5 Air Hose Reel Mounting Ideas: Where Can You Install It?

Air Hose Reel Mounting Ideas

Every home has different parts that play distinct roles for families. For instance, the drawing room is considered to be the heart of the house, a place where everyone comes at least once in the day, no matter what the task may be. Similarly, a garage is also important when the question arises to run a house smoothly.

While some people may not be concerned with the operations of the garage, or some may assume that to be the case, one must know how to find their way around the different aspects of a garage.

Mostly, garages are a mess, as we know it. However, we do not realize that garages are easy to keep clean, only if people arrange the heavy equipment present there in an organized manner rather than throwing everything as soon as we are done using it.

Air hose reels

Speaking of equipment in the garage, one important tool to have in a garage that saves time and money is an air hose reel. An air hose reel is usually used to pump compressed air into flat tires, a quick fix which ensures that people do not waste their time worrying about uncalled for flat tires or mishaps.

Nonetheless, issues may arise if one loses the air hose reel lying around rather than properly installing it in a spot where it is feasible to access the air hose reel as well as convenient to use it from a distance.  

In most cases, it is best to suggest that an air hose reel should be placed after considering what does one requires the equipment for on a daily basis or even a weekly or monthly period. This helps one decide from the various places where the air hose reel could be installed.

Where you should consider installing them

  1. Ceiling

This is the most effective and creative way to utilize free space in your garage. First and foremost, mounting the reel on the ceiling carries one primary benefit – it won’t take up any space that you could potentially be used for another task. Furthermore, this would also clear up the clutter and have the object out of the way.

Two options can be considered when mounting the air hose reel on the ceiling. Either it is there on the top, with you having to pull it down whenever. The other option is to have the bulk of it above the ceiling and only have the hose show, which you have to pull down when you want to use it. This option is a bit expensive but is a good investment in the long run.

  1. At the front of the garage

A good reason to consider this alternative is that if you’re a car enthusiast who enjoys working on the engine from time to time, you’ll have the hose readily available and easily maneuverable all over the place. However, a major drawback is that if you decide to pull the car outside the garage, the hose might be a little inaccessible.

  1. Underneath seats

If you have a fixed seat or bench in your workplace, it’s smart to consider utilizing the extra space underneath it. Installing the reel under your work-bench is a clever option since you’re saving up space. Furthermore, if the bench or seat can be moved easily, you’ll have the privilege of moving your reel around.

  1. The Wall

If you’re considering mounting the air hose reel on the wall, ensure that you buy the best auto air hose reel. The most important reason for that is due to the visibility of the reel. What you buy and use represents who you are. Furthermore, investing in good material serves our own interest best in the longer run.

  1. A rolling cart

For this, you’ll have to purchase an individual rolling cart. A few additional expenses, but this pays off exponentially. You’ll install the air hose reel in the cart and then will have the added privilege of being able to move around freely with the reel along with you.

If you like to move around when you work and like to experiment with different ideas and techniques, this is the one for you!

Choose wisely!

Always remember, the essence of this task is to ensure that wherever you mount the reel, it is in a place that best suits and adapts to your sense of aesthetics and uses. To have a good and productive workplace, the importance of organization and cleanliness cannot be undervalued.

This is the fundamental reason why one must give thought to how he or she wants their things organized so that they are utilized perfectly and are accessible one requires. The aforementioned ideas can be used to get the gist of what you might find best for yourself!

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