Best Mailbox Posts 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Mailbox Posts

Are you moving from one place to another or simply want to buy another best mailbox posts for a different use? A mailbox post is a very useful equipment that can be used for a variety of purposes. No matter, you have an office space where you want the extra security or a home office for your business, it is essential equipment that you should have.

​​​​What are the main benefits of best mailbox posts?

Let’s talk first about the benefits of this mailbox post about which you should have proper knowledge. We have mentioned some of them below in details:

Complete privacy

Credibility is important for everyone, no matter it is a banking document or some official papers. The mailbox posts make sure they don’t reach to the hands of others and provide complete privacy to it. Having such equipment will eliminate such problem and allow you operate business smoothly.

Accommodate mailboxes

You spent a great sort of money on a mailbox but it is important to provide a complete security to it. Installing a post will help in completing this job pretty decently.

Proper Reliability

There will be no missed deliveries once you install a mailbox post. Having a private mailbox will make sure someone can receive mails on your behalf.

Top-notch material

This equipment generally made from a very high-quality material that make sure you don’t worry about trespassers at all.

Mailbox System

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Top 5 Best Mailbox Posts reviews

We believe that now you understand the benefits of this amazing equipment. However, there is a huge variety of mailbox posts available in the market that make the process to find the best one very complicated. You should keep one thing in mind that each of them not made with proper precision or high-quality material. To eliminate your worries, we have created this list of top 5 best mailbox posts so that our readers can easily make a choice.

Now, check the information about all of them carefully and then buy the one that suits your needs.

The product that top our list is the Mail Box 7121 having a ground mounting post. It is made from a top-notch galvanized material that further enhanced with a superior powder-coated finish. You will get a complete set of instructions for making sure one can install this mailbox post with ease. If you want a deeper in-ground installation, then this product can be installed with a wooden post. Overall, it is exciting equipment that offers not only complete security to your mails but also available at quite an affordable price.

You will get a set of four mounting bolts that make the installation process easier. It is sturdy and heavy-duty mailbox posts that can withstand the firecrackers and offer proper protection to your mails. The Mail Boss is a well-known manufacturer in their respective industry, and they conveniently prove their reputation.

No matter, what the temperature in your area is, your equipment will stay protected for sure. It makes sure you offer enhanced security to your mail that prevents any tampering. Furthermore, the product available in a variety of colors that make it a perfect option for the individuals who are a little bit choosy about the design. The colors available are black, bronze, white, and granite.


  • The Mail Boss 7121 made from a very sturdy type of material that allows it lasts for many years and withstand against extreme temperatures.

  • You will get a complete set of instructions that make sure one doesn’t have any issue while installing the mailbox posts.

  • There is a durable powder-coated finish on the equipment that makes it look beautiful outside your house.


  • Some feel that the height of this mailbox post is quite high, but the majority of individuals find it satisfying.

  • This set doesn’t come with a mailbox as you have to buy it separately.

If you are looking for a mailbox post with perfect in-ground installation, then there is nothing better than the Architectural Mailboxes. They are fully compatible with each of the Oasis mailboxes. There is no denying that it is one of the best mailbox posts that you can install outside your place. The company has used galvanized steel for crafting this beautifully designed product that makes sure you don’t have to buy a mailbox box shortly. Furthermore, it has a durable powder coated finish that suits the product perfectly.  

It has ideal dimensions that allow it set in your surroundings without any issue, no matter it is a home office or any other place of your choice. It is a great mailbox designed by the Architectural that you buy to install with your mailbox with ease. It equipped with top-notch quality screws that make the assembling process very easy. Overall, it can be a perfect companion for your mailbox to provide proper protection to the mails.


  • It is highly compatible with all the Oasis mailboxes that give you great peace of mind.

  • The mailbox post has a perfect dimension that allows it to set perfectly with all type of users.

  • The company is selling this product at a quite affordable price that makes sure you don’t have to put too much pressure on your pocket.

  • The mailbox made from sturdy metal that offers it complete security on the ground.


  • The company has a reputation for delivering the products late to the customers.

  • Some customers complain about the missing nuts and bolts with this mailbox post.

Gibraltar LP000B00 is one of the best mailbox posts that you can buy in the market. It constructed from a high-quality extruded aluminum material that stays protected against the rust and gives a boost to the life of this product. Furthermore, there is a superior Venetian bronze added to the post that elicits a great variety of compliments. Also, the beautiful finish having a wide steel cross arm providing a unique and intuitive design that can boost up any landscape.

Overall, this post is capable of accommodating mailboxes of all the sizes. It crafted in such a way that a 4X4 mailboxes can securely. The thing that makes this product amazing is its ability to support up to 60 pounds. There is a perfect level of strength and stability offered by its beautiful aluminum construction. You will be amazed to see that powder-coated finish offered complete protection against weathering.


  • It is a high-quality product that can be installed very easily without much issue. The complete process only takes 10 minutes.

  • The design of this mailbox posts is beautiful and look brilliant around the place.

  • The company delivers the product with complete mounting and installation hardware.

  • It comes with a higher supporting ability up to 60 pounds.


  • Many people complain that the instructions are a little bit complicated and difficult to implement.

  • You have to buy some nuts and screws to install the product.

It is another amazing mailbox post manufactured by Gibraltar. You will find it completely compatible with all large and medium capacity Gilbraltar mailboxes. You will receive a complete set of mounting hardware with this post that ensures easier installation. The complete product manufactured in the United States as per the set standards.

The company has used heavy-duty plastic for constructing this product that provides it proper protection and durability against the weathering. The product equipped with a 90-day warranty that makes sure you stay free from any worry after buying it. It is a fully stable product that you can buy for accommodating mailboxes securely. Furthermore, you don’t need any anchor for using this product. However, it is usually recommended to use in-ground installation for proper results.

The company has crafted this product in such an amazing way that a variety of standard size mailboxes can accommodate. There is a mounting bracket so that it can fit perfectly with the mailboxes with holes under it or on the side. It is capable of supporting up to 100 lbs mailboxes that are completely magnificent. Along with that, you can see clean lines on the mailbox posts that created a perfect blend of timeless taste and modern appeal.


  • The mailbox post stays protected against the weathering with its heavy-duty plastic material.

  • It has a proper white finish that makes sure this product enhance the beauty of your home.

  • The installation becomes pretty easier with all mounting software that comes free with it.

  • The complete product manufactured in the United States as per the standards that prove its authenticity.


  • It is a little bit flimsy on the connection points that located on the horizontal beams.

  • Some find it not structurally sound at all. However, the number of complaints aren’t high.

If you are looking for a mailbox that is artfully designed and work perfectly for your curbside postal requirements, then buy the Highway Hazleton. It is one of the best mailbox posts that is built using marine-grade recycled plastic. There is a shelf on this post that can use for multiple purposes, either as a platform for holding mailbox adapter plate or supporting the complete mailbox directly.

The company has manufactured this product completely in the United States by using eco-friendly and recycled plastic. It comes with 12 months limited warranty that eliminates all the worries that one has in their mind while buying this product. You can buy it in a great variety of colors like coastal teak, weathered acorn, toffee, Charleston green, white, and black. It can be installed in the ground quite easily as a normal wood post. Also, its durable and fade resistant material allow the post not to lose its touch for many years. There is no way that it is a solid product that you can buy without the need to worry about quality.


  • The company has manufactured this product using 100% handcrafted material that is completely safe for the environment.

  • The colors used to offer end-finish don’t fade away due to snow and rain. It allows the mailbox post to look new even after years.

  • There is a pretty high-quality stainless steel used for manufacturing this product that offers the much-needed durability and stability to it.


  • The product is priced fairly high that make it difficult for the pocket of some people, but its features prove its price tag.

  • The process to install this mailbox post is a little bit tricky.


That’s all; we have tell you about the top 5 best mailbox posts that you can find in the market. Each of them has its unique characteristics by which you can find one that suits you. Having a high-quality mailbox post not only offer protection your identity, but also make sure your mailbox lasts for a long time. If you have any query related to this article, please tell us using contact us page, our team will reach to you as soon as possible. 

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