure.


  • It has power groove bits that better compatibility.

  • Consistent work is delivered by its magnetic bit.

  • This screwdriver has an extended reach design that is worthy in many jobs.


  • Some individuals complaint about the preciseness of this ratcheting screwdriver.

How to choose the best ratcheting screwdriver?

A high-quality ratcheting screwdriver should possess certain things. However, the lack of proper knowledge among the buyers helps the manufacturers to trick them and sell cheap quality products at a higher price. For making sure, our readers don’t become a victim of this, we have created a buying guide that will help you in buying the best ratcheting screwdriver. You only need to check each of them and apply them while buying this product.

  • Determine your purpose and bits

Firstly, you need to evaluate the types of jobs that you need to complete with this screwdriver. Once you know them, it will easier to check whether or not the required bits included in the screwdriver set or not. It will make sure you never end up buying a wrong set of ratcheting screwdriver.

  • High-quality material

No matter, what kind of products you buy, it is important that you should go for the one that made from quality materials. The same goes for the screwdrivers as it is important that they should make from top-notch material. It will not only allow you to perform the job conveniently but also with minimal pressure on the hands.

  • Drills fitting

We have seen numerous brands claiming to sell high-quality ratcheting screwdriver and charging a high amount of money from the customers, but their bits don’t fit in the screwdriver securely. You should never make such a mistake and buy one whose bits tightly. It should not be forced into the tool in any manner.

  • Budget

The ratcheting screwdrivers sold in a great price range that start from as little as US$ 8 and exceeds US$100. You should choose according to your requirement, whether it is professional or home use. It will help you in finding a high-quality product in the right price range.

If you follow the things mentioned above correctly, then there is a complete chance that you will end up buying an awesome product. It will ensure you become capable of performing the job for which you are buying the right screwdriver.


Having a ratcheting screwdriver make sure you don’t have to keep an extended collection of screwdriver set. However, it is important that you buy the best ratcheting screwdriver that can perform its job comfortably. We believe that you should have already chosen one from this list. If you think we have missed something, then please tell us in the comment section. We will respond to you at the earliest.

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