Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couple 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couple

Do you know there are specially created bed frames for the couple who love to do wild things when it comes to bed? Yes, don’t be surprised as it is a reality the companies have started to acknowledge this need of the couples too. There is no doubt find the best bed frame for sexually active couple was not an easier task in the past, but things have changed now.

Nowadays, you will find a great variety of bed frames that not only help in making your bedroom look elegant, but it also offers the much-needed durability for an intense session of romance. This post is completely dedicated to these bed frames as we will provide you with all the important information about it.

What are the top 10 best bed frames for sexually active couples?

As already discussed, there are hundreds of brands who have entered this industry and claim to manufacture solid bed frames for their customers. However, you shouldn’t simply trust their advertising claim and needs to do your research. But the majority of couples are busy in their life and don’t have time to do this. That’s why our expert team has made a research on your behalf and created the list of top 10 best bed frames for sexually active couples in 2019. Check out them carefully and buy one that you can find most attractive.

1. Zinus Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame

We will start this list with the most solid product in the form of this Zinus Modern Studio metal bed frame. It is a wonderful piece of equipment that one can assemble in a matter of minutes. The company sells it in four different variants with a 5 year worry free limited warranty. There is a need for a solid foundation in the best bed frame for a sexually active couple, and this product fulfills that need securely. It offers adequate support and durability to enjoy intense sessions on the bed.

The manufacturer has used high-quality steel for manufacturing this bed frame along with providing the multiple contact points to ensure the mattresses never sag. It has a clearance of 7 inches under the frame that is enough for a couple. Furthermore, it has a very stylish design that enhances the beauty of any bedroom. Apart from solidity and beauty, the company has also kept the protection in mind and added plastic caps to ensure the floor don’t get scratched. Overall, it is a perfect choice that couples can make for enhancing their intimacy pleasure.


  • It offers the required durability and stability for intense love.

  • The process to install this bed frame is very easy and don’t have any complications.

  • Made using high-quality steel to ensure it last for long.


  • The packaging needs to be better if you are gifting it to someone.

2. Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

The bed frame made from faux leather known as one of the premier options among the furniture community. That’s why no one will get surprised to see the name of this bed from Zinus in this list. It not only has the elegant design but also offer capable of satisfying the needs of couples adequately. It offers the excellent support and strength needed for making an intimacy session pleasurable and satisfying. It comes with solid wooden slats that ensure complete support to all types of mattress.

It delivered in a compact box having wooden slats, frame, and legs that are quite easier to assemble. The versatile headboard of this bed frame made from top-notch padded faux leather to ensure complete support. Another amazing feature in this frame is foam padded tape that minimizes the noise even if you are one of those couples who love passionately. The company sells this product with a 5 years limited warranty that minimizes the issues about its authenticity.


  • You can enjoy intercourse with complete worry due to its noise reduction feature.

  • It made using luxurious padded faux leather that increases the elegance in the room.

  • The company sold in many different sizes with a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Some complaints about missing bolts in the package, but the numbers aren’t satisfying.

3. Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame

If you are looking to buy the best bed frame for the sexually active couple made using high-quality material, then this product by Olee Sleep can be a perfect pick for you. It has durable slats that can be adjusted very quickly and offer much-needed protection from the sliding & wobbling. This product crafted with a unique sturdy design in such a way that the slipping can be prevented to a greater extent. It has ample bed space that is perfect for active couples. The faster assembly and 5-year warranty added benefits of buying this bed frame. 

This bed frame is capable of holding the mattress that makes the sleeping comfortable. It even helps in enhancing the lives of these mattresses. There will also be no scratch on your floor as the company has added protection below the legs. There are nine legs on this bed frame that offer the required stability during the intense intercourses. As we all know, the middle portion has to take the greater pressure, and that’s why the company has made proper arrangements to ensure it can take.


  • It equips with steel slats that offer the perfect body support during the energetic bedroom experience.

  • There is no box spring required for placing the mattress.

  • Delivered with a complete set of hardware and tools for completing assembly faster than ever.


  • Some find it assembly instructions little bit difficult to read.

4. Simple Houseware Mattress Foundation Bed Frame

Simple Houseware is one of the most amazing brands in the field of the bed frame, and this product proves why they are. It is easy to assembly & solid bed frame that has a height of 14” providing enough storage space. There is no need for any extra box springs for assembling this product. The weight capacity of this frame is 500 pounds that are enough for tackling an energetic physical session of romance. It has a very solid construction that offers a perfect holding point and makes sure mattress don’t move at all.

It is available in many different sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king sizes. The company has used pretty high-quality material to ensure that the bed frame last for a long time. There is awesome support offered by these frame during the intercourse. Overall, this bed frame is a perfect option to buy for boosting your love life.


  • It has a nice height providing plenty of ample space under the bed.

  • This bed frame has a very solid construction make it perfect sexually active couples.

  • The frame is very easy to assemble and demand minimal effort.


  • Leg caps made from pretty average material that could have been better.

5. AmazonBasics Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the wooden frame for perfect romance, then buy this Amazon Basics platform bed without doing any further research. It comes with post-style legs to offer adequate stability to the users. That’s not, this bed frame equip with a rectangular-shaped headboard along with four-sided framing adding protection. The manufacturer has used high-quality wood in this bed frame that doesn’t even need a box spring to get assembled. This product backed by a one-year limited warranty from the company’s end. 

There are supportive wooden slats installed across the center that provide the much-needed support to the couples during romance. The company sells it in many different sizes, like twin, full, king, and queen for the convenience of the buyers. It has a pretty distinctive shape having clean lines that offer an upgraded sense of style. Overall, this bed frame is an appealing option that offers full stability for a sexual session.


  • It saves a lot of space and perfect for a bedroom experience.

  • The company sells it with a one-year money back guarantee.

  • This product is manufactured using high-quality faux leather for providing stability.


  • The price of this bed frame is higher when compared with other option in this list.

6. Sleeplace 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame (ST-3000)

If you want to buy the best bed frame for a sexually active couple with suitable height, then you need to buy this option as soon as possible. The ST-3000 has a unique design that ensures you don’t need the box springs. The company has constructed this bed frame with highest-quality material to ensure you can enjoy an awesome intimacy session without any worry. Furthermore, the 18” clearance provides amazing ample storage to the buyers. It allows you to enjoy multiple benefits in a single package. 

There are nine different slats and posts installed in this bed frame so that the weight can be distributed evenly. It let the frame to handle the added pressure that generated during the romantic session. The manufacturer has also added a durable power coating on its solid steel to ensure that the bed frame last longer. Also, the assembling process is very easier and doesn’t need too many tools. It is one of the highest rated products for individuals who are looking for a heavy duty bed frame.


  • The weight is distributed evenly on this bed frame that is perfect for intercourse.

  • The assembly process doesn’t need too many tools and can be completed easily.

  • It has pretty amazing ample space for storing things underneath.


  • Some issues registered against the joints.

7. Zinus 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

The individuals looking to buy an awesomely made product for enhancing their physical pleasure chemistry should buy this bed frame. This product manufactured by Zinus brand is raised 16 inches off the ground providing 15 inches of clearance. It gives awesome space for storing things underneath the bed adequately. The company sells this product in all types of sizes with a 5-year limited warranty.  It features a strong steel frame and a solid folding design that make the process to move from one place to another easier. 

There is no need for box spring to support the memory foam and mattresses. It is available in many different editions to ensure that everyone can find one according to their needs. However, the queen size is the most popular choice among the couples. Also, the company sells it in two different variants; one has a rounded corner and another one available in a square corner. Each of them offers strong support allowing the couples enjoy with a romantic session with complete liberty. Also, there is a foam padded tape that ensures no noise created by the frame.


  • The bed frame can be assembled in a matter of minutes without any professional help.

  • There is valuable storage space available under the bed.

  • Sell by the company with 5 years worry free limited warranty.


  • The quality of slats could be better, but you can’t complain considering its price.

8. Zinus Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed

If you want to give a romantic look to your bedroom along with solidity, then this diamond stitched bed manufactured by Zinus brand is a perfect choice to make. There are slats added by the company for offering maximum comfort to the body. You have ample experience during the assembly of this product. This set comes with a headboard, a wood slat, and a frame. All of these components are made from extremely high-quality material to ensure it last long. 

This bed available in many different sizes giving liberty to the buyers for choosing the adequate size. The company delivers all the components in a zippered compartment making assembly pretty easier. Also, you can buy it in two different colors, named saga grey and dark grey. The price of this bed frame is on a higher side, but no one can deny that it is the best bed frame for sexually active couple in any manner. Apart from providing solidity, the company has not compromised in the appearance. The majority of the buyers have given positive feedback about this exciting product. So, you can buy this bed frame without any worry.


  • The appearance of this bed frame is quite fascinating and attractive.

  • There is strong support offered by this amazing piece of equipment.

  • It has a sophisticated design that offers protection to shins and toes.


  • It is quite costly when compared with other bed frames in this list.

9. Metro Shop Tribecca Home Queen-sized Bed

The beautiful design of this bed frame along with its perfect price makes it a perfect option to buy. It comes in a package that includes one rail set, one headboard, and one footboard that can be assembled quite easily. The overall dimensions are perfect for a couple to relax and enjoy the game of love. Furthermore, it manufactured by a reputed brand like Tribecca Home who is known for their quality products. There is romantic touch added by the ornate and curving lines of the frame’s metal head. Apart from that, the décor of any home can be complemented with its distressed bronze cherry finish. 

It is an exciting option for people who want to give a unique & elegant look to their bedroom. The company may be selling this frame at a higher price, but its sleigh style and solid support prove this tag. This amazing bed frame can be a perfect focal point for your bedroom and let you enjoy tempting romantic sessions. On top of that, it has very elegant corners that can enhance the décor of any room.


  • There are sturdy rails and slats added for extra protection to the floors.

  • It has a beautiful look and design making your room better than ever.

  • Strong base offers perfect support to the back.


  • Higher Price may be a problem for some people.

10. Leggett & Platt Home Textiles Fashion Bed Group Doral Bed Frame

If you want to give a royal feeling to your bedroom and feel like a king & queen as a couple, this exciting bed frame can be an ideal option to go for. This bed frame by Leggett & Platt Homemade from very high-quality carbon steel & solid wood that add the much-needed sturdiness and durability. Also, there are matte black powder coating added to the steel that perfectly matches with the bedposts made from wooden material. The company sells this product with a one-year limited warranty. 

It is a Doral bed that comes in a classic and transitional construction having the ability to add timeless elegance to your room. There will be a perfect romantic environment created in the presence of this exciting bed frame. Buying this bed frame will transform the look of your bedroom. It creates a perfect environment for romance that loved by the couples. Don’t wait for more if you want solid support along with a sizzling environment in your room.


  • The company sells this product with a 10-year limited warranty.

  • This bed frame has a long life with almost no maintenance.

  • You will enjoy its noise-free operation during the intercourse.


  • Assembly instructions are pretty difficult to understand.

How to choose the best bed frame for the sexually active couple?

There are certain things that you need to check in a bed frame to make sure your romantic session never get ruined. We have created the list and explained about in detail below: 

  • Strong & Sturdy Support

The most important thing to consider is sturdy support, and it should be suitable to heavier mattresses. The durability and strength create the perfect foundation in a bed frame for an energetic bedroom experience.

  • Material

It is obvious that the bed frame should have been made from quality material if it offers the required support and durability. So, if your bed frame fulfills the first point, then you can avoid checking this one.

  • Durable steel slats

If you are a sexually active couple, then slats are an important thing to consider for. If your bed frame has durable steel slats, then it will enhance the quality of your session with minimum noise.

  • Protection under the legs

The fun in a romantic session gets ruined if lots of noise created by bed’s frame. That’s why it is important that it should have protection under the legs in the form of a cap or something. It will also protect the floor from the scratches.

  • Weight holding capacity

The scaling capacity is also an important thing that you need to consider if you stay active sexually on the bed. We suggest you go for a bed frame having a capacity of at least 500 lbs.

  • Ease of assembly

Assembling is something that you can’t miss while choosing the best bed frame. There is no benefit to buying one that is very hard to assemble. You should go for one that can be assembled pretty easily.


To sum up, we believe that you have got enough information about bed frames in this article. You should buy it as a long-term investment so that your sexual session gets never ruined. Also, this bed should offer an adequate comfort level when you sleep on it. There is a great chance that you may have already the best bed frame for a sexually active couple from this list. Do you believe that we have missed something in this article? If yes, then please tell us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to tell your experience about the bed frame that you have bought after reading this article.

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