Best ethernet switch for gaming 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best ethernet switch for gaming

If you are a gaming lover, then there is a great chance you understood the importance of an uninterrupted play. Nowadays, we need a strong and active network to enjoy smoother gaming. That’s why the individual who prefers to take their game to a new level buy the best Ethernet switch for gaming. It not only gives faster access and let you experience much better connectivity. They are very easy to install and doesn’t involve many complications. So, if you also want to enhance your gaming experience, then install an Ethernet switch and feel the difference.

How to choose the best Ethernet switch for gaming?

There are hundreds of Ethernet available on the market that is enough for confusing your mind, especially if you are a beginner. Each company claims their product is superior to the others and the internet is also full of fake reviews. All these things often result in individual making wrong choices. However, our team believes to help the readers to the highest possible level. That’s why we have created a buying guide through which you can find the perfect one as per your needs. Check out the guide precisely and then follow the guidelines correctly.

  • Matching specifications

Firstly, you need to check out the specifications of the switch for humidity, moisture, temperature, noise, and other similar immunity. The majority of the Ethernet switches last for at least 10 years and you should expect from the one you are going to buy. Never forget to check the specification of the Ethernet switch.

  • Data Transfer Rate

If you are spending money on a particular product, then it is obvious that you want results and doesn’t invest money in a piece of trash. You should buy the best Ethernet switch for gaming that offers good data transfer speed and efficiency.

That’s why you should go for a switch having a data transfer speed of at least 1,000 MB/s.

  • Switching Capacity

There is no doubt that heavy games demand a high data transmission rate. So, you should go for an Ethernet switch that is capable to perform this job efficiently. If not, then there is no benefit to buying that switch. It is important that you keep switching capacity in mind while choosing the right switch for the gaming.

  • Redundancy

You shouldn’t avoid this feature as it is important for backing up and restoring the configuration of a switch for minimizing downtime.

If you choose to keep these things in mind, then there is a great chance that you will end up buying the best Ethernet switch for gaming.

Which are the top 5 best Ethernet switch for gaming?

If you don’t like making a great research and following the above-mentioned guide, then there is no need to worry. Our team has performed that work on your end. We invest about 32 hours of time in testing various switches to create the list of top 5 best Ethernet switches for gaming. We suggest you check each of them carefully and then buy that suit your needs best.

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 Gaming Ethernet Switch

We will start our list with the NETGEAR S8000 that is perfect to play for VR, multi-user online gaming, and media streaming. It has low latency level that ensure you enjoy an amazing gaming experience. It equips with three levels of QoS management and network traffic prioritisation for smoother service. Additionally, there is IGMP snooping support available for operating more than one cast.

The packaging of this switch is very swish and there is also a holographic shimmery point on the internal carton. The complete switch is made using high-quality metal to make sure it lasts longer. Also, the manufacturer has added a premium zinc-alloy housing to offer complete durability while usage. It is a smart switch from which you can expect amazing control over the monitoring and settings. After using this product, you will find it the best Ethernet switch for gaming without thinking further.


  • This switch is very easy to install and doesn’t involve complications that usually arises.

  • It is made using high-quality metal.

  • You will enjoy a brilliant performance with this Ethernet switch.


  • You have to pay a high price for buying this switch.

2. TP-Link TL-SG1008D Network Switch

It is an amazing switch that comes with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports at an unbelievable price. The TP-Link TL-SG1008D comes in two different versions, one is made from plastic whereas other crafted using metal. You will find that this switch is very light due to its amazing construction. It can be installed without any software and configuration. This product is a top-class option that offers reliable data transfer rate.

Another amazing feature of this switch is that it can adjust the power automatically as per the cable length and link status. You will get a lifetime warranty on the switch along with 24X7 customer support to the users. It is a versatile option that can be used for printer and laptops along with the gaming. This Ethernet switch fully supports the auto-MDIX and MDI that remove the requirement for crossover cables. If you want to buy the best Ethernet switch for gaming at an affordable price, then it should be your ideal choice.


  • It comes in a fanless design that making sure no noise during the operation.

  • Available at a very affordable price.

  • Has a simple installation due to plug and play design


  • Some complain that the switch constantly resets after some months of use.

3. NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The NETGEAR 5-Port comes in a pretty sturdy case that ensures product last for a long time. It has a completely quieter operation so that you can enjoy the seamless gaming experience. This product is based on a simple setup without any need for installing a software. There is no denying it is the best Ethernet switch for gaming that comes with port LEDs for easier operation. You will get this product with a lifetime warranty that is simply amazing.

This Ethernet switch is capable to connect at a speed ten times faster than the normal connection so that one can enjoy the maximum performance. There is a need to move large files during the gaming across the network. This job is comfortably performed by this switch at a high speed. Overall, this switch is capable to connect up to five devices very conveniently.


  • It is a reliable product that can be used very easily.

  • This switch is perfect to use for gaming as it has the ability to move large files.

  • The company 24X7 customer service to the users.


  • Many complain about the issues during the static link aggregation.

4. Zyxel 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Gaming Switch

If you are up for an uninterrupted gaming experience, then investing money in the Zyxel 5-Port Switch will be a wise decision that you can make.  It comes with a variety of features like status LEDs for link connection, MDI/MDI-X auto crossover, full-duplex flow control, and energy efficient Ethernet. The product comes in a metal housing that makes it fully durable and provides assistance with the thermal performance. Furthermore, there is no way that you will find a difficulty while installing this best Ethernet switch for gaming.

This switch is available on a plethora of online retail stores so you won’t face a difficulty finding it. It is a green Ethernet switch for saving lots of energy. Also, you can enjoy amazing multimedia streaming with a top-class Gigabit connection. Overall, it is a stylish product that you can buy for enjoying the superb gaming experience.


  • This product available at a pretty affordable price considering its top-class features.

  • You can enjoy a smoother gaming experience through its QoS ports that has three-level prioritization.

  • The installation process is easy even for a beginner.


  • It is a slightly new product having less popular among the users.

5. TP-Link 8 Port Fast Ethernet Switch

It is a specially made for the gaming by the TP-Link brand. The product is based on an exciting energy-efficient technology for saving electricity bill. You will find it the best Ethernet switch for gaming even after using it for only some days. The TP-Link 8 Port Switch completely eliminates the requirement for uplink ports or crossover cables.

The company has crafted it with non-blocking switching design that offers maximum output during operation. The link speed of the network is auto-negotiated by the ports for making the sure optimal performance. Overall, it is an amazing Ethernet switch that works perfectly with the gaming consoles.


  • You can enjoy a full-wire speed with this amazing Ethernet switch during gaming.

  • It has a plug and plays design that simplifies the entire installation process.

  • You will get a user-guide for complete help about the switch.


  • Some complain that its body made from cheap material.


That’s all, we believe that now you have proper knowledge about the best Ethernet switch for gaming. All the products mentioned in this guide have their own unique features and you should make a choice on the basis of your requirements. Don’t forget to tell us about your experiences. 

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