6 Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapyIf you are looking to increase your performance as a sportsperson, you might need to look into sports massage therapy.

Many people are under the misconception that sports massages are only for injured sports people. While this statement does hold some truth, there is no rule stating that uninjured sports people cannot benefit from a good sports massage.

A sports massage mainly aims at our soft tissues, i.e., the muscles, tendons, etc. The massage prepares the body for taking part in physically demanding activities. There are many sports massage benefits that an athletic person can gain from regular sessions of this therapy. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

Relieve Muscle Tension

Muscle Tension

Intense sports put our bodies under a lot of stress. Our bodies are not capable of handling a lot of physical stress all at once, and we need to make our bodies adhere to this physically exhausting routine slowly and gradually.

When we begin training in our respective sports, we start to notice a particular tension in different parts of our body. This tension builds up in our muscles and prevents us from performing better in our field. The pressure in our tissues holds us back and prevents our performance from improving. 

One of the primary benefits of a sports massage is that it relieves this tension in our muscles. The masseuse knows what pressure points to target, and he or she can feel the knots of tension that have built up in different parts of our muscles. They relieve this pressure using various massage techniques with the help of essential oils.

Many sportspeople claim that after they receive their regular massage session, their bodies feel relaxed and their performance almost always improves in their next training session.

Increased Pain Endurance

The phrase “no pain no gain” holds especially true when it comes to sports. No sport is entirely painless. As we train, our muscles open up and become more flexible and this, by no means, is a painless process. Many sports also require a lot of physical labor which ends in minor injuries and all very often.

Pain Endurance

The goal of a sports massage is to increase the level of pain endurance in our bodies. We cannot stop sports from being pain but we can become more resistant to the different kinds of the pain we have to endure during our playing and training sessions.

A sports massage is known for releasing endorphins in our blood. Endorphins are known as “feel good” hormones which means that they help your mind and body to feel better. The release of endorphins can control the amount of pain we feel during and after our practice hours.

Other than that, there is a lot of toxic builds up in our body that causes minor pains even when we are not working out. This toxic waste can be eliminated with the help of a good sports massage as well.

Stress Reduction

Sports people are usually under a lot of stress, even when they are not working out. This stress builds up because of the many hours of training these people to have to go through. Other than that, athletic people are usually always in the spirit of competition as well, and contests that require intensive training tend to be extremely stressful.

Resting is crucial for everyone who is sporty, but it might not be enough for everyone when it comes to stress relief. Sports massages are that additional gateway into a realm of stress relief.

We already mentioned how massages stimulate the release of endorphins in our blood. These endorphins are also known for improving our mood and making us feel relaxed and relieved of any mental pressure.

Massages also reduce the effect of cortisol on our body. Cortisol is the stress hormone of our body, and it increases in our blood when we subject our body to physical exertion.

Regulates Blood Circulation

One of the best benefits of a sports massage is the improvement in blood circulation. Sporty people need the best out of their blood circulation because they need a perfectly optimized balance between oxygen distribution to all the organs and the release of carbon dioxide into the air.

When sports people receive massage, their body paves the way for better microcirculation. Micro-circulation involves the optimal flow of blood to the smallest of organs and muscles in our body. In sports, even the slightest bit of advantage you have over your opponent can score you a win, so micro-circulation is vital to all athletic people.

Other than that, a better flow of blood to all the organs means that they will be able to perform at their very best as well. A sports person’s organs need to be on par with his or her training techniques otherwise they become prone to injuries.

Improved Injury Healing

Athletic people are extremely prone to injuries. One of the primary benefits of a sports massage is to help injured people recover, and these massages perform this duty wonderfully.

First of all, sports massages prevent inflammation in the body. They also break down scar tissue and promote complete healing and recovery of the injured area.

The massage is also known for reducing swelling in the injured part of the body. Reduction in the swelling promotes speedy recovery of the damaged part of the body.

The masseuse has many techniques that he used to achieve this effect on the body, for example friction and percussion. These are two of the methods used to stimulate the process of healing in an injured person.

Improves Range of Motion

It may be difficult for many sports people to increase the range of motion that their muscles and joints undergo. For this benefit, a sports massage can be the best option. This feature of a sports massage is especially beneficial to people who have stiff muscles or joints.

The massages, therefore, also promote flexibility in the muscles and joints which is vital for athletes.

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