Best Network Cable Testers 2019: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for a best network cable tester? If yes, then you have found the right place. Here, we will give you proper information and reviews about the top network testers available in the market. A network tester is an incredible product through which you can test the strength and connectivity. They are created for calculating the performance level of high-speed network cables. If they perform badly, then it can result in poor internet access and damage to the network.

Also, it can test whether a wire or cable is connected correctly and set up properly.  In other words, we can say that you can sort out a range of problems by having a network tester tool. Some of the most common types of cable testers used for testing are Cat5e, Cat5, and Cat6 network cables.

How to choose the best network cable tester? Buyer’s Guide

There are many different types of cable testers available in the market. However, the two most popular types of testers are audio cable testers and network cable testers. If you want to buy a best network cable tester, then you should determine the types of cables that need to be tested prior to comparing features, prices, and options.

We have categorized the cable testers into three different categories and each of them is explained below so that you can select one as per your requirement:


They are the most basic types of cable testers that offer basic verification detail about the wires. It will give you information about whether they are connected and paired correctly or not. However, the verification testers only check for the problems and don’t offer any information about data communication.


The qualification network cable testers are used by the technicians who are involved in duties like maintenance and repairing of existing cables. They come with all the features that are available in the verification testers along with providing details about the type of data transfers supported by the cable.


They are known as one of the best network testing tools that you can buy in the market. Certification testers can perform sophisticated functions and used by the people who are network installation and maintenance professionals.

You should keep in mind that all the manufacturers have their own way of defining technical terms. However, the above information will give a solid base for the understanding of the available different network testers.

Why should you buy a network cable tester with the simple operation?

There is no benefit of having a tester whose working process is very difficult to understand. The majority of our readers may be buying this equipment for the first time so that the importance of ease to use increases even more. It is one of the key things that you should consider while buying the network cable tester. For better viewing, there should be a high-quality resolution display so that you can easily check out all the things without toggling between the screens.

Furthermore, it should not be bulky so that you can handle it for an extended period easily. Also, the network tester that you are buying should be capable of measuring the required data and letting you clearly understand the results. At the end of the day, it is important to get the job done for which you have bought this equipment.

Top 10 Best Network Cable Tester Reviews 

Now, we will give the important information about the top 10 testers available in the markets so that you can make your decision easily.

Fluke networks cable testers are the top-choices among the technicians for measuring the length and getting the remote ID location. In addition, it comes with a SimpliFiber Pro optical power meter that can calculate power and loss through dual-wavelength testing. One of the incredible features of this network tester is the tone generator that generates digital and analog signals for locating the cable pairs.

The internal memory of this cable tester has the capability to store up to 1,000 test results that can be downloaded through a USB interface for storing that records. Moreover, you can also generate certification reports with the help of LinkWare software that comes with this Fluke cable tester. Other useful features of this product are SC power meter adapter, SimpliFiber Pro Product manuals CD, a carrying case, and batteries for all the devices.


  • This cable tester has an over-sized backlit display that allows seeing results even in a dark closet.

  • The rubber wrap around holster makes it perfect for the difficult jobs.

  • All the main test results are available on a single screen.


  • The cost of this network testing tool might be a problem for some individuals.

  • The batteries that come with this product has a short life.

It is the best product for the beginners in this list of top 10 network cable tester reviews. Fluke Networks CIQ-FTKSFP is the first cabling bandwidth testing that gives it a unique image in the market. This tester is highly useful in discovering the network problems and detecting what is at the other end of the cable. 

The most incredible feature of this network tester is its intelligent wire map that can test split pairs, length, shorts, and display that has a wonderful graphical interface. It shows an easy to read graph instead of the numbers that you can find in other testers. In addition, it comes with the IntelliTone technology through which cables and wires can be located with right accuracy. Also, it has a robust set of tools that can allow you to manage the network smoothly and can meet all the growing project needs.


  • Capable to identify and troubleshoot many problems within the infrastructure.

  • This test can minimize the problem escalation by up to 30%

  • The advanced technology of this Fluke cable tester allows the technicians to solve trouble tickets quickly and minimize on-call time.


  • Some people have complained about the after sales service of this network tester.

  • Doesn’t work well with PCs or laptop having Window 8.

If you are looking to detect weakness in your system precisely and accurately, then it is the best network cable tester for that job. Boost up with the IntelliTone digital signaling technology, it can easily trace and locate cables. It has an advanced IT kit that can maximize the efficiency of network technician to a significant extent. Furthermore, it uses its six smart cable IDs for performing a number of qualification tests within a short span of time.

Also, it has many cable and network functions that allow it to isolate connectivity issues. This tester can give complete detail about the location and type of cabling faults with its duplex settings feature. You can test all the copper cabling media, like coax, twisted-pair, and audio.


  • It's graphical maps wiring configuration show the exact distance to the faults that can be extremely useful for the network technicians.

  • This Fluke tester is a reliable product that has mainly garnered positive reviews from its users.


  • This product can’t test NEXT that might be a problem for some users.

  • The low battery life of this tester is an only con that you have to worry about.

It is a comprehensive network tester for the professionals who are looking for accurate test pin configurations for different voice and data cables. This tester is boosted up with the link & ping functionality that allow it to verify the network drop quickly. Some of the wonderful tools that come with the Fluke cable tester are a soft carrying case, speaker wire adapter, coax cable, USB cable, RJ45 & RJ11 patch cord, bare wire adapter, and AA batteries. All these things collectively make it a perfect cable tester.

There is also a rotary knob on this cable tester that makes the operation easier for the technician and saves a great amount of time. The people who generally go for the field work should buy this product as it is portable and very lightweight.


  • The cable test comes with four AA batteries that have a long life.

  • Its intuitive user interface and useful guides make it easy to use for a user having no previous experience.

  • It has a lightweight body that makes it handy for the technicians who travel a lot.


  • Sometimes the tester shows up high voltage errors.

It is a handheld Ethernet tester that can be a wonderful option for the technicians who looks for a quick and automated verification of network availability. This tester is known for solving the network connectivity issues in the least possible time. The most exciting feature of this product is its one-button AutoTest that can undergo a range of connectivity tests in just 10 seconds. It allows the technicians to figure out the networking problems accurately and quickly.

The Netscout LRAT-2000 has a discovery protocol analysis that can identify the closest switch and the VLAN IDs. The nearest switch details consist of signal strength, switch name, IP address, model, port/slot, PoE voltage, and power. In addition, it comes with the manager application that allows you sent the saved test results to a Windows PC easily. It can also be used for creating and managing the AutoTest profiles that can be pretty handy for the network technicians.


  • Identifies network problems very quickly.

  • Pretty affordable price that can easily fit in everyone’s budget.

  • High quality and reliable product.


  • Some parts of the tester are made up from the low-class material.

Fluke Networks FTK1000 is a simple to use fiber cable tester that is enriched with a range of advanced features that is difficult to find in other testers. It can save testing time up to 50% due to its single-port and simultaneous dual wavelength. It has a CheckActive feature that comes with an audible tone and shows an icon when a live fiber is discovered. The technicians can saves measurements from all the wavelengths into a single record.

This Fluke cable tester has a larger memory where you can store more than 1,000 results and make it possible to test and record continuously. Another thing that makes it a unique product is its ability to the remote identification of cabling runs with the help of remote IDs. The company has provided additional wavelengths of 1490 & 1625 meters that makes it possible for wider applications.


  • Wonderful product that can satisfy all the requirements of fiber cleaning, inspection, and verification.

  • No need for any kind of power measurement setup while using this product.

  • Its basic verification kit is amazing for the new users.


  • The price of this cable tester is too high that is out of budget for some people.

One of the costliest products in this list, but no one can deny that it is the best network cable tester that you can buy. This device is capable to perform category 6 autotest within a short time of 9 seconds. Moreover, you can undergo level IV accuracy tests with this tester that can match the industry standards, such as ISO/IEC, EN, ANSI, IEEE, TIA. 

The product comes with one set each of modules, like DTX Compact OTDR Module, Single-mode Fiber Module, and DTX Series 2 Multimode Fiber Module. They need to be plugged into the backside of the main meter and remote sensor to offer testing and documentation for cable certification and network connectivity. All the modules also come with a built-in visual fault locator that can detect bends, breaks & bad slices, and check the polarity. 


  • A multitasking product capable of inspecting, troubleshooting, and certifying copper network cabling.

  • Performs three different types of tests.


  • This Fluke cable tester costs very high. So, you may have to shed some extra money out of your pocket to buy it.

It is a phone wire test tool that is mainly used for detecting the internet connectivity problems. HDE RJ45 is a basic cable tester that doesn’t cost much to the buyers. In fact, it is the cheapest network tester tool in this list, making it a perfect buy for the starters. Moreover, there is a need for just one 9-volt battery for operating this tester.

This device is designed in a wonderful way for handling twisted pair, Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6/UTP, and straight cables for detecting the loss of signal in the LAN connections. It comes with an LED indicator that will alert the users about the potential gaps in the transfer of signals for making sure that the internet connection works adequately. So, if you want to ensure that your network runs smoothly, then buy this HDE tester that will uncover broken connections, crossed pairs, problematic shorts, open wires, etc. It is a cheap alternative to pay an electrician for finding networking problems.


  • The product is very cheap, making it perfect for the home and office use.

  • Easy to use the device.

  • Capable to detect networking issues in a room up to 200 feet away.


  • It can only detect basic problems and is inappropriate for professional use.

If you are looking for the best network cable tester that can satisfy your professional needs and don’t cost high, then it is the product that you need to buy. This tester comes with a revolutionary interface that displays a graphical wire map, cable ID, length, and distance to the problem in a single screen. Almost all the popular media types, including Coax, RJ45 & RJ11 can be tested without adapters. The company gives IS60 Pro-Tool Kit with this network tester that has all the tools required for cutting, stripping, cleaning and connecting wires & cables by the electrical and telecom technicians.

The built-in intelliTone digital and analog toning of this product allows the users to find the cable or wire pair precisely, regardless of the working conditions. Furthermore, the digital mode locates the data in bundles, wall outlets or patch panels. The technicians can also detect the powered Ethernet switches with the help of its VDV detection feature. 


  • No requirement for the awkward adapters to detect network problems.

  • Highly efficient installation can be possible with this product.

  • Capable to verify the common voice, data and video services.


  • Little complicated interface.

This Fluke cable tester is an amazing device that has the ability to find out the service issues quickly. As we all know, there are lots of problems faced by the communications technicians with the cabling. The individuals looking for ruling out these issues should buy this tester. 

It has a streamline verification testing system that takes the test from four different modes and shows all of them on a single screen. In addition, this product supports all kinds of low-voltage cable testing with its integrated coax, RJ11, and RJ45 cable test ports. It helps in reducing the time taken for getting results and error of the technician. In simple words, we can say that the technicians can make their installation highly efficient with this amazing device. The MicroScanner feature of this cable tester gives the ability to the technicians for verifying some of the common data, voice, and video issues. It makes the troubleshooting faster and highly efficient. 


  • The test shut down automatically if there is an inactivity for one hour.

  • Results are shown in a crystal clear and large LED.

  • The device comes with lots of accessories that are pretty useful.


  • Batteries die if not used for a prolonged period of time.

How do they work?

We have completed the top 10 network cable tester reviews. Now, you will get the information about the working principle of this device. It is an amazing product, which can verify the electrical connections securely. Check out the steps that show you the exact process to use this cable tester:

  • Step One

  • First of all, you have to connect both ends of the cable in the ports of the tester. Make sure that the wires are correctly put in the ports.

  • Step Two

  • You will see that the LED indicators at the test show the same pin number at the same time. It can be as per the correct sequence of the cable that you have made. If it doesn’t show up, then your cable is not working.

There are some things that you should avoid while using the network cable tester. It should never be connected to a live circuit and make sure to remove the cable from the router or computer prior to making a connection. There is also a reference book comes with all the testers that help the technicians in every possible manner.


To conclude, we can say that the cable tester is a handy product that should be in your office or home so that you can detect common networking problems.  We believe that this list will help you in selecting the best network cable tester as per your requirements and convenience. If you have any question or information related to the details mentioned in this article, please feel free to write it in the comment box. We will respond to them as soon as possible. 

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