Best LED Lights for Motorcycles 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best LED Lights for Motorcycles

The LED technology has completely revolutionized the lighting industry for good, and no one will get surprised to its see in the automobiles. They used in the motorcycles, cars, or even trucks for interior as well as exterior lighting. There is a perfect illumination generated by the LED lights that them an ideal option for motorcycles. Have you ever thought how many best LED lights for motorcycles available in the market? If yes, then this amazing article is especially for you. We will tell you about the best ones and the complete process to buy a perfect LED light.

What are the benefits of installing LED lights in motorcycles?

There are a plethora of benefits to using the LED lights in motorcycles that we have mentioned below:

  • The LED lights use very low energy and generate a very little amount of heat when compared with the factory lights.

  • They are fully resistant to the impacts and available in waterproof cases.

  • These lights have a much better life that is ten times more than the normal lights. Also, you can use them for many other things along with the headlights.

What are the top 5 best LED lights for motorcycles?

There is no doubt that the market is full of LED lights brand and everyone claims that they are the best than the other. However, the question is which one to trust? It often confuses many people, and they end up buying cheap quality items at a higher price. However, our team is always here to help you in every possible way. After going through days of research and testing, we have created a list of top 5 best LED lights for motorcycles. It will eliminate all the obstacles as you will only need to check this list and buy one that suits your needs most.  

If you want to get rid of the boring lights and want to glow your motorcycle with a unique look, then buying this product is the best decision to make. They are the water-proof lights that come with a 12 volt DC system ensuring battery training. You will get two wireless remotes with these lights having voice control feature. Also, the lights glow on a particular rhythm and generate an amazing atmosphere for the outdoor party. It comes in the universal sizing allow you to use them for many other things as per the convenience.

These lights are very flexible and can be mounted on the motorcycles very easily with the help of an adhesive tape. The company has specially made them for the Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati, KTM, Honda CBR, and Harley Davidson, but they work perfectly with almost all the bikes. It is a high-quality product that deserves your investment for sure.


  • You can control the operations of LED lights with a remote conveniently.

  • It is a customized product that fit on any motorcycle effortlessly.

  • This set includes 12 lights and despite that it available at an affordable price.


  • The batteries in the remote drain at a pretty faster rate. 

There is no doubt that the strip lights have become one of the hottest options for motorcycles. The Nineo RGB is a high-quality LED light that came in a package of 8 and offer very beautiful lighting. Its feature makes them one of the best LED lights for motorcycles. You can buy this product in more than 15 different color options that are simply amazing. That’s not all, these lights come with four intelligent modes and each of them can be controlled with an RF wireless remote.

It manufactured using latest waterproof sealant technology that gives you complete peace of mind while driving through the rain. Also, the brake mode turned on automatically when the rider presses the brake. There is incredible lighting offered by these LED lights, and there is a self-adhesive 3M tape on each strip that makes the mounting process easier.


  • This amazing LED light come with a one-year money back guarantee along with the lifetime support solutions.

  • Equipped with four different modes like flashing, fading, static, and braking.

  • There is an ultra brightness provided by these lights due to its 6-chip RGB technology.


  • Their customer support doesn’t have a good reputation.

3. Brightronic Motorcycle Atmosphere LED Light Strip Kit

The Brightronic brand has specifically manufactured this product for the motorcycle riders and allowing them to glow their vehicle perfectly. It is one of the best LED lights for motorcycles producing an amazing multi-colored glow that not improve the visibility, but also make the bike stylish. You will be amazed to know that 15 static color modes aren’t available in the majority of products.

The company has used these lighting with a very high-quality material that allows them last for more than 50,000 working hours. There is a two-year warranty, and 90-day money back guarantees available with this product. Also, you will get a lifetime customer and technical support from the company’s end. There is adhesive tape on each strip that allows you to stick the lights in any place as per the needs. Overall, it is a complete lighting package that will look beautiful on your motorcycle.


  • It has an amazing life that let this lighting last up to 50,000 lighting hours without much issue. 

  • You can buy this product at a very affordable price without putting too much pressure on the pocket.

  • It comes with pretty solid adhesive strip allowing you to set it anywhere on the bike.


  • ​​​​The cords of these lights are little bit small that could have improved. 

If you are a little bit innovative person and looking for stylish lighting for your motorcycles, then your search should end here. This LED light kit manufactured by the OPT7 come in a beautiful ultra-thin design that ensures no one believes that there is lighting installed in the bike during the day. It is a waterproof and road ready product that comes with a one year warranty.

It is a unique 3-in-1 smart LED that will give an amazing shine to your bike. There are 16 colors in total that come with fade, dimming, and flash modes. You are allowed to control the lighting with a wireless remote. 

Furthermore, there are flexible 3.5-inch strips allow you to light both sides of the various components in the vehicle. The company wraps these strips in the protective polymer for protecting from the excessive heat, and water.


  • It comes in a universal fit allowing them to get fit on types of vehicles like sports bikes, ATV, etc.

  • These lights made from high-quality material that allows them lasts for more than 50,000 hours.

  • The protective layer offers proper protection from the heat, water, and dirt.


  • There are some issues in the remote control about which many users have complained.

The amazing performance and beautiful construction make it one of the best LED lights for motorcycles. It manufactured by a well-known brand Ambother whose products are admired by many. This 8 PCS multi-color lighting comes with a flexible strip that allows you to install them easily on the bikes.

There is four buttons on its wireless remote through which you can choose between 15 brilliantly colored modes. This LED set has a long lifespan making sure you don’t have to buy them again.


  • The super stick tape of this LED lights allows you to install them quite easily.

  • It features 15 color choices and three flashing modes that you won’t find in too many products.

  • The remote controller of this lighting has a great range.


  • The controller’s buttons are a little bit harder to press.

How to choose the Best LED Lights: Buying Guide

You should keep the following things in mind while selecting a perfect LED light for the motorcycles.

  • Brightness

It should have efficient brightness level ensuring that enhance the beauty of your bike. Having a product with low-brightness level won’t do any favor.

  • Lifespan

The lifespan of motorcycle lighting plays an important part while buying the right product. You should go for the one has a long-lasting lifespan.

  • Color Modes

You should never go the product has come with a single white light color mode. Instead, buy one that has several color and lighting modes.


Our team has added all the products in this list of top 5 best LED lights for motorcycles with a motive to help you perfectly. You can choose any of them according to your requirement, and we ensure that you will have an amazing experience for sure. If there is a question arises in your mind, then please tell us in the comment section.

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