Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2019

Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader

The demand for innovative machinery has increased at a significant rate due to the advancement and urbanization in the agriculture field. There is a huge product portfolio available nowadays in this machinery, and one of them is commercial fertilizer spreader. One needs to have proper knowledge about this product if they want to use it for making a living. The market of this equipment has seen a significant growth that let a variety of brands claiming to manufacture the best fertilizer spreader. However, we can’t trust them by advertising, and it is important to do your research.

Nowadays, everyone has a busy life and finding enough time to test every single product won’t be an easier task. If you are worried about making a bad choice due to lack of research, then this post is made for you. Here, you will get a chance to know about the top 5 best commercial fertilizer spreaders in detail. Our expert team has added each of them after going through a hard testing process, so you end up buying the right product. Let’s the real game begin.

If you want to buy the best commercial fertilizer spreader at an awesome price, then the Brinly BS36BH is a perfect choice. It is a fantastic tow behind the equipment that manufactured by a reputed brand like Brinly. The extra-large capacity of 175 pounds let it tackle all the commercial needs adequately. Furthermore, there are spread patterns ensure by the directional spread pattern control feature. There is also a lighter variant with 125 pounds capacity available for the individuals who want to use it for residential purpose. This one has enough space to hold more than two bags of fertilizer so that the user stays comfortable.  

The feature that attracts the buyers toward this spreader is its glass filled nylon gears. It allows the equipment to perform the job excellently. Also, the company has added the auto stop spreading feature that can be very useful when the tractor isn’t in the working condition to make sure no wastage occurs. The effective tool installed in this equipment has an incredible ability to speed the seed, fertilizer, and lime evenly. The manufacturer has used high-quality rust-proof polyethylene for crafting this fertilizer spreader that ensures one doesn’t have to worry about its authenticity. On top of that, it comes with a completely enclosed gearbox and stainless steel hardware that fully prove its position in this list. The pneumatic tires and superb calibration control let the driver complete their job at a faster rate.


  • Capable enough to handle large capacities due to its solid steel body and 175 pounds seed hopper.

  • It is easy to use for an extended time due to its pneumatic tires that cultivate dirt.

  • There is an amazing flow control offered by this product along with the adjustable opening to the rider.


  • Create some issues while spreading the grained items, but still the results are pretty satisfying.

The second position in this list is held by top-class commercial fertilizer spreader that equipped with a 12 volt DC motor. It is an efficient and trustworthy product that comes with a rated speed of almost 570 rpm. This speed makes it an exciting option to use for commercial projects. There is pretty minimal assembly demanded the product on arrival. The company has manufacture product using dual rotor technology to make sure one can enjoy an unparalleled accuracy and spread pattern while working on the field. It has an ergonomic handle for the convenience of the customers. Also, the company has added a holder where one can keep their smartphone.

It is the best commercial fertilizer spreader not only having a great ability but also save lots of time. This equipment comes with tires that don’t become flat while working on all types of terrains. It is one of the most common fertilizer spreaders that bought by the people from all over the world. It comes with a 12-inch broadcast that makes sure the gardening job get completed with minimal effort. The controls are located at an accessible area so that driver doesn’t face any issue while operating this equipment.

As we have already explained, it can conveniently work on the larger lawns that make the equipment perfect for the commercial purpose. The frame of this product used with heavy-duty materials offering the much-needed stability to the riders. There is a wide hopper installed in this equipment that ensures one fill the fertilizer quite easily.


  • There is almost zero assembly demanded by this commercial fertilizer spreader making it a convenient option.

  • One can operate this equipment very easily due to its ergonomic handle.

  • This equipment offers an awesome accuracy that one can’t find in the majority of spreaders in the market.


  • The customer service is known to offer terrible service and long waiting lines.

This product manufactured by the company for individuals who want to buy a comfortable spreader that works wonderfully for fertilizers. The Agri-Fab 45-0463 comes with easy to use control that demands minimal settings. One can access it easily from the tractor seat that makes the entire process easier. It is known for the cultivated garden at an efficient rate due to its ability to distribute fertilizer at an even rate. It designed with big pneumatic tires that can efficiently work on all kinds of terrains more smoothly.

It is solid equipment that comes with a holding capacity of 7 gallon, which is enough for covering a larger area. Furthermore, this equipment offers perfect fitting with the majority of tractor models. Other than that, our team found that this spreader has awesome on/off features that can be very handy while working in the garden. It has an enclosed commercial grade gearbox having highly-professional gears that offer much-needed durability. On the other hand, these aluminum gears also ensure that maintenance becomes easier than ever.

It comes with easy to set controls that offer precise results every time this product used by the riders. This fertilizer spreader is a universal product that fit with all types of lawn tractors conveniently. The complete set-up manufactured in the United States that show how authentic this product is.


  • It is a solid spreader that can last for many years without creating any serious issues.

  • This amazing product is fully compatible with the majority of tractors available in the market.

  • It has a sturdy construction that allows the spreader to cover a very larger area conveniently. 


  • The assembly takes little bit extra time and doesn’t go smooth when compared with other products in this list.

The next product in our list of best commercial fertilizer spreader is this exciting option provided by the Titan brand. This push broadcast spreader comes with a drum capacity of 50 lbs that make it an ideal candidate for this post. It is a professional unit that comes with durable manufactured steel parts. Also, this spreader comes with 13-inches tires that are pretty wide and can roll away easily. Furthermore, this compact unit isn’t bulky at all that making it easier to pull while working on an uphill road. The manufacturer has added a handle through which the rider can select between three different positions and flow rates. These options helped the riders to find out the adequate quantity of fertilizer so that they can be spread at an even rate.

During the testing process, our team found it pretty easier to push on the majority of terrains. On the other side of the coin, it sold at a pretty affordable price that makes this spreader an ideal investment for your business. While considering all its features, we found it evident that this commercial fertilizer spreader made for lasting long. The majority of products generally don’t have good design and color, but this one is an exception. It sold in a beautiful black color that attracts the eyes immediately. So, if you are looking to buy a high-quality spreader available at a convincing price, then buy this one straight up without thinking further.


  • It is a lightweight and compact product available at quite a budget-friendly price.

  • The availability of three different positions can be very useful in calculating adequate fertilizer amount.

  • It is made using sturdy and durable material that let the spreader last for many years.


  • There is a very poorly written manual created by the manufacturer that’s quite hard to understand. 

We will finish our list with one of the most extraordinary fertilizer spreader Ice Master 5000. This magnificent equipment is known for offering an amazing spreading work for commercial users. It is known for having oversized tires and capable enough to handle all types of terrains adequately. Furthermore, this spreader is very easy to control, and even a novice can use it effortlessly. There is heavy-duty material used by the company for manufacturing this spreader to make sure it withstand against the tough commercial situations. Also, we found it pretty easier to assemble while making a comparison with other models available both online and stores.

It designed in such a way that the yards stay evenly, no matter how tougher terrain is. The majority of people get mistaken due to its simple design, but the level of its performance is beyond one’s imagination. It equips with a hopper having 100 pounds capacity that let it fertilizer spread at an even rate. When it comes to durability, it has a powder-coated steel frame that has an everlasting ability. Overall, we found it a tremendous option that deserves the tag of best commercial fertilizer spreader. The manufacturer has made all the possible effort to make capable of performing commercial duties and almost become successful in doing that.


  • This spreader offers full balance while rolling on the terrains that are very important for the commercial riders.

  • It is a whopping capacity of 100 lbs. that make it suitable for commercial use.

  • There is a spreader cover added by the manufacturer for offering protection to the fertilizers.


  • Little bit complaints registered by some users about its working in winters, but the numbers are not satisfying.

How to choose the best commercial fertilizer spreader?

If you follow the right process, there is a great chance you will end up an amazing product that completes the adequate amount of extra nutrients. However, the majority of buyers avoids this process and end making mistakes. That does why we create to have this buying so that you buy the best commercial fertilizer spreader. Your job is to check all of them and apply it carefully while shopping.

  • Type of spreader

There are many different types of fertilizer spreaders available in the market. Each of them has its purpose, so it is important to have information. We have explained about major ones below:

  1. Broadcast Spreader

It is the perfect option for completing the job on the large lawns. This type of spreader uses the arc for reaching the front and sides.  They create a pattern in an inner way, so the right amount of fertilizer gets distributed.

  1. Handheld fertilizer spreader

It is a smaller unit that made for working on the smaller areas or ones that are harder to reach. So, you need to think about your what kind of commercial orders received by your brand. If the majority of them are hard to reach and smaller ones, then it is the best option to go for.

  1. Drop Fertilizer Spreader

This type specially manufactured for granular or uneven products. They are known to offer awesome control and perfect for small to medium lawns.

You need to choose ones that will work best for your business.

  • Size of hopper

The size of the hopper required to be taken seriously while buying the commercial fertilizer spreader. You should make this decision according to the size of the land where you want to work. The bigger the land is, the bigger size should be.

  • Ease of use

You should go for the one that has a smoother adjustable mechanism. It should easy to use while distributing fertilizer according to the needs.

  • Maneuverability

The capability of fertilizer spreader to move and carry is also an important thing that you should consider while buying the best commercial fertilizer spreader. Go for the one that has an ergonomic handle and offer complete comfort while moving.

If you follow the things mentioned above, then there is a great chance you will end up buying an amazing spreader for fertilizer.


We have provided the much-needed information about the commercial fertilizer spreader in detail. Our team believes that it has helped you in finding the right product. We have added these five items by testing and research. Each of them is the best commercial fertilizer spreader in its manner. If you believe that we have missed something, then let us know by using contact us form.

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