Advantages of Best Dual Fuel Generators – Read These 7 Tips

Advantages of Duel Fuel Generators

No other backup electricity generator grants us the convenience and guarantee of the unconstrained power supply as the dual fuel generator. Indeed, by reason of being able to draw its power from either gas or propane, the dual fuel generator sees to it that you receive your power whenever and wherever you may desire so.

After obtaining your dual fuel generator, you have to know how to make the best use of it. It is necessary that you familiarize yourself with the tips which may be necessary for that to happen. We have carried out extensive research in the field.

We are subsequently glad to hereby present you seven of the greatest tips you have to adhere to for the best outcomes and user experience. Find them listed and explained below:

Tip #1: Operate the generator as far away from your home as possible

While operational, a generator emits smoke and produces disturbing noise. Moreover, the fuels which power the generator are also potentially dangerous by reason of being easily inflamed when in contact with any naked fire or matches. You do not want to jeopardize the health of your children and the entire household.

To guarantee their safety and ward off these likely possibilities, you want to operate the generator as far away from your home as possible. Find a longer power cable and use it to connect to the generator. On the same note, you have to cordon off the generator while it is operational and clearly caution any passersby.

Tip #2: Refrain from back feeding power into your own home

Many dual generator users usually tend to cut corners by back feeding power in their homes. This simply means directing the flow of power and electrical energy into a direction that is the exact opposite of its normal flow patterns. The approach might be harmless especially during blackouts or in areas that are cut off from the national grid.

However, it is potentially deadly. The reason is that when power resumes, the two currents i.e. the one from the utility company and the one from the generator might normally collide. If and when this happens, the end results could end up in an explosion. Instead, invest in a transfer switch and have a qualified electrician do the installation for you.

Tip #3: Cool the generator before refueling it

We are always in a hurry when handling the various day to day chores and challenges. Refueling our generator is one of those activities. However, you are strongly advised against this as you attempt to refuel your generator. Never at any time attempt to refuel while the dual fuel generator is still hot.

As noted earlier, the two kinds of fuels which the generator runs on are potentially explosive. The last you want to do is place them in a situation which may trigger any explosions from them. Exercise some patience and let the generator cool first before refueling.

Tip #4: Pour the fuel safely

It is not enough to let the generator cool before refueling. The manner in which you pour the fuel in the tank also matters. Other than wasting too much of your money and inflicting higher operating expenses on your part, any spilled fuel may also mean a disaster in the waiting.

With regards to this, you have to exercise a great deal of patience as you pour the fuel in the generators. Place a funnel at the mouth of the fuel tank. Thereafter proceed to pour the fuel slowly and meticulously. Take great care that you do not spill any on the ground. Wipe off any spills before jumpstarting the battery.

Tip #5: Run the generator on a level surface

Most dual fuel generators are designed to operate on flat and level surfaces. This is because they draw their oil from the fuel tanks using crankshaft dippers which subsequently transfer the same to the moving parts. In case the generator is placed in a slanting or sloping direction, the smooth functioning of these parts is compromised.

In light of the above, you have to place the generator on a level surface as much as you can. It is only in this manner that you will guarantee its seamless functionality at all times. On the same note, you have to inspect and carry out any repairs of these core parts as regularly as you can.

Tip #6: Stock enough spare oil and filters at all times

To guarantee you smooth operations at any given time, you have to stock enough spare oil and filters at any given time. This is further necessary as most dual-fuel generators are designed to require a change of engine oil after 20 hours of operations. It is therefore not uncommon to experience interruptions in its operational life.

Stock enough of both kinds of fuels. Remember to keep them in only approved containers and store them as far beyond the reach of small children as possible. They will come in handy when your supplies dwindle yet you require to derive the backup power.

Tip #7: Limit the length of the cord to prevent damages to the generator

Always make a deliberate step to prevent using cords that are longer than 20 meters. Any cord longer than that is inefficient. This is because the voltage levels dip in the process of flowing from the generator to the home. A drop in voltage levels will often predispose the motor and the motor of the generator to burn out prematurely.

The kind of cord you use to transmit the power also counts. The heavy-duty, 15-ampere and the outdoor-rated extension cord is the most recommended for the job. It is the one that has been found to be reliable for such kind of power transmission.

Final Verdict

We could go on and on and on if it were possible. However, we have deemed it necessary to stop there for the time being. If you are a homeowner who intends to make good use of the dual fuel generator, you have to adhere to the instructions we have stipulated above faithfully.

It is usually a wise idea to aid others in their use of these kinds of generators. This is why it is a nice idea to spread this information as far wide as you possibly can. All the best as you attempt to make good use of your dual fuel generator!

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